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Merchandise surveillance

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.14  Security equipment
  • 07.14.01  Merchandise surveillance
  •  Electronic merchandise surveillance
  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.14  Security equipment
  • 07.14.01  Merchandise surveillance
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Source tagging solutions

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  • 07.14.01  Merchandise surveillance
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Security tags

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Customer frequency measurement

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Product category: Retail technology, RFID merchandise surveillance solutions

RFID solution for distribution centers

To ensure manufacturers and distribution centers (DC) get inventory accuracy right from the start, Checkpoint has designed two innovative DC solutions: RFID Box Tunnel and RFID Hanging Garment Tunnel. The DC solutions enable retailers to increase revenue and performance by verifying items within each bulk shipment are accurate. Any errors can be instantly identified and triaged before the shipment leaves DCs, allowing DCs to make necessary corrections and avoid added cost and time.  Valid shipments generate automatic advanced shipping notification and are sent for delivery.  Once received at the intended retail location, using a simple RFID handheld scanner or RFID reader, associates can instantly and accurately verify shipments and ensure authenticity as boxes are unloaded from the delivery vehicle. These latest hardware solutions are available in multiple sizes to accommodate standard conveyor systems and require minimal modifications. The tunnels are constructed of durable, fabricated metal, and are insulated for sound and RF shielding to eliminate both noise and stray RFID tag reads. They mount directly to the manufacturing floor to ensure stability.

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Product category: Retail technology, Merchandise surveillance, Electronic merchandise surveillance


EVOLVE-Store is a real-time app for smartphones and tablets that supports real-time electronic article surveillance (EAS) and organized retail crime (ORC) event management. The app was developed in response to retail customer requests for an easy means of ensuring that store associates leverage EAS investments appropriately, comply with store shoplifting policies and have EAS systems always turned on and operating properly. Some of the popular features in the EVOLVE-Store app enable retailers to measure and improve consumer conversion rates through real-time visibility of the number of shoppers in stores. The app also measures policy compliance by managing response times to alarm events. By monitoring, measuring and managing an EAS program, retailers can deter opportunistic shoplifters and ORC activity, reducing shrink and increasing shelf availability, sales and profits. Additional popular features include a staff panic alert to request help from associates; an EAS night-save feature to save power when the store is closed; the ability to test, mute or disable EAS systems remotely; and multi-user logins for each smart device.

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Product category: Retail technology, RFID merchandise surveillance solutions, Electronic merchandise surveillance, Customer frequency measurement

EVOLVE MV E10 2.0 antenna

The EVOLVE™ MV E10 2.0 antenna features a highly customizable design and the ability to leverage powerful data analytics to empower loss prevention, operations and merchandising apparel retail professionals. The E10 2.0 comes in RF, RFID and dual-mode (RF/RFID) versions to meet the specific needs of retailers and enables them to future proof their business investments. For example, by allowing retailers to invest in RFID at a later point via an RFID upgrade kit, the E10 2.0 enables them to use their existing electronic article surveillance (EAS) RF solutions today and then use RFID when the time is right for their businesses. In dual-mode, only one tag is required for both inventory management and loss prevention.

Accommodating flexible store designs is one of the drivers of RFID adoption at apparel retailers. Checkpoint has taken the E10 2.0 to a new level of design flexibility. The antenna can be used as a sleek see-through acrylic design, or can be changed instantly to become an advertisement panel for a store’s products, simply by inserting graphic panels that are held in place by the elegant standard display. Advertising panels serve as a low-cost means to promote in-store campaigns or the brand itself.

Integrated Vistor Counting is embedded in the new system, offering highly sophisticated functionality, analytics and reporting to improve profitability. It enables retailers to maximize the potential of their sales floor space, calculate shopper conversion rates and improve staffing allocations.

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Product category: Retail technology, Electronic merchandise surveillance

Classic N10 antenna

CLASSIC N10 is a small and flexible electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution, which is designed primarily for convenience stores. It also  serves as a perfect introduction for retailers with smaller store entrances and exits as well as other areas within the store where theft occurrence can be high, such as rest room areas and employee break rooms.

The N10 uses Checkpoint’s latest generation of detection platforms, which includes jammer detection for organized retail crime attempts to defeat the system, and the latest noise filtering and reduction software to ensure the N10 always performs at an optimum level. Its bright LED lit acrylic design acts as a highly effective visual deterrent for potential theft. The N10 can be wall or door-frame mounted or sited on an optional free-standing floor mount. In addition, retailers can swivel the antenna in any direction, as well as spin and tuck it out of the way when needed.

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Product category: Security tags, Retail technology, Electronic merchandise surveillance

iS AutoPeg Tag

Checkpoint’s iS AutoPeg Tag offers retailers secure protection for high-risk peg hook merchandise such as batteries, razor blades and ink cartridges with a one-step, pinless tag. This solution snaps quickly and safely on single- or double-hole packaging and can be easily removed at point of sale (POS) for reuse. It is lightweight and strong, preserves product branding, is RFID upgradeable for inventory visibility and can be source applied.

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Product category: Retail technology, Electronic merchandise surveillance, Source tagging solutions

Counterpoint ID

The Counterpoint iD offers the very latest in deactivation solutions and provides increased performance, a carbon footprint reduction, and features an RFID roadmap for use with the next generation RFID POS solutions. Additionally, the Counterpoint iD has network capabilities, which will enable connectivity for remote reporting and servicing.

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Mar 5, 2017

Checkpoint Systems to unveil latest innovations in the field of merchandise availability solutions at Euroshop 2017

Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, is set to showcase its next generation of connected retail solutions from source to point of sale at this year’s Euroshop the world’s leading retail trade fair that takes place in Germany. The company will be displaying an array of solutions that enable retailers to increase their product availability, while minimising losses throughout the supply chain.

One of the products on display will be the company’s RFID tunnel solution, that is already successfully used in distribution centres of many leading retail companies. Capturing high-speed RFID-tagged goods, such as packaged cartons, retailers can keep track of goods and achieve high inventory accuracy. At Euroshop, Checkpoint will unveil its latest development of the tunnel, which delivers an even higher throughput.

Another solution on display will be EVOLVE-Store™, which provides retailers with the tools needed to measure, monitor and manage their stores along with data to help them sell more and lose less. By combining data from different sources, such as the store footfall, number of ORC type threat alerts, fitting room usage and response to EAS systems, store managers can achieve chain-wide visibility through one platform.

Checkpoint will also demonstrate its latest developments for grocery retailers. Food waste is one the biggest issues facing the industry. In Europe, every year, more than €14bn worth of beef, chicken, pork and fish is thrown away by retailers. Checkpoint’s RFID-based fresh meat management solution, ‘FreshFinder’, provides a positive alternative to manual inventory counts. Delivering real time, actionable product data that simply cannot be captured by old fashioned stock-taking, tests have shown that food waste can be reduced by up to 30 per cent, while sales rose by seven per cent as a result of an optimised stock picking process.

Speaking about the incentive behind the latest innovations, Hiddo Hilboezen, Vice President for Sales for Merchandise Availability Solutions in Germany and Benelux at Checkpoint Systems, commented “In the times of omni-channel trading, inventory, stock accuracy and product availability are key for retailers to attract the loyalty of today’s customer. At EuroShop 2017 we will be showing holistic, tried-and-tested system solutions, which can not only be used to increase the availability of goods and enhance the shopping experience for the consumer, but also contribute to increasing efficiency."

Torsten Labusch and Carlos Lopez will be talking about these solutions and the results they have delivered as part of the EuroCIS Forum on 6 March at 5pm.

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Oct 26, 2016

2016 Retail Holiday Season Global Forecast Offers Analytical View of Business Risks Major Retailers Are Now Facing

THOROFARE, NJ — Oct. 26, 2016 – Apparel, children’s toys, electronics and electronic accessories are expected to be the most stolen items this holiday season in the U.S., according to the 2016 Retail Holiday Season Global Forecast.

The study, underwritten by an independent grant from Checkpoint Systems, Inc., was carried out by Ernie Deyle, a retail loss prevention analyst, and provides an analytical view of business risks that major retailers face during this holiday season. The 13 markets covered in the report span North America, Europe and Asia, and include the U.S., Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

In addition, the retail cost loss burden for the retailers surveyed in the U.S. for 2016 is expected to be $132 per person, of which $50, about twice as much as in other calendar quarters, is expected to be incurred in this holiday season. These increases in losses place an enormous burden on retailers and, ultimately, on honest consumers who pay for it in higher prices.

Overall, research shows that retailers in all 13 researched markets will experience both the heaviest sales volumes and the weakest performances specific to margin rate during this time period. Strains on profitability manifest during the holiday season largely because of increased shrink/theft from internal sources — primarily via employee theft and other sales reducing activities (SRAs) — and external factors (primarily via shoplifting/organized retail crime).

According to Deyle, “Building holiday inventories earlier and specifically for high-risk items may lead to increased sales reduction pressures, including markdowns and shrink throughout the fourth quarter. In fact, as this report reveals, despite more than one-third of the year’s retail sales expected to be registered in just these three months, more than 40% of SRAs are also incurred in this same time period. This leads to increased shrink, and puts additional strains on brick-and-mortar retailers already reeling from an ongoing inhospitable retail market.”

According to the report, the retail shrink rate for this holiday season in the U.S. is expected to be almost double that of the prior two quarters. It notes that U.S. retailers book 32% of all margin dollars for the year during the holiday season. However, the rate of margin for that quarter decreases to 29% from a robust 31% for the rest of the year, which is just under an 8% decline of realized margin captured.

The report further states that for most retailers, wholesalers and distributors, inventory — including the space to store it — is the largest single cost of doing business. While reducing inventory means lower costs, insufficient inventory leads to out of stocks, lost sales and unhappy customers. So balancing these two factors is critical to profitability and growth, particularly in omni-channel environments. But achieving this balance is not easy. The alignment and use of advanced data analytic tools, inventory management strategies, along with technologies such as RFID provide retailers with advanced visibility to track merchandise as it moves throughout the supply chain to distribution centers, retail backrooms and store shelves. This increases the overall value proposition specific to item, category and department financial contributions.

The report recommends retailers address issues include the following:

  • Maintain operational execution standards, while being vigilant regarding financial performance expectations.
  • Update planning and financial performance models to properly account for advanced deliveries of seasonal products, since the seasonal build starts earlier now than in the past.
  • Enhance oversight to seasonal/holiday merchandise to ensure financial goals are achieved while cost center controls are contained.
  • Employ point of sale data analytic technology focused on SRAs to stabilize inventory loss and ensure on-shelf availability while enhancing product protection countermeasures.
  • Properly train seasonal help to manage the increasing complexities of the season.
According to Carl Rysdon, vice president of Inventory Control Solutions for Checkpoint, “This is our fifteenth year of researching the state of retail shrink. We are proud to support important insights into our industry. With more than 45 years in the industry, Checkpoint has evolved alongside our customers to support today’s retailer needs.”

About the Global Forecast for the Retail Holiday Season
The 2016 Retail Holiday Season Global Forecast methodology blends the top retailers from each nation from a revenue- and shrink-leading indicator perspective. While employing data from last year’s Global Retail Theft Barometer (GRTB) study, researchers also accessed public financial data to assess applicable financial metrics performance based on reported earnings for fiscal year 2015. Research focused on a holiday case study that isolated three core retail verticals: grocery/supermarket, department stores and apparel/fashion.  These verticals experience among the worst year-over-year shrink performances, according to the 2015 GRTB study.

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Apr 28, 2016

Checkpoint Systems Introduces New High-Speed, High-Quality RFID Tag and Label Production Capabilities

Speed, Quality, Efficiency and Service Improved for Retailers With EVO, Check-Net Mobile and New Printshop in Asia

THOROFARE, N.J. – April 28, 2016 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced EVO, its new high-speed, high-quality production capabilities for RFID tags and labels. The company also announced Check-Net® Mobile App, an order-tracking mobile app, and its expanded RFID printing capabilities in Asia.

As more retailers realize the benefits RFID delivers, its adoption has skyrocketed. To support their initiatives, retailers are requiring high-quality, high-performance tags that are of heavier weight and often uniquely shaped, which makes them unable to be printed with conventional RFID thermal printers. Checkpoint’s new EVO printing capability is able to encode, verify and print variable data on high-quality, high-performance RFID labels at ten to fifteen times faster than conventional RFID thermal printers.

“Up until now, high-quality RFID tags required large formats and high volumes of printing,” said James Wrigley, President and Chief Operating Officer, Apparel Labeling Solutions, Checkpoint Systems. “EVO’s advanced technology uses templates for a retailer’s specific variable data, such as SKU, style code, department, size, color, barcode and price. That, coupled with its high speed, enables a more efficient printing process that provides retailers with significant cost savings and a faster turnaround on orders.  This is the EVOlution of RFID.”

EVO printing is performed to the retailer’s exact specifications, and tags can be printed on both sides. EVO allows for printing of lower volumes of high-quality tags, reducing costs for retailers.  As with all of Checkpoint’s innovative RFID production capabilities, EVO’s sophisticated encoding and verifying processes, tags are double checked for RFID Electronic Product Codes (EPC), and tag data is verified to be correct, unique and matching any barcode on the tag that supports Quality Assurance (QA) practices.

Checkpoint provides an Open Enterprise EPC Number Management Solution (EENMS) that helps apparel retailers and their suppliers manage the complex array of Enterprise Product Code (EPC) numbers critical to providing the data integrity needed to extract the full value of RFID.

Check-Net Mobile App Helps Improve Usability

Checkpoint’s cutting-edge global IT infrastructure, Check-Net®, now has a new Mobile App.  Check-Net Mobile is a real-time app for smartphones and tablets that allows retailers to quickly and easily access account information, check order status on the fly as well as receive push notifications regarding orders. With Check-Net Mobile, retailers can track orders all the way through the production cycle, check orders across multiple Check-Net accounts, and review and approve or decline orders. Both iPhones and Androids are supported.

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Apr 28, 2016

Checkpoint Systems Expands Health and Beauty RFID Label Portfolio For Improved Merchandise Visibility

THOROFARE, NJ – April 28, 2016 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced that it has expanded its portfolio of RFID labels for health and beauty products with its new Compass RFID label for improved inventory management.

The Compass addresses the specific inventory management challenges presented with the round-shaped SKUs and tightly packed merchandising displays that are ubiquitous in health and beauty categories. The Compass, and its previously released RAIN RFID labels – the Eye wear tag, Micro, Whisper and Slim – cover the full range of health and beauty products, allowing retailers to tag more merchandise than ever before in order to maximize their inventory visibility.

The ISO18000-6C compliant Compass is a 48mm diameter round-shaped RFID label that is designed with the M4D integrated chip from Impinj, tamper proof with strategic placement on packages and delivers high read-rate performance in semi-automated physical inventory control and RFID as EAS. These designs are tuned for best performance in FCC frequency and ETSI frequency for Europe.

“Our ongoing relationship with Checkpoint continues to deliver new solutions that enable retailers to gain ItemIntelligenceSM information on a wide-array of items, which now includes cosmetics and beauty products,” said Craig Cotton, Impinj Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. “The Compass label uses the Monza 4D True3D™ technology to deliver higher data reliability and accuracy in any direction, which is crucial for resolving challenging retail deployments.”

“The Compass RFID label is another validation of our commitment to expand coverage for health, beauty and cosmetics categories,” said Uwe Sydon, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Checkpoint Systems.  “Designed for optimal performance, the new Compass will help health and beauty retailers lower out of stocks and boost inventory visibility.”

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Feb 29, 2016

Checkpoint Systems’ iS AutoPeg Tag Protecting Procter & Gamble Gillette Razor Blades at More than 3,000 Retail Stores

THOROFARE, N.J. – Feb. 29, 2016 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced that more than 3,000 retail stores are now protecting P&G Gillette razor blades with its innovative iS AutoPeg Tag.

The iS AutoPeg Tag was designed for razor blades and other high-risk items displayed on peg hooks. It snaps quickly and safely on single- or double-hole packaging and can be easily removed at point of sale for reuse.

The iS Autopeg Tag ensures that Gillette razor blades are in stock with customer-friendly availability so shoppers don’t find empty shelves or need to ask store associates to help them make a purchase. In addition, because they are easy to remove at POS, shoppers experience a faster checkout. Moreover, iS Autopeg Tags are very space efficient, visually easy to examine for compliance, enable customers to easily read and touch the packaging, and offer an improved overall look and feel for the category.

According to Shawn Evans, Shave On Shelf Availability Leader, North America, for Procter & Gamble, “We worked with our retailers and Checkpoint to develop iS Autopeg Tags, which can be customized to fit on razor blade packaging so that blades are available and easily accessible to our customers in open displays. The iS AutoPeg Tag has proven to be highly effective at increasing on shelf availability and we are looking to expand to 7,000 – 10,000 retail stores by June 2016.”

“We’re excited to work with P&G and its retailers to ensure the on-shelf availability of their products, and simplify operational processes in stores,” said Per Levin, President of Merchandise Availability Solutions, Checkpoint Systems. “The iS AutoPeg Tag is an innovative product protection solution, which is helping retailers sell more, lose less and simplify store operations.”

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Feb 16, 2016

Checkpoint Systems Announces C&A International RFID Roll-Out With Full DC Integration

The European Fashion Retailer Implements Across all Stores in France With Extra Software Capability

THOROFARE, N.J. – Feb. 16, 2016 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced that it is rolling out its RFID solution to C&A’s 164 stores in France, together with full distribution center (DC) RFID integration.

Having successfully introduced the technology in Germany and recently added RFID source tagging to new product categories, including menswear, children’s clothing and suits, the leading European fashion retailer has completed the RFID roll-out in a third of its stores in France in 2015, with the remaining stores to be ready by mid-2016.

C&A is integrating RFID into its France-based DC to significantly scale up the number of RFID-tagged items and enable full merchandise visibility within the supply chain. This move also means that the retailer has shifted the creation of store advance ship notices from supplier to DC, based on an automated and more accurate process. The reading performance, speed and flexibility of the Checkpoint DC solution, on top of having one single software system for both DC and store, were paramount to C&A in optimizing the use of the RFID solution.

With Checkpoint’s OAT Foundation Suite™ software, C&A will further automate its inventory data reporting, allowing it to seamlessly add new stores and apparel categories when appropriate. By integrating the software into its existing IT architecture, the fashion retailer can easily scale-up its adoption of RFID, adding any number of stores and additional countries in a short period of time. The retailer is also able to use country-specific master data attributes to manage multi-country merchandise information.

Joachim Wilkens, Head of Functional IT and Supply Chain Development at C&A Europe, explained: “With RFID-enabled DCs and stores, we will improve our stock data accuracy and reduce Not-On-Shelf-But-On-Stock (NOSBOS) so that customers find the right color, size and fit. With RFID, we are building the basis for the C&A omni-channel strategy.”

Per Levin, President, Merchandise Availability Solutions at Checkpoint Systems, commented, “We are delighted to help a leading European Fashion retailer like C&A with its omni-channel strategy and with expanding the use of RFID to streamline processes from the point of manufacture through DC and all the way through to the point of sale (POS).”

C&A will install Checkpoint’s OAT Foundation Suite software and RFID hardware at its DC, while its software and POS readers will be introduced in-store to improve inventory accuracy and reduce out-of-stock scenarios.

The new integrated reporting facility will include sales, stock and replenishment data, providing the apparel retailer with real time, full visibility of its merchandise and sales.

Once the in-store roll-out is complete, employees will be able to place several items onto the POS counter simultaneously, where they will be automatically read and processed during the transaction, increasing the service level to consumers.

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Checkpoint Systems, a division of CCL Industries, is a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, encompassing loss prevention and merchandise visibility.

Checkpoint provides end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate real-time inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks and reduce theft, thus improving merchandise availability and the shopper’s experience.

Checkpoint’s solutions are built upon 45 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss-prevention solutions, market-leading RFID hardware, RFID software, and comprehensive labeling capabilities, to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.

Checkpoint’s customers benefit from increased sales and profits by implementing merchandise availability solutions, to ensure the right merchandise is available at the right place and time when consumers are ready to buy.

Checkpoint operates in every major geographic market and employs 4,700 people worldwide.

About CCL Industries
CCL Industries Inc., a world leader in specialty label and packaging solutions for global corporations, small businesses and consumers, employs approximately 9,600 people and operates 87 production facilities in 25 countries on 5 continents with corporate offices in Toronto, Canada and Framingham, Massachusetts. For more information, visit

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