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Product category: LED lamps

Your lighting becomes more intelligent with LED IQ. Added value through lighting management.

Lighting makes the sales room the stage for your products. Different needs can be intelligently supported thanks to customised lighting solutions.
In this case things often depend on the balance between automated interventions in the lighting situation and the individual freedoms. Lighting which changes as regards the colour temperature or intensity can hence produce different lighting effects and heighten the customers’ attention.

Luminaires with LED IQ can with effect as from now be quite easily integrated into your intelligent building control system and in that way become a smart building block in your sales strategy.

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Product category: Lighting planning and lighting systems

Human Centric Lighting – The right light at the right time

Light is used not only for visual orientation. Certain wavelengths which are present in light also influence physiological processes such as concentration and performance, the hormonal waking/sleeping rhythm and the general feeling of well-being. Or put differently: HCL ensures that we feel well!

With its emotional effect light is an effective instrument of sales promotion. The range extends in this case from complex scene setting with lighting for a luxury label to the cool and business-like lighting concept for the textile discounter. Both produce emotional experience areas although with different orientations: the arousing of positive feelings such as, for example, "the particular, the unique“ is hence successful in that way just as is the creation of a tension curve like "bargain hunting".

HCL has three aspects that are in a close, reciprocal web of interrelationships with one another: the visual, non-visual and emotional lighting effect. They are not to be considered in isolation from one another, even if one individual aspect can – depending on the objective – become emphasized.

Correctly used HCL is always adapted to the user's respective needs. At the same time, frequently several paths lead to the goal. Lighting that, for example, attracts attention via the visual effect, can also be highly emotional. Well-founded knowledge about HCL is therefore essential for planning. Oktalite therefore provides customized solutions with maximum light and lighting quality for every task, but also the necessary advice know-how. Why not profit from that?

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Product category: Lights for general or ambient lighting

LED UP – more light, lower energy consumption

Remarkable efficiency increases by up to 32 % thanks to new LED generation
Now also more efficient: special lighting colours for food

More light with the same wattage and hence increased efficiency makes our products even more powerful. The luminaires marked with “UP“ have already been changed over to the latest LED generation for white light, so that you can profit from the markedly increased efficiency. Our novelties in the portfolio have naturally been directly provided with the latest technology.

What factors make our luminaires so efficient?
UP is the result of the interplay of powerful LED modules, sophisticated thermal management, highly reflective reflectors as well as reliable supply units. All of the components are subject to constant checking and renewal so that you are provided with the best and most efficient lighting.

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