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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management

Building service engineering and energy management

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.03  Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.06  Air curtain systems

Air curtain systems

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.10  Renewable energies (systems and equipment)

Renewable energies (systems and equipment)

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.12  Energy Management/Energy Monitoring

Energy Management/Energy Monitoring

Our products

Product category: Air curtain systems, Energy Management/Energy Monitoring

SensAir comfort air curtain

A new wave in climate separation
The SensAir has been developed to deliver greater comfort than a conventional air curtain whilst providing considerable energy savings. The SensAir air curtain, does not act as a barrier in the place of a door, its prime role is to reduce the amount of warm air leaving the building and condition the incoming air to a comfortable temperature. The SensAir air curtain delivers the right air flow and temperature at the right time automatically, reducing energy loss.

Intelligent control and monitoring
There are an extensive range of control options; touchscreen control (b-touch), remote monitoring and integration with a Building Management System (BMS). Connecting to a BMS is easy through a standard Modbus Protocol connection.

The flexibility in control means that whatever the conditions and whatever your control requirements the SensAir will conserve energy by not just keeping warm air inside the building and cold air outside but by intelligently using as little power as necessary.

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Product category: Renewable energies (systems and equipment)

Heat recovery

Efficient energy use
In order to meet energy saving trends, legislation for fresh air supply in buildings and our climate concept, Biddle has developed the HR heat recovery unit, which recovers waste heat from extract air coming from the building that would otherwise be lost to the outside. The heat recovery system brings fresh air into the building while recovering a significant amount of heat from the air being extracted. The Biddle heat recovery system recovers around 80% of the heat in the exhaust air, saving a significant amount of energy and CO2.

Complete climate concept
The HR heat recovery unit can be used as standalone in conjunction with a duct heater or as part of a complete Biddle climate system. It can be directly connected to:

  • NOZ2: energy-efficient air heater which provides comfort in large rooms
  • Comfort Circle: heating, cooling & ventilation combined in one ceiling cassette unit

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Product category: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

NOZ2 air heater

Energy efficient heat source brings comfort to large spaces
NOZ2 is an innovative re-modelling of the traditional unit heater, developed to address the heating and air distribution needs of warehouses and industrial buildings. NOZ2 features six adjustable nozzles that can be individually positioned to provide optimum air distribution. Using a technologically advanced ‘mixed flow’ fan air is discharged through the nozzles at high velocity, thus inducing movement of the surrounding air and resulting in improved mixing and temperature distribution.

Automatic heat where it is needed
When the NOZ2 is fitted with automatic controls it constantly maintains the set temperature. The new energy efficient (EC) fans have stepless control, which ensures the fan runs at the optimum speed. The NOZ2 energy efficiency is further enhanced by using the fans to provide destratification so that the warm air at ceiling level is re-used to automatically maintain a comfortable working environment at floor level. All this is achieved without any need for the user to adjust the controls.

NOZ2 Gas
The NOZ2 air heater is also available in a gas-fired version. The NOZ2 Gas contains a built-in gas burner that ensures that the heat is distributed.

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Product category: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Comfort Circle cassette unit

Spreading comfort
This cassette unit is the optimal heating, cooling and ventilation solution. The round discharge pattern ensures the indoor temperature is maintained constantly. With its stylish design and low noise level, this device is perfectly suitable for shops, showrooms, offices, reception rooms and computer rooms.

Space-efficient solution
The compact cassette unit has been specially designed to be built into a ceiling system. With a minimal installation height of about 30 cm, the device can easily be fitted above a lowered ceiling. Another advantage being that, it is also possible to suspend the device.

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Product category: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Fan coils

Fan coils are one of the most popular types of air conditioning systems used in new build and refurbished commercial premises. The fan recirculates air from the space continuously through the coil(s) either directly or via the void in which the fan coil is located. A separate chiller provides chilled water and a central air handling unit provides tempered fresh air. The majority of fan coil installations use ceiling void mounted units, although a significant number of projects specify vertical chassis/recessed or cased units.

Biddle have a variety of fan coil ranges, comprising various sizes and styles of unit, suitable for different applications and type of project.

  • relatively low capital equipment cost
  • comparatively small in size
  • offer individual control
  • flexible to cater for changes in use of office space, partitioning etc.

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Biddle climate solutions

About us

Company details

The Biddle name has been associated with heating and innovation since 1929, and has had its UK manufacturing base in Nuneaton since 1946. The company’s factory in the Netherlands was purchased in 1965, and throughout the 1990s sales offices were opened in France, Germany, Belgium and Canada. Within the building services industry the Biddle name is recognised and respected as a leading European business specialising in the supply of high performance and ‘engineered to last’ heating, ventilation, air heater and air curtain products and solutions.

All products are designed by our engineers, following rigorous programmes of research and development, using state-of-the-art software. Nationwide customer support and technical back-up is provided by a team of people who are skilled in providing solutions specific to each customer’s requirements. Our external sales team regularly conduct free site surveys.

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