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  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.03  Payment systems
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  • 07.04.01  Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

  • 07  Retail technology
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  • 07.05.01  EPOS software
  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.05  POS software
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Self checkout/ self-scanning software

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.12  HR management
  • 07.12.03  Workforce management systems

Our products

Product category: Retail technology

The ultimate shopping experience

By integrating mobile, cashless payments, loyalty systems, comprehensive price promotions and enablement for your Omni-channel strategies, TCPOS allows your business to speed up checkout processes and delight your customers at all interaction points where you provide your products and services.

Supermarkets & discounts

One must keep up with the times in order to understand the needs of today’s supermarket customers. New payment methods, like cashless payments on smartphones, are within the reach of all focusing on practicality and the reduction of queues at the cash register. Intuitive self-service workstations provide your customer with proper independence, allowing you to use your team for other customer service activities. TCPOS has been working with supermarket and discount chains for many years, accompanying them into the future with accelerated processes at the POS and ensuring high reliability and great flexibility.


  • Know your costumer
    The more details you have about your customers, the more opportunities that will open up for your business by sending targeted and personalized communications with news and promotional initiatives.

  • Multichannel loyalty
    Keep your customers closer with loyalty cards and points collection programs. Leverage web applications to propose a multichannel strategy.

  • Mobile payment
    With TCPOS, your client's smartphone becomes a true digital wallet, connected with his credit card and other mobile payment systems.

  • Hardware Integration
    TCPOS allows you to upgrade your hardware infrastructure by integrating scales, self-service points, electronic tags and digital signage systems.

  • Customer display
    The customer monitor becomes a powerful marketing and retention tool. While your client is waiting to pay, the display shows details of the transaction in progress, advertising video and attractive promotional offers.

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Product category: Mobile payment solutions

Safety and convenience with cashless payments

Cashless payments are rapidly emerging in all areas of global commerce, thanks to their safety and convenience.TCPOS is compatible with various systems of cashless payments, e-wallets and apps that integrate payment functions for the mobile device, reducing the costs of cash handling and ensuring transaction traceability for your customers.

Mobile App

TCPOS integrates seamlessly with apps for smartphones and tablets. The users can charge their credit in real time, wherever they are, via credit card or mobile payment services like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay and WeChat. At any time you can check your credit and pay the cashier through the phone via a special reader.


In partnership with Zucchetti, TCPOS recently developed a card reader, compatible with the Common Smartcards standard, introducing a compatible cashless payment system. This payment system optimizes the integration with your till and minimizes installation time. The new reader registers the balance quickly and reliably, and is distinguished by a simple and intuitive operation.

Open Wallet

Jointly with the members of the Common Smartcard association, TCPOS presents the “Open Wallet”, a cashless payment system that enables loading and use of smartcards even if peripherals such as card readers have been changed. Balances will no longer get lost and will be transparently secured within the system since they must not be transferred to another card and can be used independently from the system.

NFC Payments

DroidPOS brings the POS onto Android smartphones, enabling NFC payments directly via mobile device. This solution is a fully-fledged online and offline POS with contactless payment. Payment via smartphone provides a fast and easy alternative to stationary payment for stadiums, canteens, restaurants and retail.


PayPal is also integrated with the TCPOS system. The cash process is similar to online: The customer registers on PayPal, then the app shows the nearest shops enabled for this type of payment.

Mobile Payment

Customers of shops, restaurants and canteens in Switzerland are now able to pay for their purchases simply, securely and quickly using TWINT. The integration of this mobile payment app with the TCPOS solution allows consumers to handle their purchases with their smartphone instead of cash and credit cards.


  • Convenience
    Your business will employ fewer staff and save on hardware purchases.

  • Compatibility
    Compatibility with all payments systems: cashless, contactless and mobile.

  • Comfort
    Simplified top-up processes for the user, who will be able to verify his transactions at any time.

  • Loyalty
    Manage customer loyalty activities that enable them to take advantage of discount coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards as well as Fastline services.

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Product category: Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Interface with innovation

TCPOS is a highly flexible solution that designs reliable interfaces to communicate, without interruptions, with many different operating systems. TCPOS is currently compatible with the most popular ERP, PMS, and CRM systems as well as applications for hospital and naval administration. In addition, TCPOS can manage solutions for billing, taxes, fines and customs practices. Moreover, TCPOS can be integrated within mobile apps for the management of payments and vouchers.


TCPOS is compatible with "Food & Beverage" ERP systems. By connecting with warehouse systems, TCPOS manages the exchange of information relating to items and transactions between third-party applications and the TCPOS database, without the need to develop any additional modules for the customer.

Management Systems

TCPOS interacts with many different hospital and hotel management systems, interpreting sales data and communicating information regarding the transactions performed by clients and guests for appropriate billing.TCPOS also integrates with applications to manage staff, fines, taxes, and customs clearance.


  • Seamless processes
    Data communication between TCPOS and management systems is continuous and real-time.

  • Quick integration
    Our team is able to evaluate and quickly develop interfaces.

  • Limitless compatibility
    TCPOS is designed to adapt to the systems and hardware devices in use in your company.

  • Mobile integrations
    Integration with apps and mobile payment systems.

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Product category: EPOS software

From point of sale to point of service

Through constant innovation, TCPOS helps you take care of the technology behind your operation. Thanks to its flexible architecture and scalability, TCPOS is the ideal cash system for all companies who want to keep their technology up to date. TCPOS simplifies the job of your operators and ensures a memorable experience for your customers, who will reward you by coming back!

Payment Methods

TCPOS accepts all forms of payment: cash, credit cards and customer cards. In addition, with TCPOS you can manage the latest payment solutions without problems: cashless, contactless and mobile payments allow your customers to use their smartphones as real digital wallets.

Ease of Use

We want to help simplify your employees’ work processes. This is why our software solutions leverage intuitive controls that can be learned quickly, eliminating time-consuming and expensive training. The installation and configuration are easy, just like each operation. Moreover, thanks to its many features, the system can be quickly adapted to your specific needs.

Hardware Compatibility

Those who choose TCPOS, rely on its flexibility and the ability to interface seamlessly with multiple devices. This is crucial for business management and operations, transforming your Point of Sale into an actual Point of Service. TCPOS is developed based on industry standards and leverages operating systems like Windows and Android, as well as the databases Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.


TCPOS was developed to allow your company to achieve maximum customer loyalty. This is why you can manage customer cards of all kinds, allowing users to top-up prepaid cards and transfer balances between cards. You can also define promotions of any type, design gift cards for your clients or loyalty points campaigns that will be managed by the central computer system.


  • User friendly
    Thanks to its intuitive interface, staff training and transactions are much faster.

  • Dynamic layout design
    Simply reproduce the layout of your previous system, or design a new interface using templates.

  • Multi-language
    Change the language of the system without stopping your activities - simplifying training and operations.

  • No local server
    With data management in the cloud, you eliminate the need for local servers. Reduce maintenance costs, installation time and speed up the roll-out.

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Product category: Self checkout/ self-scanning software

Self scanning and Click & collect

In collaboration with Datema, TCPOS offers a solution that is already established in the market. In the joint self-scanning solution the customer activates the scanner with his loyalty card and then scans items with the scanner directly whilst shopping. When he has finished, the customer pays at a self-checkout terminal. This process is said to enhance the customer experience, improve loyalty and increase the turnover.

Click & collect is a customized solution for picking up goods as well as having them delivered to your home. Retailers can gather the goods in either the shop or the warehouse. Retailers can extend the omni-channel options for their customers with click & collect, by enabling them to order items online and then deliver them to the desired destination.

The partnership between TCPOS and Datema Retail allows retailers to use the functionality of TCPOS solutions, including promotions and couponing, as well as several cashless payment possibilities, extended by self-scanning and click & collect. Thus, the further opportunities of omni-channel retailing can be acquired.

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Product category: Workforce management systems

Flexible time tracking an precise labor planning

TCPOS expanded its product range with the Workforce-Management solution from Zucchetti Group, a leading software provider in Europe. The solution helps retailers, caterers and stadiums with comprehensive functionalities from the mobile and stationary time recording to the precise labor planning.

The proven workforce management solution from Zucchetti is fully integrated with TCPOS and offers extensive functionalities in labor management. In staff scheduling, the software determines labor periods, employee quantities and the type of work required. This enables a uniform organization of the various work schedules and precise planning of staff activities, reducing labor time and cost significantly.

In addition, the solution provides timesheets for future billing. Thus, the employee labor is documented and allocated based on the various projects, orders or customers. Times can be recorded either via stationary terminals, cash registers or in the mobile version via an app. In this case, no additional hardware is required, because employees can use the app on their smartphones. Timesheets are also available in the App Store, so that employees can record their time with full mobile flexibility. The software is slim and easy and is designed to simplify management and save time.

Mobile Time Recording

The solution is completely web-based and allows detecting employee presence and absence from any location. It is also suitable for chain retail stores, with multiple offices, because all branches can use it to manage their time recording completely independently via Web.

For companies that already use the TCPOS POS solution, this will open up the benefits of an additional fully integrated solution, in which the time recording data are stored on the cash register and further transmitted to the workforce - planning software. Thanks to the evaluation of historical sales data, it is possible to plan the use of hourly employees and prepare accurate billing. In addition, for meaningful analysis and detailed reports is the business intelligence solution available in the background. TCPOS - customers receive a complete system via interface.

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TCPOS is a leading provider of IT solutions for businesses in hospitality, catering and retail. Multifunctional POS solutions and first-class services help our customers to improve operations and drive growth. More than 7,000 customers all over Europe trust in tailor-made IT-solutions from TCPOS.

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