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Our products

Product category: Product, price and size labels

Food Preparation Labelling

Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 obligates producers of foodstuffs to comply with various labelling standards, specifically in the identification of allergens. The obligation to provide nutrition information will apply from 13th December 2016.
Food companies will be required to label all food products with ingredients, allergens, and as of December 2016 - basic nutritional information in the “traffic light”
...The solution is here!
SATO’s TH2 All-In-One Standalone Printer
  •  No additional PC required
  • All formats and data stored within the printer
  • Antimicrobial keyboard reduces transfer of microbes 
  • Light & Portable
  • To adapt to your varying production area needs
  • Clever: programmable  for your individual needs
  • Real time calendar for use by/sell by information

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Product category: Retail technology

SATO Application Enabled Printing (AEP)

 Advanced Intelligence inside the printer
SATO's Application Enabled Printing (AEP) Technology is a powerful on-board intelligence which enables customisation of the printer operation to significantly simplify labelling operations and reduce business costs.
Labelling problems in many industries can be solved by the flexible AEP solutions which are easily prepared and implemented by SATO and SATO Partners.

AEP introduces the next generation of Smart label printing and is available now in the industry leading SATO NX range of printers:
Input devices such as scanners, keypads, weigh scales can be directly connected
Standalone printing is possible without the need for a host PC or additional software
The operator activity is  prompted by a simple display screen sequence
The printer operation is easily customised to the business requirement
Network/Cloud communication for database access or other functions
 An AEP printer solution offers:
  • Reduced operator skills
  • Faster label printing
  • Reduced errors and recovery expense
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs

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Product category: Tracking & tracing

Handheld scanner and mobile Printer: a powerful solution for retail

SATO`s mobile Printers are the ideal supplement for Point-of-sales labelling. On EuroShop SATO is presenting its hardware together with the identification specialist CASIO.  Please trust  our competence and experience in product labelling and inventory management: SATO and CASIO offer high-class made-in-Japan quality and a local service and support also after sales.

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Product category: Label printers

Label printer CL4NX for warehousing and distribution

The NX is SATO's universal printer range engineered for the ultimate operator experience, and is skilfully crafted to support new and legacy printing applications across a wide range of verticals that would require a durable and dependable printer for years to come.

The NX Series is a game-changing innovation that is made easy. It is designed to be so easy to use and maintain that anyone can feel the difference from the day they start using it. The new NX Series comes loaded as standard with many different features to make operation and maintenance easy.

  • User-friendly operation  
  • Multinational language support
  • Multi emulation support
  • Standard multiple on-board interfaces
  • Support for a variety of media types
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Space saving design
  • High-Speed Processing & throughput
  • Superior print accuracy and quality
  • Durable Design

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Product category: Label printers

Compact and powerful label printer for backoffice

On EuroShop SATO is presenting the new WS408, a small and powerfull barcode-printer, perfectly suitable for backoffice.  The printer is available in thermal transfer- or in direct thermal version and offers State-of-the-Art printing technology and a compelling design.

● All important interfaces onboard
● WLAN and Bluetooth function optional
● Important emulations inegrated (SZPL, SDPL, SEPL, SIPL)
● Ribbons up to 300m can be used (thermotransfer-version)
● Easy to handle
● Distinct LED-Display
● SBPL Nice Driver
● Lightweight and durable
● Robust und high-value materials

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Product category: Manual labelling systems

Solutions for food preparation hygiene

SATO offers reasonably priced hand labeling systems for 1-, 2- or 3-line printing. The conventional application is the identification of discounts, but our hand labelling systems can do much also execute much challenging jobs like the indication of sell-by dates on the packaging.

• Reducing of costs: distinct hints on the packaging is avoiding spoiling of food
• Optimisation of warehouse stock
• Higher level of security: uniform terms and correct, readable writing
• Easy to handle and compact

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Product category: RFID solutions

Realising the internet of things with SATO

SATO`s high-end barcode printer CL4NX is able to read and print NFC, HF, UHF and PJM-RFID technologies. This variety combined with Application Enabled Printing makes this printer ideal to realise extensive and challenging RFID problems. SATO is cooperating tightly with RFID-specialists. Profit on our decade-long experience when implementing your RFID projects. 

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Product category: Security tags

Inhouse label production

SATO labels are produced in-house using the highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance. Especially for retail business SATO offers high-quality design labels, security labels and so called linerless labels, which get along without release paper.

SATO is also offering secure solutions for EAS, custom-made for retail business. This effective technology is used worldwide and has proved itself thousandfold. Besides conventional security labels, which can also be marked with product hints and discounts are also plastic tags for clothing, shoes and high value accessory available.

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Company news




Dec 5, 2016

SATO Holdings Receives 2016 CRM Best Practice Award

SATO (TOKYO: 6287), a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, received the 2016 CRM Best Practice Award from CRM Association Japan on November 11 in Tokyo.

 The CRM Best Practice Award program seeks to recognize innovative companies and organizations with customer-centric management philosophies that utilize IT systems to manage the business-customer relationship. Winners are selected by a panel of 12 judges with specialty in related fields. The 2016 CRM Best Practice Award is the 13th iteration of the award.

SATO was recognized for SOS (SATO Online Services), its cloud-based IoT printer maintenance service launched in 20151. The service provides remote support for SATO label printers 24/7, 365 days a year and identifies problems before they occur to ensure zero downtime for customers.

CRM Association Japan praised SOS as an example of a CRM platform that is essential for more efficient customer service and which makes full use of IoT technology to understand customers better, shifting from passive to active and predictive maintenance.

“We service customers across a huge range of industries by rigorously identifying their pain points,” explained SATO Holdings COO Ryutaro Kotaki. “It is a great honour to receive this award for our strong efforts to form deep and long-lasting relationships with our customers.”

SATO set out as its Vision under its medium-term management plan to be the leader in the Auto-ID solutions industry worldwide and the world’s most trusted company through creation of solutions for precision, labour and resource savings, peace of mind and environmental protection. It sets the pursuit of globalization and maximization of customer value as its long term basic strategy to realize this Vision. SATO continuously seeks to strengthen its customer-centric focus as it rolls out new services and solutions.

 1.     First launched in Japan in August 2015, SOS is currently in trial operations in the U.S., Europe and Asia

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Jul 13, 2016

SATO Assists Britax Römer with Technology Upgrade for Product and Warehouse Labelling at New Site

SATO, a world leader in barcode printing, labelling and EPC/RFID solutions, and long-term partner and Auto-ID dealer Panzer Datentechnik are jointly helping Britax Römer, a renowned manufacturer of child safety and mobility products, upgrade its labelling infrastructure for product and warehouse operations. The stimulus for the upgrade is the relocation of all of Britax Römer’s production and logistics to a new, ultra-modern 18,000 square metre site in Leipheim, Germany.

The new facility puts Britax Römer’s administration, production, product development, testing and warehouse operations under the same roof. As a future oriented and efficiency focused enterprise, Britax Römer regarded the relocation as an opportunity to replace its outdated printers for production, shipping and warehouse labelling with modern devices. The move to the new premises is expected to be complete by fall 2016.

Thanks to the longstanding successful business relationship with SATO and Panzer Datentechnik, Britax Römer opted for the CL4NX industrial printer and the compact CG408 desktop printer. The two models are paired at the same workstation to enable high-performance printing of labels with various designs and formats without any downtime. The CL4NX is SATO’s general-purpose printer, designed and built to meet stringent requirements for user convenience, sturdiness, long life and versatility. The CG408 desktop printer is optimised for printing 4-inch labels and features user-friendly operation and application versatility.

 Another advantage is that Britax Römer and Panzer Datentechnik are both based in Leipheim, so any necessary servicing can be carried out very quickly.

“For us the key considerations for selecting a partner are top-class technology, quality of service and constant availability of technical resources and spare parts. We obtain all necessary consumables for the printers from SATO and Panzer Datentechnik, taking advantage of the service and compatibility benefits of a package solution for our product and warehouse labelling”, says Angelo Fanelli, Plant Engineering Manager, Operations at Britax Römer. “The investment in advanced labelling technology enables us to boost efficiency in product manufacturing and finishing at our new site.”

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Jun 9, 2016

SATO Opens New Labels Plant in Western Poland

SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, launched operations at its modern, new labels plant in Poland. The €5.7 million plant, located inWroclaw, Poland launched operations in March producing printer labels and primary labels for a large number of applications including tags and tickets. The new plant services all of Europe.

The new 5,173 m2 facility is equipped with a positive air pressure production area to ensure the highest level of clean label manufacturing. Maintaining high air pressure helps prevent insects and dust from contaminating the production area.

SATO has a network comprising owned and partner plants across Europe, a region that represented 25% of the world’s label market in 20141. SATO, which began operations in Poland in 1999, further establishes its position as a long-term player for the highest quality label production in the region at a time when nearly two-thirds of European brand owners expect to purchase more labels2.

SATO Polska sp z o.o. Managing Director Krzysztof Peciak explained, “Positive air pressure facilities are rare in Europe and can benefit pharmaceutical, food and beverage and automotive customers by meeting the strict label production requirements of these industries.”

SATO Europe Head Tetsushi Kondo said, “With this major commitment, SATO provides customers and partners in Europe with world-class label production technology and demonstrates our long-term commitment to serving the region for years to come.”

The new plant is located in on the southwest outskirts of Wroclaw for ideal access to major highways linking central and eastern Europe. The SATO Group currently maintains sales offices and/or label production facilities in nine countries in the region including Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

1. Label & Narrow Web report

2. FINAT Radar Winter 2015 Label Volume Purchasing Projections for 2016

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Jun 2, 2016

SATO to Deliver Printer Ribbons Anywhere in Europe in Under 72 Hours

SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, has developed a new stock programme to enable customers throughout Europe to replace thermal transfer ribbons in less than 72 hours. The new SATO Ribbons Value Range, will be stocked at the company’s state-of-the-art European Central Logistics Centre in Wroclaw, Poland, which was opened to optimise customer service, logistics and deliveries.

 “For many businesses operating 24/7, from logistics to manufacturing, keeping downtime to a minimum is top of the agenda. With this in mind, being able to replace essential printer consumables as quickly as possible is key to ensuring that labelling processes run smoothly,” comments Benoit Gourlay, Product Manager Consumables at SATO Europe. “With unique expertise in consumables combined with efficient logistics operations, we are now ideally placed to quickly deliver high quality yet affordable printer ribbons to our European customers.”

 SATO designs and continuously tests its thermal transfer ribbons to ensure maximum printer performance and durability. The ribbons come in three different materials - resin, wax/resin and wax – depending on the customers’ needs.

 Resistant to most solvents, including alcohol, oils and fats, resin ribbons are ideal for asset labelling in demanding industries such as chemical and food processing. Wax/resin ribbons are resistant to some solvents and suitable for general-purpose applications, while wax ribbons offer a cost-effective solution for relatively rougher media surface printing.

 SATO’s ribbons are suitable for most label printers available on the market to ensure maximum interchangeability. They come in a variety of colours to match different media application needs.

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Jan 18, 2016

SATO Global Solutions Launches Revolutionary Retail IoT Solutions based on the Intel IoT Platform

SATO Global Solutions (SGS), an innovation integrator that develops comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions designed to unleash the power of data, has collaborated with Intel to develop a data-driven, end-to-end IoT platform that enables retailers to accelerate the commercial benefit of data and IoT with a new level of actionable insight.

The solution allows retailers to realise near 100% inventory accuracy while boosting workforce efficiency. Additionally, it enables digital engagement applications to bring cutting edge and innovative retail experiences to consumers.

“Integrating near-real-time inventory data and customer data opens up new possibilities—allowing retailers to provide highly personalised and effective services to customers. This may include everything from offering extra discounts to loyal customers on overstocked items to using digital signage to push sales based on trending data from social media,” said Michael Beedles, president of SATO Global Solutions, "We are excited to pioneer new products and services with Intel. As an ‘Innovation Integrator,’ SGS develops future-proof expandable platforms to leverage optimal technologies to address clients’ needs.”

“By using the new Intel Retail Sensor Platform, SATO Global Solutions can help deliver simple, affordable, effective inventory tracking and insight for retailers to improve consumer experiences and reduce operating costs solutions,” said Joe Jensen, VP, Intel Internet of Things Group General Manger, Retail Solutions Division.

The platform seamlessly integrates a range of retail technologies including RFID readers that track individual items in the store, the ability to leverage additional sensors with the Intel Retail Sensor Platform, a store-based gateway that gathers and filters data, a robust cloud platform and big data analytics. The SGS IoT platform integrates these components into a comprehensive retail solution that standardises the collection, storage, and analytics for store-based events involving inventory and customer interactions.

Designed to be future-proof and expandable, the solution leverages Intel’s industry-standard, open-software platform. It will allow retailers to host a full-suite of retail applications by integrating other sensor technologies as well as third party data or applications to meet their unique demands.

IoT innovations in store layout, automated checkouts, and inventory management are expected to have up to a $1.2 trillion impact for retailers worldwide by 2025*. This new SGS and Intel solution delivers higher ROI for retailers by tackling fundamental issues in inventory management to improve productivity, decrease running costs and increase sales.

“SATO and Intel are connecting the dots to make big data analytics a reality for retailers,” explained Kaz Matsuyama, president and CEO of SATO Holdings Corporation. "With our software and systems integration expertise, we fill in that essential ‘last inch’ for customers in the retail space linking IoT technologies and data analytics to provide actionable insights to improve productivity, cut costs and drive sales."

A sample application will be presented at the Intel booth during the National Federation of Retailers’ Big Show in NYC January 17-19, 2016. The solutions will be commercially available during the second quarter of 2016.

To further enhance the value for customers, SGS and Intel are part of the Acuitas Digital Alliance comprised of British Telecom, Nexgen and RetailNext that jointly aims to create a future-proof solution for the digital business era with additional capacities. Another application of SGS and the Intel solution will be presented at the British Telecom booth at NRF.

For more about SGS retail IoT solutions, please visit: and

For more information on SATO and its solutions please visit:

*Source: McKinsey & Company, “The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype”

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Nov 26, 2015

SATO launches industry-first NX standalone label printer platform

SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, announced a new embedded Application-Enabled Printing (AEP) feature for its CL4NX/CL6NX line of universal industrial printers. SATO and its AEP certified partners will offer custom-made applications to meet the varied needs of their customers.

AEP technology offers users a more flexible and cost-effective option for the printing of labels and tags. Through the next generation of smart printing, the NX Series can be a real problem-solving platform with great benefits in terms of ease-of-use, efficiency and cost-reduction. Customers can reduce the up-front investment and running costs as a PC is not essential for printing. AEP functionality saves space by eliminating the computer from the workplace.

The versatile feature will allow tailor-made applications for printing requirements in various industries to optimise the printing processes. It enables the use of common peripherals such as numeric keypads, USB keyboards and scanners for data input. Users can also print labels by querying printer-stored or external databases automatically.

“We aim to empower our customers by listening to them and adding the functionality they need,” said Kaz Matsuyama, CEO and President of SATO Holdings Corporation. “Our unique hands-on Genbaryoku approach (the pro-active understanding of our customers operations) allows us to bring user-friendliness and cost savings so this new AEP feature is a perfect example of how we apply this philosophy to deliver value to customers.”

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SATO (TSE:6287) is a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that connect people, goods and information. It serves a diverse range of customers, delivering end-to-end solutions that streamline operations, empower workforces and help customers reduce their environmental impact. Founded in 1940, SATO is publicly listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan. It has sales and support offices in over 20 countries and is represented globally through a world-class network of partners. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, it reported revenues of JPY 99,831 million (Euro 720 million*). More information about SATO can be found at or

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