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Retail technology

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Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Our products

Product category: Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Microsoft Dynymics AX/365 - The Cloud Based Solution

Sales, customer service, finance, field service, marketing, logistics... constant changes and developments in the market and the economy require that the processes within your company become more productive, more adaptable and more efficient. Therefore, Microsoft technology is moving in a totally new direction and now offers a comprehensive business solution in which CRM, ERP, POS BI and Office are combined, yet are still available as individual, modular solutions. Microsoft cloud offers the possibility to choose only the modules you currently need while remaining flexible for future expansion, as all solutions are scalable. And the best part: You only pay for that which you need.  

We have compiled here some information on the main product features. We include links to the Microsoft website, where you will find more details on Dynamics AX/365: Furthermore you have the possibility to use our contact form to send us your inquiry. We would be glad to advise you, without any obligation.

A Comprehensive Solution for more Cost-Efficient Customer Relations and Complete Shopping Experiences
With Dynamics AX/365, medium-sized and large retailers get a professional, comprehensive solution for the point of sale (POS), branch management, omnichannel management, e-commerce, merchandising, CRM and ERP. It provides greater transparency, operational agility and customer expectations are exceeded, bringing long-term customer loyalty - all this with an impressive time-to-value factor. 

Dynamics AX/365 offers a modern technology platform that holistically supports powerful, role-based and inter-channel scenarios. The result: less complexity. Instead, retailers can concentrate on the important things, such as supporting their workforce with regard to productivity and customer service - the two main factors of success in today's markets. 

Solutions for Agile Retailers
The current economic environment offers retailers around the globe opportunities that have never been seen before, while posing some new challenges. Economic and social factors, an ever expanding range of products, new forms of shopping and business models arising from the growth of cloud and mobile technologies, as well as the ubiquitous availability of information, all mean that retailers are facing ever increasing demands from shoppers. At the same time, the focus has shifted from stationary locations to the diverse areas of a virtual world - from a trader's website and its service center to online market places and social networks.

Technology as a basis for the retail business has never been so vital. It determines to which degree sellers profit from new opportunities and whether they can provide the shopping experiences that are demanded by the consumer. With Dynamics AX/365, traders get a real-world, innovative solution which enables them to operate dynamically and to exceed the expectations of their customers.

Dynamics AX/365 is a modern, holistic solution for medium-sized and larger businesses, which reduces the complexity of retailing. It enables you to concentrate on the important things - customer relations, increasing the efficiency of your workforce and fulfilling your corporate pledge through first-class service.

In short: Dynamics AX/365 enables you to operate within networks, individually, proactively and with the agility to give your customers exactly the right shopping experience.

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Product category: EPOS software

Yourcegid Retail Y2 - the All-Round Retail Solution - Comprehensive, Integrated, Modular

Our global world places ever more demands on retailers who find themselves constantly confronted by new business trends: be it personalized shopping (CRM), diverse shop concepts, availability of goods, international presence, strict product cycles, connectivity, omni-channel marketing or other modern technologies. For precisely this reason it is particularly important to be able to quickly integrate your corporate projects into a secure environment.

With Yourcegid Retail Y2 you can do exactly that!

Yourcegid Retail Y2 is the retail solution that can be integrated into any environment as a branch system and is especially created for specialized retail. Yourcegid Y2 displays all business processes within the branches and is at the same time lean and easy to use. The special architecture enables fast working at the point of sale without having to do without necessary item and customer information. High security and comprehensive online capability - here too, the Yourcegid Retail Y2 software solution provides you with the perfect basis.

Key Functionalities Overview
- Central B2C CRM-Datenbank
- Loyalty
- Marketing campaigns
- Mobile Clienteling
- After-sales service
- Personalized orders
- Detailed article types (size/color, multi-dimension, serial number, batch, grouped offers, etc)
- Inventory management (multi-location, movements, inventorying, transfer, receipt)
- Flexible pricing and multi-level promotions
- Flexible management of store replenishment
- Consigned Items management
- Centralized network management and coordination
- Retail/Wholesale
- Gift lists
- Invoicing of franchises and affiliates
- Front-office payment systems
- Pickup/delivery management
- Loans management
- In-store back office mobility
- Sales & CRM mobility
- Travel Retail management
- Store staff scheduling
- Uniform allowance
- Supplier management
- Procurement management
- Replenishment management
- Invoice control
- Production control
- Budgeting and forecasting
- Cost tracking
- Close to 60 localization packages available
- Fraud prevention
- Foundations: retail DataMart, cubes and reports
- Interactive and mobile dashboard

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Product category: EPOS software

tabby - The Smart Checkout Solution - Small Box with Large Content

Tabby is the new, innovative checkout solution which offers the same functionality as a standard or cloud-based checkout system at a favorable price. A small box with integrated web server and checkout software for retailing or catering that works with any device that supports a web browser.

Tabby is the perfect solution for simplified working in a demanding environment and the ideal checkout solution for small retailers or catering businesses with a single location or independent locations. The main difference to other small systems is platform-independent working. You can use your own current devices (bring your own device) and have no operating system costs or cloud computing charges.

 How does the tabby Box Checkout System Work?

Simply connect the tabby box to your checkout terminal with a network cable and install the printer. As it is a web-based checkout system, no further software installation is necessary. When you open the web browser and enter the tabby's network address, you just have to log in to the checkout application with a password and you can already start to take in money. The optimized touch screen interface for easy working and the possibility to log in with 4 users (including the manager) simultaneously, will immediately make your operation more efficient. The special thing about tabby: You only ever need one tabby box, to which you can connect up to 4 devices (e.g. a tablet pc, a smartphone and two checkout terminals). Licensing is done according to the number of active checkouts and is independent of whichever platform you are running or whether the systems are mobile or stationary. If you start with just one license, you have the possibility to activate three more at any time.

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Product category: EPOS software

unTill - The POS Solution for hospitality business

With unTill®, we present you a POS solution that has been especially developed for the many varying demands of the hospitality business.

unTill® is a point of sale system unlike any other - through its open structure and versatility. The standard version already has the POS system with comprehensive functionality and is great value for money. 

It doesn't matter whether it's conventional gastronomy, a self-service restaurant or system catering, whether beer garden, bar or disco - with unTill® you get a software solution that is not only flexible, modern and practical, but also able to cater to - and be configured for - your special wishes. And for smaller restaurants there is the simplified but still powerful unTill® light system version: it's the perfect entry-level checkout system with low investment costs.

unTill® is exceptionally practical, user-friendly and uncomplicated. Whoever works with unTill® notices quickly that it's a system developed in the field. Through the simple and well thought out button layout and the user friendly, intuitive user interface, navigation is done with just a few clicks on the screen. The screen is clear and modern and it's simply fun to work with unTill®.

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About us

Company details

Your provider of retail and POS solutions

MS POS ist one of the leading providers of POS Solutions and also a Service company which has established itself in the market of international POS and ERP solutions.

The more and more complex requirements for a POS System and the omnichannel retail strategy of retailers require new, quick and flexible POS solutions. MS POS has the right offering in its product portofolio. All the solutions are based on the Microosft platform which is getting more and more important in retail and in hospitality: Dynamics AX /365 as a complete ERP solution with integrated POS and Yourcegid Retail Y2 as a ERP independet store solution are modern retail solutions which are in a position to fullfill these high requirements. But also in hospitality higher security standards, central control, easy deployment, mobile solutions and flexible platforms are required. Here MS POS is offering with unTill® and tabby attractive solutions – for the medium and upp class restaurants, bars and restaurants chains,  as well as for smaller retailers and smaller restaurants and bars.

MS POS supports you also in the choice oft he right hardware. You can select the best machine for you from a selection of highly recognized brands: NCR-Orderman, HP, Toshiba, Telecash und Partner Tech are here our thrusted partners.

Besides Soft- and Hardware MS POS offers also:
- a complete project
- the technical concept and realisation of a project
- necessary add ons
- workshops and trainings
- integration of RFID cards or special hardware
- concept of the complete Infrastructure
- hotline/support
What makes us different:
- Microsoft Gold Certifid Partner
- NCR Orderman Gold Partner
- a motivated team
- high competence, long experience and solution driven teamwork
You can reach us Mo-Fr from 9.00 – 17.00 o‘clock.
We are available per telephone under +49 2154 81254-10 or per e-mail office( at)






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1-9 Mio US $

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