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Ovens for the bakers of the future
Hardly anyone who enjoys their bread rolls for breakfast gives a thought to just how these tasty pick-me-ups were baked. And yet the right sort of oven plays a crucial role when it is a matter of baking safely, conveniently and in a suitably up-to-date manner. WIESHEU GmbH from Swabia is regarded as one of the most innovative companies in this field and produces instore Baking ovens and combi-steamers for all kinds of applications.
An example of the creativity of WIESHEU GmbH is the Dibas instore Baking oven, Dibas being an abbreviation of “Das intelligente Backsystem” (the intelligent baking system).
Useful functionality gets top priority and can be seen in a number of details. Thus, the Dibas has an oven with multi-layered glazing that is bowed outwards and that can simply be pushed into the housing for opening and closing. This allows the oven to be used even where space is tight and there is no risk of injuries or burns when the door is open. Added to this is the lighting provided by halogen lights in the door frame that literally puts the baked goods in a good light.

Start in a garage
Marga and Karlheinz Wiesheu founded the company under very simple conditions more than 40 years ago. Working literally out of a garage in Burgstetten, the energetic company head built his first oven with top and bottom heat for the typically Swabian and Bavarian speciality Leberkäse (a type of meat loaf). In 1975 WIESHEU made the first hot air convection oven for butchers. In 1981, at a time of economic stagnation, there followed the introduction of the roasting and baking seminars that have developed up until today as a forum for users, the trade and manufacturers. In the same year, Karlheinz Wiesheu made a wise decision that has had an effect right to the present day by developing and manufacturing display-type ovens for bakers and butchers.
Innovations and technical developments have consistently characterised the corporate principles of WIESHEU:
In 1999, there was the invention of the ProClean self-cleaning system, and in 2003 the introduction of the Dibas, with which the company had attained its goal of making the best baking oven in the world. This retail hot air convection oven is the crowning achievement of more than 40 years of experience in making ovens – it is technically superior and will hold its own for many years to come. It is also appealing to the eye, has exemplary ergonomics and is optimally equipped with regard to energy consumption.

Today, the innovative company is the market leader in this sector, with nearly 500 employees and profits of 105 million euros in 2013. Fourty years after its founding, the company is divided into four areas. Development, production, sales and service are handled by WIESHEU Affalterbach, and the product series Dibas and Euromat are also produced there. WIESHEU Wolfen, near Leipzig, is responsible for the production of Ebo deck ovens, the Minimat series and the assembly of provers.

Everything from one company
At WIESHEU, all the production steps are handled in house – from planning, design and construction to installation and training in the use of the oven. “This means that we know what is required in practice and supply our customers with suitable solutions,” explains Karlheinz Wiesheu, founder of the company from Affalterbach. “Innovation, high tech and quality are at the centre of all the activities of WIESHEU GmbH. They apply as much to the new product line Dibas as to the hot air convection ovens, combi-steamers of the Euromat range and the compact baking ovens of the Minimat series.”
In order to secure this high standard of quality, training sessions and seminars are held regularly in modern communication centres at the Affalterbach and Wolfen sites. Not only WIESHEU staff but above all customers and users take advantage of the opportunity for further training. Everything that is currently practiced in instore Baking, kiosks, convenience shops and caterers, and that, moreover, brings economic success, WIESHEU initiated and influenced right from the very beginning.

WIESHEU produces over 10,000 ovens annually. The customers primarily come from bakeries and the food trade. But butchers and petrol stations with a convenience section have also learned about and come to appreciate the reliable ovens from WIESHEU. Overall, WIESHEU has the biggest market share in Germany in the instore Baking ovens segment. Around 30 field service staff members maintain contacts with customers, and WIESHEU is also regularly represented worldwide at the relevant trade fairs.

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