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  • 03  Refrigeration systems

Refrigeration systems

  • 03  Refrigeration systems
  • 03.05  Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Our products

Product category: Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage


The HPE serie, model can mount either a 150 or 250 liter tank and can be configured in different ways: depending on the capacity and type of pumps, you can choose amongst the HPE G (with gear pumps) or HPE P models (with piston pumps); moreover, the machine can be configured with pressurized (PED certified) or non-pressurized (BASIC configuration) tanks.
The tanks used for chemical products are equipped with interspace and heating/cooling systems using electric heaters/chillers.
Different types of support arms for the chemical lines can be mounted: i.e. “articulated,” “swing” (as shown in the figure) or “flag.” However, new ones can be designed around customers’ specific installations.
The standard high-pressure mixing head of the EPL series was built with the renowned “L chamber” system, thus ensuring excellent repeatability and quality of the foam.

This model enables using a wide range of bi-component polyurethanes, thus addressing the various foam needs and applications of different types of industries: refrigeration, insulation, boating, automotive, construction, furniture or technical parts.

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Product category: Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Polyurethane adhesives systems

This system has been created for the drawing up of the mono-component polyurethane adhesive, which using a dispenser, allows to apply the adhesive in a manual and easy way upon your panels/artifacts.

The technical features taken in the design and in the construction of the system, the particular attention paid to the choice of quality components and materials, make the system easy and fast to use, allowing also to minimize the maintenance related to the injection of this product.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems, Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Polyurethane Gasket systems

The series GASKET LP is composed by a low pressure dosing unit for bi-components polyurethanes and either by a cartesian robot with 2 or 3 axes or by an anthropomorphic robot: together they create the necessary conditions for dispensing a quantity of product in order to obtain a gasket applied directly on the panel/artifact.

This type of robot is particularly indicated for extending the gasket on plane surfaces. The principal application fields are the following: electric panels, industrial and non industrial filters, air conditioning panels, etc.
Upon request it is possible to have a robot with double station: while you are applying the gasket at the first station, you can load a new panel, ready to be used, in the second one.

In case of using the anthropomorphic robot, which is different from the Cartesian robot for its articulated arm, it is possible also to apply the gasket on the artifacts with non-linear surface. This type of robot is the most suitable in the fields of illumination, automotive, paneling, etc.

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About us

Company details

Able to provide a wide range of products and foaming equipment in the field of expanded polyurethane, which is used in the production of technologically developed artifacts, our company offers its customers innovative solutions at competitive costs.
Our strength is also the capability to develop custom made formulas to fulfill almost any of our Customer requirements.

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