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  • 06  POP Marketing

POP Marketing

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.01  POS/POP displays
  • 06.01.04  Permanent displays

Permanent displays

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.01  POS/POP displays
  • 06.01.05  Temporary displays

Temporary displays

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.02  Decorative shop furnishings
  • 06.02.05  Light boxes

Light boxes

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.02  Decorative shop furnishings
  • 06.02.12  Textile decorations

Textile decorations

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.08  Digital marketing solutions
  • 07.08.05  Interactive display solutions

Interactive display solutions

  • 08  Stand construction & live marketing
  • 08.01  Exhibition stand construction / event construction
  • 08.01.02  Display manufacturers

Display manufacturers

Our products

Product category: Textile decorations

Room Divider

Sound absorption and sound proof
Acoustical and visual separation: creates privacy
Free standing
Individual and exchangeable design
Different formats

Our Room Dividers are sound absorbing and they separate areas in the room – in an acoustical and optical way. They create silence and privacy. This supports our health and reduces stress.

The room is not only divided by these elements, they also decorate and design the room. The motive can be exchanged, so it can be adjusted to your individual design.

Sound absorbing textiles
Printable with your own motive
Fire protection: class A2 or B1 (DIN 4102)

The 44 mm or 100 mm deep aluminium frame is covered with a high-resolution printable and absorbing textile. A 40 mm or 80 mm deep sound absorbing material is integrated in the frame. This type of Room Divider has the fire protection classification B1.

The higher classification A2 can be reached, by replacing the sound absorbing material through a glass wool. A unicoloured fiberglass textile is used for this type of Room Divider.

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Product category: POP Marketing

Ceiling Panel

Sound absorption
Reduces the sound level
Room design
Size is free to choose

Naked walls cause noise by sound-reflection. Primex sound absorbing Ceiling Panels improve the acoustical situation of the room and reduce the sound level. They hang from the ceiling, so they absorb with both sides. The sound absorption has a positive impact on the concentration.

The technical textiles can be printed individually and support the design of the room.

Printed or blank textile in the frame
Fire protection: classification A2 or B1 possible

For an optimal acoustic effect, a 40 mm thick sound absorbing material is integrated into the 44 mm deep frame, which is covered by an acoustic textile. You can choose between high-resolution print or a grey or black fiberglass textile. This type reaches the fire protection classification B1 (DIN 4102).

A better fire protection is reached by replacing the acoustic material by sound absorbing glass wool. Additionally, a unicoloured fiberglass textile is used, so the fire protection class A2 is reached.

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Product category: Light boxes


Supports health
Enhances productivity
Saves costs
Size is free selectable

Comfortable light makes us feel good. Flickering neon tubes produce stress, too flashy or too dark light is exhausting and causes headache.

Primex Light-walls can adapt the indirect light individually to your room situation. This supports the well being, the health and the productivity during the everyday work. Additionally, absorbing material can be integrated into the Light-wall to support these positive effects.

By inserting LEDs, you save electricity for light and cooling and you need rare maintenance. Additionally, they need to be replaced very rarely.
Our Light-walls can be combined with a dimming function.

Optimal light diffusion
Dimming option
Acoustic dampening possible
Printed with your individual motive

Our aluminum frames are covered with technical textiles. They include a diffusion layer for optimal light diffusion. They can be printed individually with the company logo or a photo motive and can be exchanged easily and quickly. The aluminum frame is produced in different formats and depths. You can choose between different light systems and colour temperatures between 300 and 6500 Kelvin.

Additionally, the Light-wall can be equipped with a dimming function.

As an add-on, sound absorbing elements can be integrated into the frame, so the Light-wall has a dampening effect.

If there are any questions, which solution is the best for your situation and requirements, contact us!

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