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  • 07  Retail technology

Retail technology

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.02  Business analytics
  • 07.02.04  Customer frequency analysis

Our products

Product category: Customer frequency analysis


Battery operated
Calendar clock
Automatic daily reset
Counting display

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Product category: Customer frequency analysis


Thermal beam side sensor. Does not require any element on the opposite side (projector or reflector). Fully battery operated (> 12 months life). Available versions: standalone, memory or wireless. Beam lenght till 6 meters. Bidirectional counting (can distinguish the direction of the motion) Typical application directly on the shop windows to assess the steps in front of the store.

Where it is a convenient solution ?

To assess a location
To monitor frequencies in Shopping Centers
When operating from only one side
To monitor outdoor streets, parks, outlets
To compute the conversione rate betwen people walking and entering

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Product category: Customer frequency analysis


It frames an area of 4x4 meters, and thanks to the optical two-dimensional stereoscopic camara it identifies people with high precision. It tracks people location and movements, making flow measurements and lenght staying time in front of shelfs. It detects the passage of groups of people. It distinguishes shopping trolleys and childrens.

Counting Mode: reading from the top through stereo camera
Powered by network cable (POE)
No images recorded. No privacy problems
Insensible to shadows and reflections
High precision (up to 99%)
It distinguishes entered from exited
Wi-fi Connection
Interfaceable to the PC and Web
Logging on CSV file
Integration with SQL SERVER database
Software Checkin & CheckWeb
Suitable for shops/shopping centers/places with a large entrance door and with wide streams of people

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About us

Company details

Microlog is an Italian company leader in the development of innovative products for the retail marketing. Skilled in the production of people counters, interactive promotional games, loyalty systems, interactive surveys, Microlog is the ideal partner to offer, along with experts in communication and marketing, advanced solutions that enable you to know, to increase and strengthen your business.

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