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Our products

Product category: Retail technology, POS kiosk systems

Eliminacode Turnix

Turnix is a multimedia eliminacode that supports a large number of services, and can integrate the visualization of the queues with:

Digital Signage.
Video (.avi, .mpeg, etc).
Web pages.
TV Programs.
Turnix was also designed to be inserted in small structures, because:

It is a low-cost system.
It requires no wiring because it can be totally wireless.
It can be automatically updated via a remote connection.
The basic element of the queue management system is the Turnix controller, which can be installed directly behind a media monitor, LCD TV (VGA or HDMI).

The advancement of the tail is via radio frequency remote controls equipped with a two-digit display that allows the operator to immediately know the number of the turn to be served and how many people there are in the queue. In the case of plants in very large environments, you can use the gateway to increase the signal range, or of virtual remotes can be used from any PC browser or smartphone.

To expand, within the same facility, the number of viewers is available a multicast system on other LCD monitor , or on the classic LED viewers.

The ticket is issued to the service is managed by the console mini T-Ticket , with touch-screen display 11 "or 8", directly configurable by the service provider, which communicates with the Turnix through a WiFi or wired connection.

In addition, with Turnix you can provide its customers with the opportunity to withdraw online tickets for its services through T-Mobile Ticket available for Android ™ and compatible with all the latest browsers.

Turnix has a voice call to the advancement of the turn and call these messages are generated automatically from the text, thanks to a conversion program text-to-speach that comes with the unit. Editing posts in a post-installation step can be done in a few simple steps, in fact just create new audio files, copy them to a USB stick and the subsequent re-start Turnix automatically update call messages.

Each system comes Turnix of the queue control software T-monitor , which allows you to view real-time status of the waiting room and generate statistics about the average waiting time for each service area.

Some application examples are:

  • Ministries and government agencies;
  • courts;
  • Banks and post offices;
  • Tax Advice Centres;
  • Embassies and consulates;
  • Supermarkets and shopping centers;
  • Hospitals, pharmacies, doctors' offices and clinics.

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Product category: Retail technology, POS kiosk systems


Uniting in the same display of the queue status display with the screening of targeted advertisements, increases the likelihood that the advertising message reaches your customers and also produces a saving in terms of timing, the space dedicated to the display of the messages to be proposed and costs, since the whole is shown in the same monitor, and through the use of the same software.

For this reason we decided to create and introduce into the queue management system Turnix , this new utility: the t-Signage .

The strength of the t-Signage is the fact that you will not have  any monthly fees , because we will give you the knowledge to independently manage your network systems  Turnix .

The main features Utility Digital Signage t-Signage  are:

you will be able to dynamically change the contents to be projected through the Turnix, remotely and at any time;
using the software t-Signage , you'll be able to create advertising films "from scratch" even in the total absence of knowledge  in the field of graphic processing of images;
you can carry your messages and send them to Turnix in less than 5 minutes ;
You receive from Turnix  notification of successful update of the sent multimedia content.
The utility  t-Signage  can also be used only as a tool Digital signage , no code to manage.

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Product category: Retail technology, POS kiosk systems

Software Division

Our Software Division offers its customers a wide experience gained over the years and that allows us to create flexible applications, personalized and easy to use to meet every need.
We have several such software applications in various sectors, all upgradable and can be integrated with new tracking and printing systems, which made it possible to improve service and productivity through reduced errors and improved traceability at all stages of production .
Our collaboration with leading manufacturers enables us to develop appropriate software for terminals and printers, interfacing on both Windows and Linux and AS400.

We produce software for:
• warehouse logistics is both batch radio frequency;
• order management;
• the management and control store, shops and department stores;
• access control;
• the attempted sale with immediate printing of documents and data collection;
• inventory, price verification and updating print tags / labels, check acceptance goods, assisted sales and cash point;
• traceability stamps and integration with systems controlled destruction;
• printing personalization.

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About us

Company details

Our employees have thirty years experience in the field of printing and  reading of barcodes , of ' automatic identification and  traceability of production batches with the development of custom software.

Our  operational expertise  is expressed through numerous collaborations with the leading brands in the industry. We are Quality Partner and Authorized Repair Center Datalogic, Honeywell official distibutori (formerly Metrologic) and Motorola partner. Our experience of the press (Zebra, Eltron, Intermec, Novexx, Datamax, Argox, Italora) and barcode reading (Datalogic, Honeywell former Metrologic, Symbol Technologies, Intermec, Opticon, Hand Held Products, PSC, Psion), passing for its verification and is articulated in a broad spectrum of applications, from single retail location to larger projects on an industrial scale. We specialize in data collection, traceability in production control, in the fieldwork; RF solutions and batch high performance / low cost; in connectivity to IBM-AS400-UNIX-LINUX-WINDOWS NT; in planning and consulting for large companies and government agencies.

Integrating the supply hardware with the necessary supplies and the support of our center of technical support specialist , we are pleased to be  a reliable partner  in the acquisition phase of the technology and after-sales for a lot of national and international importance Companies.

We successfully participated in integration projects of Identification Systems , Varchi RF-ID ,  Industrial Printers, WiFi terminals, Terminals Batch, in the packaging process, packaging, end of production line and Sorter fulfillment.

We place ourselves on the market as manufacturers  and distributors of innovative queue management systems such as Turnix  that, thanks to its versatility, we are able to adapt to every need. In its various versions, found in the section dedicated to the SYSTEM queue management Turnix of our site, the Turnix  is customized and integrated with existing systems.

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