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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Refrigeration systems

Refrigeration systems

  • 03  Refrigeration systems
  • 03.05  Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Our products

Product category: Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage


Monitoring procedures and temperatures has never been easier

CheckPoint is a powerful tool that simplifies the work of managing temperature control and other regular procedures. And not least: non-conformances.

Simplifies the work of recording measurements
With daily tasks, reminders and non-conformance management all in the same app, CheckPoint simplifies all kinds of regular procedures.

Reduces non-conformances and lost inventory
With statistics and reports, CheckPoint helps you recognise patterns of non-conformance at one or more stores, which in turn enables you to improve your procedures accordingly.

Provides thorough documentation
CheckPoint meets requirements for procedures and documentation, and you can even take a picture to record the non-conformance.


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Product category: Refrigeration systems


“ We watch your products and plants.”

IWMAC Basic is mandatory service for all our customers. The service grant you access for your plants through internet using Smart Phone, Tab or PC. There is no limitation of number of users and free SMS alarms.

All logged data is safe stored for minimum 2 years and 5 years if you have innstalled EcoWatcher.

We grant you always the latest software. We do remote service and you wohn´t even notice it.

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Product category: Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage


Fewer alarms – sleep safe and sound
When we take the job of monitoring, assessing and screening your alarms, you receive up to 90% fewer notifications.

Fewer alarms and interruptions

You have far fewer alarms to follow up. We call you if something requires your
attention. Our staff is on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We contact you on important matters – guaranteed!
You decide who we should call first and who we should call last in the event of any
system failures. You can rest assured in the knowledge that you will always receive
important information.

If we make a mistake, we cover your lost inventory
If we misjudge the situation, we will cover the cost of your lost inventory (up to NOK
10 million).

AlarmMonitoring is for existing customers who already have a Basic Agreement and requires
no physical installation – all you need to do is confirm your acceptance of this offer. We are
the only company in Norway to offer this kind of alarm monitoring service, and we already
have more than 650 satisfied customers ranging from supermarkets, to aquaculture facilities
and the HoReCa industry.

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About us

Company details

Innovative solutions for a better world!

WEB-Based monitoring system with alarm handling and automatic analysis.

We are monitoring and do analysis for more than 2700 supermarkets, buildings, gasoline stations, cold stores and more.

You will get alarms and warnings when something is wrong. If you want us to handle your alarms, we have skilled system operators in our AlarmMonitoring Center 24/7.

We give you full control via internet and apps no matter where you are.

We integrate all well-known automation systems and present everything in an easy way. You will receive reports and statistics, benchmark and much more.

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