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Stefano Brigidi

Managing Director

Rome, Italy

0039 3495078660


Riccardo Lalomia

Sales Manager

Rome, Italy

0039 3938376141


Lorenzo Brizi

Product Manager

Rome, Italy

0039 3299336848


Ferruccio Scorti

Managing Director

Roveredo (GR), Switzerland

+41 78 610 65 68


Daniele De Laura

Sales Executive

Roveredo (GR), Switzerland

+41 78 878 58 47


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.03  Outdoor advertising
  • 06.03.02  Digital advertising systems
  • 07  Retail technology

Retail technology

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.08  Digital marketing solutions
  • 07.08.04  Digital POS displays

Digital POS displays

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.08  Digital marketing solutions
  • 07.08.05  Interactive display solutions

Interactive display solutions

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.08  Digital marketing solutions
  • 07.08.10  POS kiosk systems

Our products

Product category: Digital advertising systems, Interactive display solutions

Realook® Fridge

The exclusive Realook® Fridge replaces, in full, the Refrigerator Door and allows the customer to see the product through the glass door and at the same time a full HD video of an advertisement or promotion.

A motion sensor allows to start the video as the customer approaches.

The transparent displays Realook® offer a combination of physical and digital marketing for product exhibition. This is the first Dynamic Media integrated with the physical product.

This is used for the display of the product in the Pdv and to increase the emotional impact in exhibition stands, department Stores, Interior design firms, Jewelers, Museums.

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Product category: Interactive display solutions

Smart Fitting Room

The Smart Fitting Room is the tool that revolutionizes the shopping experience in the world of Retail Fashion.

The Smart Fitting Room is able to automatically detect the clothes that the consumer has brought into the dressing room and communicates which variations of the same garment are presently in the store. The consumer can later take different sizes or colors without leaving the dressing room, by sending the order directly to the salesperson who will deliver it.

 The interactive Mirror can also suggest  other clothes that might interest the customer based on those that the customer has already chosen and proposes accessories that suit that outfit.

In the Fitting Room you can select different lightling You can choose between the "Sunset on the beach", "Midnight in Paris" and "After Party", which creates charming atmospheres.

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Product category: POS kiosk systems

Totem and table touch screen

Totem and table touch screen elegant design for several different uses.

Available 22” – 32” – 46” – 55” with IR touch technology and capacitive touch technology for the table.

Both Windows and Android operative system for any use. WiFi, 3G/4G, RFID and webcam are available as options.

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Product category: Digital advertising systems

BRS (Business Insight for Retail Solution) is an integrated solution with a single goal: Know your customer!

BRS top features are:

·        Information and data about number of people that access each area of interest in a store, and estimates regarding gender, age group and ethnic group (optional)
·        Flow of people: how and where people move, zones where people stay the longest, behavior and movements of people
·        Association of the group identity of the buyer (gender, age and ethnicity) to each receipt, whilst simultaneously guaranteeing the buyer’s anonymity
·        Interaction possibility with the audience composition in front of a monitor, video-wall, etc.
·        Information about how many people approach each individual store and how many actually enter

No noise, but insight – BRS provides reliable, true visitor’s data:

·        Staff and supplier’s personnel are excluded
·        Exact and distortion-free attention time measurement
·        Double passages are detected and excluded or separately analyzed

BS4 provides you state-of the-art reports and integrates on request your data and other big data into the reporting service


BS4 is the technology and research company of Sowre Partner, and owns the intellectual property of the BRS solution.

Sowre Partner focus since late 80ies on providing to their customers smart, reliable, value add solutions for managing their business.

With a special expertise in ERP, Social Business, Collaboration and Content Management solutions, as well as a special attention to effective analytics and intelligence solutions, Sowre Partner support the customers in their daily challenges.  Long-term relationships underline Sowre Partner’s capability to effectively contribute to the customer’s success.

The companies are located in southern Switzerland and northern Italy (Milan), over 100 people are employed, the main markets are Fashion, Retail and Distribution, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Oil & Gas,  Finance. 

Sowre Partner are a system integrator, an IBM Gold Business Partner and a SAP developer.

The innovative BRS solution fits perfectly in this strategy, by providing an unprecedented, reliable customer analytics solution with a complete insight about the customer in a store.

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About us

Company details

A brand synonymous of Quality and Innovation, dedicated to the development of activities and interactive solutions in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the engagement with the consumer.
We design, manufactures and distributes multimedia and interactive products such as Totem Monitors, Magic Mirror, Smart Fitting Room, Realook® Fridge Wall, Multimedia Brochures and other to improve the engagement of the customer.

Our Mission is to develop interactive activities for the consumer’s entertainment in order to make him or her live multi-sensory experience with the product. The development of hardware and software allows us to meet the needs of the project and suggests the most innovative solutions to make the activity emotional for the viewer.

Our main customers are small, medium and large retailers all over the world including Retail Food & Beverage, Beauty, Fashion, Luxury and Media agencies.

The R&D Team is the heart of its creation. We believe in technological innovation in order to convey  activities able to deliver emotion.
The reliability of our products is the strength of all our achievements in both fixed installations and in those temporary.
We look forward to meeting you there.

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