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  • 02  Lighting


  • 02  Lighting
  • 02.01  Lights
  • 02.01.03  Lights for general or ambient lighting

Lights for general or ambient lighting

  • 02  Lighting
  • 02.01  Lights
  • 02.01.04  Façade lighting

Façade lighting

  • 02  Lighting
  • 02.03  Lighting planning and lighting systems

Lighting planning and lighting systems

  • 08  Stand construction & live marketing
  • 08.05  Furnishings
  • 08.05.09  Wall systems, ceiling systems

Wall systems, ceiling systems

Our products

Product category: Lighting, Lights for general or ambient lighting, Façade lighting, Lighting planning and lighting systems, Wall systems, ceiling systems


Homogeneous distribution of light, very low consumption ,light and slim design.

“FOLIO” panels. An innovative technology that allows to obtain a great performance in terms of very light power, smooth and homogeneous brightness in a 10mm. Thickness.

Cheaper than a lamp
In all dimensions available the light homogeneity is granted allowing a tolerance of 4% only. A great performance with a particolar interest in the environmental protection and energy saving.

Slim, Light and Resistant
In one centimeter thickness the “FOLIO” panel achieves incredibile results, a uniform light output, in such a limited thickness. The panel is externally protected by an aluminium shell that gives strength and easy handling in all possibile dimensions.
Perfect Homogeneity
As a result of a union between high quality materials and a particolar processing, FOLIO PANELS can supply a uniform illumination ever seen. In all dimensions available the light homogeneity is granted allowing a 4% tolerance only, differente imperceptible to the human eye.

Custom designed
All panels are customized according to customer needs, therfore it is possibile to manufacture each panel according to:
» Brightness intensity;
» Panel dimensions;
» Light type (coloured, warm white, cold white etc…)
» Panel thickness

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About us

Company details

Cifralluminio was founded in 1990 and developped its production in the field of advertising and visual communication. During its life Cifralluminio was partner for important projects in Italy.

The idea of diversify its production changing and investing in a new industry sector like led lighting system came from the fast market changes and customers demand

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