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Our products

Product category: Retail technology, Counterfeit detectors


Fast, accurate and economical cash counter

JetCount money counters are cost effective note counting machines that are reliable, compact and easy to use. They help save valuable hours normally spent counting currency by hand. At selectable speeds of up to 1,600 notes per minute, the JetCount makes quick work of even the highest of volumes of cash, reliably and accurately.
Fail Safe Error Detection-- Senses double notes, folded notes, chains and jams to assure accurate counts. The problem is identified on the display and an audio alarm notifies the user.
Bright LED Display -- Illuminated display is easy to see under all lighting conditions.
Tactile Key board -- Easy to use, these keys provide clear, tactile feedback when pressed.
Auto Start & Restart -- Starts as soon as notes are added to the hopper and automatically restarts when notes are removed from the bottom stacker.
Protected Data and Set-Ups -- All processing data and set-ups are protected during low power and power loss situations.

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Product category: Retail technology, Counterfeit detectors

JetScan iFX i400

Smallest, Fastest, Most Flexible Multi-Pocket Cash Sorter

Significantly smaller, 39% faster and more flexible than any other multi-pocket money sorter, the JetScan iFX® i400 can have as few as 3 to as many as 17 pockets – giving you full control of the footprint. Process deposits or ATM currency at up to 1,000 notes per minute.

Configurable Sorting Pockets – Easily configure pockets for any denomination, and all pockets can be fully utilized for sorting or strap preparation. LED indicators provide status information to the operator. Quickly set up and modify sort modes.
Assignable Off-Sort Pockets – Designate one or two off-sort pockets to collect rejected or suspect documents.
Flexible System Configuration – Configure as a 3- , 5- , 7- , 9- and up to 17- pocket system in a vertical or horizontal orientation to accommodate your space or operating requirements.
High speed processing – Process money at up to 1,000 notes per minute with less stopping for greater throughput. Both GBP and Scottish Banks notes supported.
Fitness Sorting –  Physical properties of notes are checked (e.g. soil, holes, dog-ears, tears, missing parts, tape).
Patented Image-Recognition Technology – Sets new industry standards for counterfeit detection and low note rejection rates. Patented sensors and analytic software analyze each note, catching counterfeits that others miss.
Simple Jam Reconciliation – Clear jams quickly and easily with minimal impact on processing. Access the entire note path from the front of the machine and follow simple instructions on the user display.
Continuous Feed Hopper – Automatic continuous feeding with 800-note capacity.
Double Count – Counting accuracy is verified by a second count as note passes through the transport path.
Easy-to-Use – Change processing modes with the touch of a button on an 20.32 cm colour touch-screen display. Option to show only the buttons needed for daily operation.
Future-Ready Design – Easily upgrade select models with a software activation key as new features become available.

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Product category: Retail technology, Counterfeit detectors

JetScan Two-Pocket

JetScan® two pocket money counter and scanner

JetScan two pocket cash handling scanners offer you greater productivity because having two full capacity pockets allows for a second processing pocket or a location for a reject pocket. This allows for two or more counting and processing functions to be combined for maximum productivity.

JetScan cash counters can sort mixed money, face and orient notes and will stop on an exact bill. While counting one denomination, JetScan will stop when any other note is processed. A £20 is never counted as a £5, which eliminates errors, speeds processing and frees operators to focus on other activities.

Built with a wide range of counterfeit detection capabilities, JetScan counterfeit money detectors catch more counterfeits and can be purchased with the industry’s most advanced sensors.

Casino users can simultaneously process currency and tickets, with the tickets and notes sorted each into a different pocket, while all data is uploaded into slot accounting and tickets systems.

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About us

Company details

Cummins Allison is a global leader providing note counters, sorters and scanners and casino ticket processing, plus coin sorter and coin counting solutions for customers in the financial, retail, gaming, vending, law enforcement, transportation and government markets. Our product lines are backed by world-class service and support with a strong local presence. Cummins Allison products reflect generations of visionary thinking, ensuring their relevance to the industries we serve today and into the years to come.

A tradition of excellence since 1887 makes Cummins Allison the industry leader – providing the most innovative, accurate and reliable note, coin, and ticket-handling solutions in the world. We serve virtually every major financial institution around the world, as well as a majority of leading organisations in other primary markets

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