S.C. Graphtec Design S.R.L.

Aurel Vlaicu Nr.125, 900154 Constanta
Telephone +40 241 544818
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EuroShop 2017 hall map (Hall 3): stand E27

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EuroShop 2017 fairground map: Hall 3

Our range of products

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  • 06  POP Marketing
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Acrylic and plastic

Our products

Product category: POP Marketing

Product Showcase on Shelves

Shelves, unlimited realm with an explosive market in exposure of products is coming to our advantage.

These are the products most frequently requested by our customers and each of them has a different STORY behind.
In Graphtec Design every design is considering an express requirement of the product that is accomplished in design and then materialized in production, being located by the assembly/delivery teams  worldwide.
 POSM, shelves in a variety of designs and features from the simple ones with doors and shelves to the ones with electronic central locking, sensors and haloo lights present also in outline. All come to embellish the environmental design of all supermarket thus becoming the piece of resistance for all the massive exposures of products that are put in value due to the corresponding framing and lighting, with proper emphasis on the luxury range of each product category.  All these details make our delight in execution being the exclussive privilege of Graphtec Design company.
A company producing large series and having the capacity, equipment and knowledge to achieve a product within a prototype innovated in 2-3 weeks from its description in words, such a product certified  in accordance with the customer’s requirement, guaranteed and assured on the furniture market .
For the inspiration and delight of the devouring eyes of such beautiful and bright products specially created, we offer a wide range of display shelves already made and available in large series on the Romanian market and abroad, each one representing a life story.
You can order your own display shelves bearing the imprint of minimum 100 souls confident in their work!

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Product category: POP Marketing

Explanatory Islands Products

Graphtec Design as a manufacturer in the industry promotion, provide a unique beauty of these products that are so complex, but also allowing the product to have a form, a final single volume after their building which is done byestablishing elements as: external form, materials, colours, thermoformed items, printed pieces, illuminated parts and many others shown in the picture album Islands finally showing a product very different from one work to another, which enables you to customize any product to convey the message you desire.

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Product category: POP Marketing

Exhibition Stands

Manufacturer of exhibition stands from design, engineering, to installation in the country or abroad Graphtec Design has all the necessary technological equipment to serve any desire to achieve them.

 From the electrostatic or liquid painted metal structures to the specific material cladding stands and all accessories required for a complete and functional stand
 Exhibiting stands are customized to our customer demand and meet all required quality standards in quality management as accredited by international brand DNV GL – Business Assurance.

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About us

Company details

In short Graphtec Design is:
High manufactoring capacity for orders in large series
Mastery in achieving atypical products on request with innovation in content, quality and reliability
Customer support with specialized information throughout the order performing
It is certified for 8 years in quality management ISO 9001 by DNV GL (Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services GmbH) – Business Assurance
 Offers all types of services available in our area-all manufactured by ourselves with specialists whom we trust.
 Can and  knows how to do all types of products in this industry no matter how unusual or complicated they may seem
All  products benefit from warranty and compliance certificate
All products manufactured and marketed by us represent the quality of execution and commitment in the product’s lifetime
 Offers support for the technical project and advice to obtain the authorization for construction / installation works
The  products made by Graphtec Design are the result of the passionate inspirations and skills of 100 people confident in this activity!

In March 2016 we have 18 years of experience in this field, 18 years experience in hundreds of types of work, learning to overcome hundreds of different situations, all coming up to teach us something about how to move forward, pleased about us and our activity
Thank all our customers that we exist!

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