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  • 04  Catering and hospitality equipment

Catering and hospitality equipment

  • 04  Catering and hospitality equipment
  • 04.10  Packaging machines

Our products

Product category: Packaging machines

Chamber Machines Bright Line

The Plus of Bright Line

The Power-Steel technology for unsurpassed vacuum!

Packaging machine equipped with a unique "Power-Steel" technology that allows you to package any product through a vacuum chamber totally smooth, unique and shiny with rounded corners. With the "Power-Steel" technology, cleaning the tank will be ultra-fast, making it more clean and sanitary.

The best conservation results!

The "conservation" program is designed to allow you to greatly extend the shelf-life of your every product in a simple and fast way; with preset programs and de-aeration, you can store under vacuum even the most difficult foods such as fresh pasta, fibrous meat, sauces and marinades.

Only the specifications make the difference, especially in vacuum!

The double welding present in packaging, guarantees your vacuum product, the security of being hermetically sealed. The sealing, clearly visible on the envelope, gives both greater safety of the vacuum and a better aesthetic appearance of the envelope.

Lack of time is no longer a problem!

The opportunity to enjoy two sealing bars will allow you to vacuum pack more at a time, thus reducing considerably, the work time and leaving you the freedom to do the other work.

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Product category: Catering and hospitality equipment

Sous Vide Cooking Machines

The Plus of Cooking Line

Only the cooking in water can deliver you excellent results!

The best cooking of the products takes place in water, at low temperatures. The water allows you to cook gently and evenly. Each product vacuum packed in bags highlights the most of all the flavors, aromas and colors. Each dish is always served with the best quality and will retain all its nutritional and organoleptic properties.

The "millesimal temperature control" to always ensure the same quality!

The special temperature sensor in the tub of the vacuum machine sous vide for cooking Sv-Thermo, allows you to precisely control the internal temperature of the tank, making the cooking of foods sublime. Moreover, thanks to the use of 3 special probes, it is possible to detect the core temperature of the products, also obtaining a perfect cooking of different foods together.

You can take other commitments, your Sv-Thermo cook for you!

In kitchens, even the greatest restaurants, the chef will never be present H24. For this, Orved has created the delayed cooking program, a program that allows you to comfortably put the product in the water bath, set the start time and the end cooking. In this way, each Chef will get into the kitchen and find the food already cooked and ready to serve.

Never run out of cooking in vacuum!

The small size and the practical handles the thermo-Sv, combined with the cooking catering mode, allow you to always cook in vacuum and in any kitchen space. You'll never run the quality of your products cooked in a vacuum!

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Product category: Packaging machines

Extrernal Vacuum Packaging Machines Line

The Plus of External Extraction Line

The top line for packaging solid and dry products

Due to its compact size, materials, excellent quality pump, and the double gasket in the suction chamber, the external vacuum packaging machine with external extraction line allows longer storage for all of your solid or dry foods, even large ones or those with large pieces.

The only machine patented to package products in smooth bags!

Orved was the first company in the world to have innovated the vacuum packing concept, inventing an external extraction vacuum packing machine. We are still the first to give you the ability to store your products for a longer period of time in high quality smooth bags at a competitive price due to the patented, retractable probe in our VM98 and VM14/90n. Everyone offers packaging in embossed bags but we are the only ones who offer you perfect packaging in smooth bags!

An exclusive support shelf to make your packaging even easier!

A special hidden support shelf was created for the top models in the external extraction line in order to make packaging even large products (e.g. stockfish) even easier. Once the packaging cycle is complete the shelf disappears below the machine without taking up any space.

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About us

Company details

Innovators by choice!

At Orved we believe innovation serves not only an idea but is the perfect combination of three key elements: our knowledge, determination to reach our goals and our drive towards success.
For this reason, Orved has been innovating the world for over 30 years by creating the best products dedicated to the vacuum packing and sous-vide cooking, our true passion!

We have always mastered the most excellent vacuum packing machine!

Excellence, innovation, training, listening and customer care are the foundations of the Orved corporate philosophy. This consistent choice has led the company to spread the culture and the use of vacuum technology around the world by offering cutting-edge machinery in both technology and quality, able not only to respond to clients' needs but also to anticipate them.

Today Orved, represents excellence in the vacuum world for both storage and in cooking. It carries the highest quality and efficient products to simplify the customers' daily work, always ensuring the highest level of technology and performance with significant time and cost savings.

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