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EuroShop 2017 hall map (Hall 15): stand C21

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Product categories

  • 04  Catering and hospitality equipment

Catering and hospitality equipment

  • 04  Catering and hospitality equipment
  • 04.02  Ovens
  • 04  Catering and hospitality equipment
  • 04.07  Rotisseries


  • 04  Catering and hospitality equipment
  • 04.10  Packaging machines

Packaging machines

Our products

Product category: Catering and hospitality equipment, Ovens, Rotisseries

CHEF 505

Electrical polyvalent cooking appliances
Chef line

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Product category: Catering and hospitality equipment, Ovens


Warming cabinets on wheels
For electrical chicken-spits with single spits movement

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Product category: Catering and hospitality equipment, Packaging machines

SDC 50

Packaging station with manual wrapping machine with teflon coated cutting edge and teflon coated welding plate

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About us

Company details

What does “Made in Italy” actually mean?
Let us leave stereotypes, like those banal images dating to the start of the last century of Italia-Spaghetti-Mandolino and even those of the 1980’s which identified us as the “Belpaese”, jet set fashion and famous designers. Let us explain it better: Spaghetti is Italy’s most beloved dish, and the elegance of Italian style is still imitated the world over, but there is so much more for which Italy should be known. Italy is one of the G8, a great industrial power: this should also be taken into consideration. If Italy’s great industries are relaunching themselves (the case of FIAT is being studied in major business universities all over Europe), the national network of prosperous smaller and medium sized businesses, often family owned and run, are, somehow, less attractive to the mass media even though they efficiently continue to be the bread and butter of the Italian economy. This is not right, because the public really should be made aware of the fundamental values which these businesses bring with them: employment, culture, research, environmental protection, and the sponsorship of sports teams and so many other events of local cultural importance. And, often, these are the very elements which keep our flag flying high with a mix of good taste, intelligence, love of detail and the very best traditions, that is internationally recognised as Italian Lifestyle. CB, in its own little way, is an example of this very concept.

That Italian cuisine is one of the very best in the world is a known fact. That the stress of everyday living forces people to eat out more often or buy ready-made food is just as well known. What is surprising is that we have not yet fallen into the junk food trap: Italy is still a land of restaurants, of little trattorias, quality self service establishments and delicatessens where you still find good healthy food at an affordable price. It is to these very services that our production is dedicated. My father, Pietro Colombo, founded this company with passion, and now, with the very same passion and enthusiasm, we carry it on, always careful of blending culinary innovation with tradition, always ready to meet the needs of our clients, open to suggestions and to satisfy specific requests. CB is our life, not just our profession. And, in the end, this is another aspect of Made in Italy.

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