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Our products

Product category: Cash management solutions, Retail technology, Cash management, storage and transport

1-Cash Deposit Safe - For The Efficient Cash Office

Cash settlement in your cash office has to be precise. Period.

Your daily income will be collected here, this is your money. Failures are not allowed. The common manual processes of today are often too time consuming, complex and expensive. Some of your profit can be easily wasted at this place.

The cash office needs a simple and automated solution. So far automated deposit safes have been too expensive. As a result, simple drop deposit safes have been in use, with high cost in the cash center and in fact not a real cost saving. Furthermore the real cash amounts could not be considered, before the money had been counted the cash center. The retailer was missing real planning security for his business.

What is really needed?

First of all, an affordable solution for the correct and fast collection and counting of all banknotes from all POS stations, including secure storage.

1-Cash Deposit Safe from Double Power combines all these features in one single deposit safe for the first time with unbeatable benefits:

Every POS with several hundred banknotes will be settled within less than one minute.
The banknote will be securely stored in a certified CEN safe.
The results of the settlements of each POS are available for the company‘s IT system.
The security pouch in the safe stores up to 4.000 banknotes.
Properly stacked !
So the banknotes can be processed in the cash center without time consuming preparation.
The safe lock will be released after the pouch is securely closed.
All transactions are documented in the journal and allocated to the cashier.

The 1-Cash Deposit Safe from Double Power

Secures your income.
Reduces the cost of your cash.
Enables faster liquidity.
Improves your profit.

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Product category: Cash management, storage and transport

DP-8120 - The Automatic Currency Counter With 1+1 Pockets

DP-8120(VB) is the most compact of the professional 1.5 pocket value counters on the market. With a footprint of only 260 mm(D) x 274 mm(W) this new solution fits into any banking and cash center environment.

DP-8120(VB) value counter has been especially designed for the use in high-volume heavy duty counting environments in European banks and cash centres.

The added reject pocket enables non-stop continuous counting if an unexpected note or suspected counterfeit is encountered in a batch. As a result, higher productivity can be achieved than with single pocket counters.

Their quietness in use and low power consumption (and heat output) compared to conventional machines help to improve the operational environment, whilst its low height (of only 262 mm) means reduced stretching by operational staff.

You are unsure, why DP-8120(VB) is named Automatic Currency Value Counter and why it is different to other 1+1 pocket counters? Please visit our booth and we will explain to you.

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Product category: Cash management, storage and transport

DP-8200 - The All Purpose Banknote Fitness Sorter

It is especially the note sorting criteria "fit for circulation" that is putting high demands on the banknote sorters in operation. It is therefore inevitable to use a solution that has been designed especially for fitness sorting. Conventional 1+1 banknote counters are often equipped with basic fitness sensors and are then labled with an additional letter "F" as a quality feature.

The Double Power DP-8200 is equipped with sensors that have been specifically developed for fitness sorting. These are in particular the double-sided CIS scanners and the mechanical thickness detectors. These sensors cover the whole width of the note path and are able to analyse all existing features of the banknotes.

The most important feature of a fitness sorter is the position and geometric arrangement of the sensors. These need to be positioned in vertical direction to avoid dust getting stuck within the system. The vertical layout of the sensors ensures that the unavoidable dust can pass through to the bottom of the machine, the sensitive sensors stay clean and the quality of the fitness detection is kept at a consistently high level at any time. The ultrasonic sensors used in compact banknote counters often have slots, where dust can pile up and affect the functionality of the system. The mechanical detectors of the DP-8200 are extremely resistant against any kind of dirt.

What is the great benefit? The ECB is requesting a consistently secure fitness sorting. Only a sorter like the DP-8200 ensures at any time that only the truly unfit banknotes are withdrawn from circulation. Too many banknotes mistaken as unfit are expensive as more notes need to be reordered than it would be necessary. A high-quality fitness sorter therefore will be a very cost saving investment in the long-term.

Fitness sorting requires a considerably higher level of machine robustness than normal counting as the notes are passing through the system more often. The DP-8200 has been specifically designed to handle medium and also higher note volumes.

In the fitness sorting mode much more banknotes are outsorted than in normal counting mode, therefore a small capacity reject pocket is not sufficient. The DP-8200 is equipped with 2 big output pockets with a capacity of 200 notes each. This ensures high productivity and saves costs.

In addition the machine is equipped with an automatic shutter that reduces the impact of noise and dust on your staff considerably.

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Double Power Europe is the new power for innovative cash handling solutions for retail, banking and CIT. We provide the most cost saving technology for the professional cash management organisations. Double Power's unique capability to combine top quality with extremely efficient processes ensures long term investment security for our partners.

Double Power Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Double Power Technology Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1998, Shenzhen Double Power services as a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the field combining research, manufacturing, sales and after-service of financial facilities and electronic products.

Double Power is market leader in Europe for money detectors and one pocket bank note counters. The new solutions include highly sophisticated cash handling machines for banks and cash centres, as well as the most innovative bank note deposit solution for retail back offices.

Double Power Europe is managed by one of the most experienced experts in global cash cycle solutions.

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