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Product categories

  • 01  Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

  • 01  Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising
  • 01.02  Shopfittings
  • 01.02.01  Flooring


  • 01  Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising
  • 01.02  Shopfittings
  • 01.02.04  Wall coverings
  • 08  Stand construction & live marketing
  • 08.05  Furnishings
  • 08.05.09  Wall systems, ceiling systems

Wall systems, ceiling systems

Our products

Product category: Wall coverings, Wall systems, ceiling systems


Perfect acoustics with the highest quality

Modern architecture and design is increasingly utilizing more materials such as glass, steel and stone meeting the demands of more open offices and meeting facilities. These hard surfaces reflect sound and contribute to an increase in noise levels and a decrease in productive environments. Acoustic-Lightboard® counteracts the noise and the unpleasant effects on people and employees.

Perfect integration in interior rooms

A solution is to be found in materials which have acoustically positive characteristics and which furthermore look good. With their Acoustic-Lightboard®, the company Richter akustik & design has developed the perfect surface for sound-sensitive rooms. By means of micro-perforation with up to 320,000 holes per square meter, the noise penetrates into the sub-surface, which consists of a dense honeycomb structure, where they are extensively absorbed. At the same time, Acoustic-Lightboard® is absolutely stable and ultralight, with a weight saving of about 70 percent compared to similar materials. For this reason, Acoustic-Lightboard® is exceptionally suitable not only for ceiling and wall claddings, but also for office furniture, mobile partition walls in large rooms as well as many other applications.

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Product category: Wall systems, ceiling systems, Wall coverings


Acoustic-CompactLine® - Slat system with tongue and groove edges for fast and easy installation

Acoustic-CompactLine® of Richter akustik & design. It has been developed for simple and fast interior construction. The special tongue-groove-system at the edges of the slats as well as accessory parts like wall corners guarantee an easy installation and offer numerous design possibilities for commercial, residential and retail applications.

Acoustic-CompactBoard® - Acoustic panels for interior applications

Our Acoustic-CompactBoard® is ideally suitable as acoustic wall and ceiling claddings with discreet holes of only 0.5mm diameter* and is available as an untrimmed size or as a fixed measurement. Over 320,000 holes per m² serve for pleasant room acoustics with an alpha w value of 0.8. Optional edgings, additional drillings or millings are also possible.
(*other perforations on request)

Acoustic-CompactPanel® - The ready-made design panel

The Acoustic-CompactPanel® is a member of the successful Acoustic-Compact family. It stands for exceptional design, combined with a lot of possibilities in the demanding and fast paced interior décor designs. The Acoustic-CompactPanel® is on one hand available as a ready-made panel of a fixed format including edge processing and on the other hand as slat with a covering width of 192 mm and a longitudinally milled tongue and groove profile. Through this profile, the slat joinappears like one of the visible slots. This way an esthetically pleasing surface area is generated. A particular highlight of our Acoustic-CompactPanel® is the excellent absorption with alpha-w values of up to 0.75.

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Product category: Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising, Wall coverings


Real concrete for attractive and unique interiors

When the 2 mm (0.079“) LightBeton is applied to various panels such as plywood, MDF or partical board, to offer just a few examples, the possibilities are unlimited for architechural and design applications, trade shows, retail stores, retail fixtures and cabinets. Millwork companies can use their automatic edgebander producing what appears to be a solid concrete panel. Carpenters and installers do not have to use any specialty equipment.

LightBeton® resulted from the extensive exchange of ideas between the creative heads at Richter’s and many architects, who are designing their interior rooms with authentic concrete surfaces, but at the same time wanted to take the advantages of lightweight construction. The result is a composite material made of genuine concrete and light carrier materials for the most different of applications for interior architecture, trade-shows, retails shops and many more. The material characteristics offer unlimited creative design.

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Product category: Flooring, Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising, Wall coverings


The genuine stone veneer with rough-split haptics

Differences regarding color and structure of the rough-split surface are by no means accidental. It is natural stone veneer being millions of years old and uniquely charming. No imitation can achieve this.

With their product Stone-Veneer, Richter akustik & design has found a way to merge the positive aspects of real stone and the lightweight characteristics of other materials for the interior decoration. Stone-Veneer is available in different color tones and surface structures. Since it is real and the stone from which the material is cut is billions of years old no one piece resembles the other. Each piece of Stone-Veneer is unique in its appearance and texture.

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Product category: Wall coverings


The revolutionary surface material for interior architectural and design applications

MineralVeneer is a complete newly developed and homogeneous material by the company Richter akustik & design for high-quality surface coatings and for interior rooms. It opens up previously unknown design possibilities for kitchen, bathroom and office furniture, retail fixturing or for fitting recreational vehicles and mobile homes. Thus, MineralVeneer is an outstanding alternative for standard smooth plastic surfaces, not least because of its pleasant touch and the natural looking surface. For their MineralVeneer, Richter akustik & design was awarded the prize “Best of the Best” on the interzum Cologne in 2015.

MineralVeneer stands out for unprecedented characteristics. The permeable surface regulates, in combination with the substances, the room climate and serves for a healthy feel-good atmosphere in all interior rooms. Moreover, the surface has self-cleaning properties by the addition of photocatalytic ingredients. Organic debris will be removed by aid of sunlight.

MineralVeneer can easily be micro-perforated and is thus well-suited for acoustically effective surfaces. Especially in the fire protection field, MineralVeneer has a major advantage over standard plastic surfaces due to its low fire load and the passed A2-composite test. It is waterproof and can also be applied in wet rooms.

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Richter akustik & design provides innovative and unique solutions for the design and architectural professions. Our high quality materials are used in furniture design, wall applications, ceilings and many more applications.

With the uniqueness of our surface technologies, we have won numerous new customers from most different sectors. Architects, fitters, shop and trade fair show constructors work with our design and acoustics surfaces and set exciting trends in all fields like shop construction, shop systems, trade fair show construction, exhibitions, bars, hotels, restaurants, public buildings and living rooms.

  • Sophisticated and economical solutions.
  • Resource efficient, sustainable and value driven. We take our responsibility to the environment and to people seriously.
  • Powerful, responsible, passionate, creative and solution oriented without exception.

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Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

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