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  • 07  Retail technology

Retail technology

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.04  ERP, merchandise management
  • 07.04.02  Stock management softwre
  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.04  ERP, merchandise management
  • 07.04.03  Merchandise planning, forecasting

Merchandise planning, forecasting

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Product category: Stock management softwre

Demand profiling

For each article the correct predictive methodology and stock strategy needs to be applied, therefore it is important that articles are classified based on their historical demand pattern. Slim4 automatically detects and classifies articles with a normal, slow, regular or irregular demand pattern, whilst also basing classifications on the demand size per time interval and demand size per customer order. The combination of these classifications provides the best prediction methodology associated with each article. An article with high demand, which is aggregated for a variety of customer orders, must be predicted differently compared to the articles which only have a few customers purchasing larger orders.

Product classification
Furthermore the classification of a product also impacts the associated inventory strategy. An article which a customer buys in batches of ten, needs a different inventory strategy than an article which is purchased one at a time. The optimal forecasting methodology, combined with the appropriate inventory calculations results in the desired service being experienced.

The product classification, and subsequent automatic selection of the optimal forecasting and inventory method, is revised continuously and updated with the latest demand history. Slim4 automatically adjusts the classification and consequently notifies the user should a change occur. The stock planners are responsible for allocating their time and attention to such changes and phasing out the articles when required.

Assortment Management
Effective inventory management starts with the correct product portfolio. Which articles should be ranged is not only determined by the business strategy, but also by the individual performance of the articles. Silm4 provides the necessary information and therefore guidance when it comes to deciding which, and in what quantities, articles should be stocked in which location.

The 'best sellers' and 'the flops' in the range must be proactively controlled, especially where the phasing-in and phasing-out of articles is properly regulated. At both strategic and tactical levels, Slim4 provides the necessary information for effective range management allowing for decisions to be made such as whether an item should be stocked, or whether it should be ordered as a 'special'.

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Product category: Stock management softwre

Inventory Optimisation

The outcome of the forecasting process is integrated within the inventory management module, this ensures inventory optimisation at all times. The inventory module thereby automatically selects the correct inventory strategy for each item and location. Within Slim4 several strategies are possible, including continuous or periodic inventory, with a fixed or flexible order size, or even an optimised/calculated order size.

The right parameters
The inventory module dynamically determines the appropriate safety stock and reorder level. The module allows the user to manage and, if required, correct the essential parameters appropriate to organisations inventory policy e.g. the minimum order quantity or the desired service level. It is also possible to manage different types of stock, including presentation and customer specific stock.

The optimal order-level
The integration of the inventory module with forecasting and planning modules ensures that each product at each location has a dynamic stock-position and order-level. This ensures the right balance between working capital and service levels, by always having the right stock quantity at the right place at the right moment.

Always the right stock on every supply chain level
The Forecasting & Planning module within Slim4 makes it possible for the organisation to monitor and manage all purchase orders, thus ensuring that confirmed customer demand will always be on time and in the right quantity. The Forecasting & Planning module also accommodates open purchase orders and supplier conditions, such as a minimum order quantity or holiday closures, which is then moulded into the inventory planning. The information provided by Slim4 will act as an aid for excellent planning for purchasing, logistics and even finance.

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Product category: Merchandise planning, forecasting

Store replenishment

Slim4 is designed for inventory optimisation of the central warehouses as well as stores. The automatic replenishment functionality leads to the right stock at the right time in the right shop. Slim4 reduces the number of out-of-stocks in stores by 50% by taking into account local sales patterns combined with local or aggregated seasonality and trends. The result is a dynamic order level per store, which can change during the year.

Right stock: Statistical versus presentation
Slim4 calculates the optimal reorder point per day, per item and per location. The calculation is based on many factors, a few of which are: the order frequency, the lead time, the sales volatility, the required service percentage and the expected demand. Besides these statistics it takes into account a minimum or maximum presentation stock so that a good presentation remains secured.

Right time: Seasonal patterns and trends
Within retail many products show seasonal patterns and trends. It is important to balance stock levels in time. Slim4 takes into account both local and national trends and seasons.

Right shop: Forecast on article level at each location
Each item has a different sales pattern for each location. Slim4 therefore calculates differentiated inventory levels per item per store to cover the local forecast that takes into account seasonal patterns and local trends.

Product introductions
In general 25% of the obsolete articles are caused by a wrong first allocation. This is why it is extremely important for new items to have the right stock in stores from the start. Slim4 supports the allocation process with the ability to link items to a predecessor. In addition, based on dynamic allocation formulas and organisation specific business rules, the optimal initial supply is calculated per store.

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