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Product category: Management information systems, Time-tracking systems, Workforce management systems


Feature packed EAM and mobile workforce monitoring app
Tracking the attendance of a remote or mobile workforce is seamless and stress free with FaciliTime™. Our groundbreaking electronic attendance monitoring (EAM) solution couples high-tech functionality with a simply works approach.

Why Choose FaciliTime™?
An estimated six million people in the UK work alone or without direct supervision, in a number of industries and across every corner of the country. Whether you are a home care provider, a construction company, a commercial or domestic cleaning business or operate in any one of a number of other industries, FaciliTime™ is intuitively designed to help ease the duty of care and administration tasks involved with managing workers at remote locations.

Each feature is designed with a single aim in mind – to help mangers, administrators and stakeholders to track the attendance of a remote or mobile workforce.

How it Works
FaciliTime™ is feature rich yet reassuringly simple to use by using a variety of methods including NFC, SMS and IVR amongst others means. FaciliTime™ is the only solution to provide employees with enough different options that as an employer you will always be able to see a completely accurate view of hours worked and overall attendance.

Electronic Attendance Monitoring Benefits
EAM offers substantial cost and time savings compared with traditional paper-based time card tracking. FaciliTime™ eliminates human error and ensures that employees are only paid for the time they have worked.

The system adapts to suit your needs – timesheets can be checked or processed weekly, monthly, by a custom date range or by specific employee.  The system also lets you see in real time who is logged into remote sites and where employees are at any given time.

FaciliTime™ eliminates the remote workforce’s ability to claim for unapproved or unauthorised fraudulent overtime by ensuring the location of staff is correct at the time of clocking in/out. It also empowers you to implement strict controls on overtime without affecting existing workloads, for greater cost control and payroll efficiencies.

As a smart, automated time and attendance solution, FaciliTime™ reduces HR pressure and does the heavy lifting for payroll processing – it will effortlessly complete the work of several people with increased speed and accuracy.  Discrepancies, disputes and time spent on supervision are also reduced.

FaciliTime™ has additional compliance and health and safety benefits and will provide a safeguard for lone workers by raising an alert when members of staff fail to log in or log out.  It will send a SMS message to a dedicated mobile number to ensure speedy and appropriate action.

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