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  • 03.02  Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

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Product category: Refrigeration systems, Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

BITZER Condensing Units complying with the EU Ecodesign Regulation 2015/1095

The EU Ecodesign Regulation 2015/1095 for condensing units and process chillers for medium and low temperature application will go into effect in July 1, 2016, while the MEPS requirements (= Minimum Energy Performance Standards) will again be intensified significantly in July 2018.

BITZER has already implemented the necessary measures at an early stage in order to comply with or even exceed the efficiency criteria. For deliveries from the effective date, the (CE) Declaration of Conformity as well as supplementary documents for all product series will be available for download.

Read more about BITZER condensing units in connection with the EU Ecodesign Regulation 2015/1095 in the link below.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems, Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

BITZER is HFO-ready

Refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP) are becoming more and more important in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Europe and beyond. And this trend will only accelerate over the next several years. BITZER is therefore not only further developing its compressors and condensing units for use with natural refrigerants such as CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons and HFO/HFO blends, but also adapting its service to meet current requirements. BITZER has also promoted the qualification and documentation of its semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors, its condensing units and its water cooled condensers with HFO/HFO blends. BITZER’s reciprocating compressors, semi-hermetic and compact screw compressors, and scroll compressors for series application are currently HFO ready. BITZER’s CSH and CSW series have been approved for the R1234yf, R1234ze(E), R513A and R450A refrigerants since the beginning of 2016. BITZER has also further developed the ECOSTAR LHV5E and LHV7E condensing units with integrated ECOLINE VARISPEED reciprocating compressors. For instance, the LHV7E requires less refrigerant than its predecessor. BITZER has also optimised the LHV5E and LHV7E models in accordance with the F-gas Regulation and the EU’s Ecodesign Directive, and approved them for HFO/HFO blends.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems, Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

Efficient capacity controls for cost savings

Each application is unique, which is why BITZER refrigeration compressors, like the capacity controls, are specially tailored for specific requirements. With the CRII capacity control, the intelligent VARIPACK frequency inverters and the VARISPEED compressors, BITZER can offer several options – users can select the appropriate technology for their application. Both mechanical capacity control and capacity control based on speed adjustment have their specific benefits under the prevailing operating conditions. 
Frequency inverters fundamentally have a soft start characteristic combined with low starting currents when starting the compressor. What’s more, they don’t work in stages and are therefore the optimal solution in terms of control, as the desired evaporation temperature can be selected with the utmost precision. If part-load operation is the primary mode, systems with an electronic frequency inverter are more efficient than mechanical systems due to limited switch cycles. A disadvantage compared to mechanical capacity control: the investment costs for electronic frequency inverters are somewhat higher.

CRII: the inexpensive path to optimised capacity control
The CRII mechanical capacity control, which BITZER developed from its predecessor, the CR capacity control, is the entry-level model and an inexpensive variant. Now it boasts much fewer control deviations and a much larger range of control. Compared with compressors operated with frequency inverters, the CRII achieves somewhat lower efficiency levels in the lower part-load range and, despite the high switching frequency, poor control quality. However, this is of little importance when it comes to systems with several compressors and large-volume cooling positions. The modulation range for two, four and six-cylinder compressors is between 10 and 100 per cent and, for eight-cylinder compressors, between 50 and 100 per cent. One of the benefits of the CRII capacity control: electromagnetic compatibility is not an issue and the mechanical solution has no influence on network quality in buildings.

VARIPACK: flexible and simple
In combination with BITZER reciprocating compressors, VARIPACK frequency inverters are the flexible solution that can be used in just about any application. Specially developed by BITZER for use in refrigeration and for operation with refrigeration compressors, the external frequency inverters are particularly suitable for simple and reliable capacity control. BITZER software enables application-specific selection of the frequency inverter, whilst the BEST (BITZER Electronics Service Tool) software promotes simple operation and monitoring. Stored databases allow for complete, straightforward configuration of each compressor simply by selecting the compressor model and refrigerant. The new products offer reliability and convenience due to optimal coordination with BITZER refrigeration compressors. With its modular design, the VARIPACK series achieves a high degree of flexibility and opens up a wide spectrum of variants for a large range of applications in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and food production and processing centres. The series is suitable for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps and can be integrated into both systems with single compressors and compound systems.

VARISPEED: the compact solution
The VARISPEED product series is the most simple frequency inverter solution for small and medium-sized reciprocating compressors, as it represents a compact, reliable and convenient option: the suction gas-cooled frequency inverter and the compressor form a compact unit and all the components are factory mounted, making separate installation a thing of the past. The components are fully wired, optimised for EMC – refrigeration and air conditioning engineers don’t have to put any thought into mounting or the frequency inverter and motor wiring. Due to their special design, VARISPEED compressors can be operated at a frequency of up to 87 Hz. However, the VARISPEED series is not available for all BITZER ECOLINE compressors and the frequency inverters have limitations when it comes to the maximum evaporation and suction gas temperature. VARISPEED compressors are therefore not the first choice when it comes to many heat pump applications.

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Mar 2, 2017

EuroShop 2017: New energy efficient ECOSTAR condensing units already comply with the Ecodesign Directive for 2018

Düsseldorf/Sindelfingen, 05.03.2017. At the EuroShop trade fair from 5 to 9 March, on stand D65 (hall 17), compressor specialist BITZER is presenting its new ECOSTAR condensing units.

With the ECOSTAR LHV5E and LHV7E, BITZER has developed two air cooled and particularly energy efficient series of condensing units. The new ECOSTAR series clearly exceeds the specifications in the EU Ecodesign Directive thus offering users long-term planning security. From July 2018 the minimum efficiency performance standards (MEPS) requirements will become much more strict. This is why BITZER has taken early action to not just meet these strict efficiency criteria but even to exceed them. 
Another advantage of the ECOSTAR condensing units is that their outstanding energy efficiency quickly pays for itself in the face of rising electricity prices. Low noise and reliable operation, ease of installation and use as well as their low maintenance are further distinguishing features of the LHV5E and LHV7E units.

An efficient solution for every application
With the new ECOSTAR LHV5E and LHV7E series, BITZER is also significantly enlarging its range of air cooled condensing units and now has the right solution in its range for every problem. Users can choose between three models of the LHV5E and from ten models of the larger LHV7E. Both series of condensing units have an improved mini-channel condenser, which means they need less refrigerant charge, while at the same time being more efficient than their predecessors.

The new ECOSTAR condensing units also have electronically commutated fans to save lots of electricity with the latest generation of active PFC monitoring. Users can smoothly adjust the speed and power of the fans and of the integrated ECOLINE VARISPEED compressor. In this way it is possible to operate with optimised energy requirements with a low number of switching cycles. The new condensing units also boast a reliably long useful life and low maintenance requirements. Devices can be quickly installed on-site thanks to the control electronics being factory-wired, making them immediately ready-to-operate. The ECOSTAR’s integrated controller automatically adjusts the compressor speed as well as the fans to match the actual cooling load, i.e. the ambient temperature, making the overall system especially efficient. Using the BITZER Electronics Service Tool (BEST) users can also adjust the characteristic curves for unusual applications via Bluetooth.

Flexible range of options
Depending on the choice of model, the condensing units are designed for use with the refrigerants R134a, R404A, R507A, R407A, R407C and R407F, so that BITZER can cover a wide range of applications. Additional refrigerants with a low global warming potential (GWP), for example R448A, R449A, R450A and R513A have already been programmed into the firmware so that they are available on request. With their robust and corrosion-resistant housing, the systems can be used outdoors, due to their compact size they can just as well be used in smaller equipment rooms. As the running noise is particularly low thanks to the integrated sound absorber and the noise-optimised airflow, the condensing units are suitable for use in locations sensitive to noise such as in a hotel courtyard. The integrated winter start feature allows the compressor to be started even at cold times of year when the ambient temperature falls below the saturated suction temperature.

Control made easy
Users can control and monitor the new ECOSTAR condensing units remotely via an Ethernet LAN connection or via the Internet and a Modbus RTU. In addition, BITZER has added a menu for the LHV5E and LHV7E to the latest version of its free BEST Software so that they can also be controlled like this. Using Bluetooth 4.0 the ECOSTAR unit can also be operated using the password protected controller from a distance of 30 m if in line of sight. Manual control and monitoring is also possible via the LCD display in the controller’s housing. With the help from a new function in the current firmware, up to four ECOSTAR condensing units can be connected via Modbus. They then form an ECOSTAR control network and, working ideally together, the temperature of a cold store can be controlled without their refrigerant circuits having to be connected.

Improved software means more protection
The ECOSTAR condensing units’ optimised software provides a number of improvements. Thanks to the updated emergency mode, the compressors and fans will continue to work at the same speed even if the sensors fail. If sensors only fail sporadically, e.g. due to a loose contact, then the emergency mode will automatically be deactivated. If the sensors work normally again, the unit will continue to work independently.

Also, frequency ranges can be skipped without the need for a BEST converter thanks to the improved avoidance of resonances. The update now enables the external access to be configured. An optional alarm signal can be set that sounds whenever the external enable is disabled.

In the new night mode, the firmware also limits the maximum speed of the compressor and the fans so that operating noise lies below 45 db(A) (-10 °C/32 °C/20 °C R134a). Declarations of conformity and supplementary performance datasheets corresponding to EU requirements are available on the BITZER web site for the ECOSTAR condensing units. These documents can also be generated using the BITZER software.

Link to the BITZER software:

 Link to the BEST software:

The BITZER Group is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors with sales companies and production sites for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors as well as heat exchangers and pressure vessels all over the globe. In 2015, 3,400 employees generated sales of €686 million.

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The BITZER Group is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors with sales companies and production sites for reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors as well as condensing units and pressure vessels all over the globe. BITZER products enable exceptional eco-efficient cooling systems and are designed for the latest low GWP refrigerants like CO2, HFO/HFO blends, ammonia and hydrocarbons.

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