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Decorating and visual merchandising services

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Our products

Product category: Decorating and visual merchandising services, POP Marketing, Temporary displays


In order to transplant design motives, AIR DISPLAY© basis plates, sized 30 x 30 cm, can be screwed, nailed or sticked on every ground, whereby these basic plates can be broken or sawed according to the support material. Also roundness or other motives can be cut off the basic plates with a saw.

Particularly V100 space-wood plates, 12 or 16 mm of weatherproof glued plywood panels
(Douglas fire) can be used for this purpose. Both materials can be impregnated through
two-sided painting of dark-coloured wood impregnated agents against weather influence.

It will be recommended for simplification of this method to construct the support material in handy measures, divisible through 30 cm, for example 90 x 120 cm, 120 x 180 cm. By this means the motives could be prepared accordingly and could then be mounted in a short time without any problems.

For transposition of motives a dimensional drawing should be done, that means, each screen dot should be seen on the screen, for example when transferring on graph paper each screen dot will be one mm 2,1 cm² will be a basic plate with 100 screen dots exactly. Also a transposition of a copy with overhead projector will be possible. It has to be observed that each foil screen dot will be registered and presented in order to get al clear character.

On larger design surfaces the action picture can be shown exactly, on smaller design surfaces the screen dots must be installed very detailed to ob ain an accurate picture.

Through the frame field of the motive and fixing of each screen dot the transposition of a
Motive can be realised. When combining AIR DISPLAY© with design elements of letters you can reach an optimal and efficient advertising effect also for smaller motives.

Very detailed designs as products, bottles, foods, machine parts and any other, that practically are shown on a photo or as colour printing, can be executed on plastic, acrylic glass or metal grounds and installed on AIR DISPLAY© ground with holders. Also characters of plastic or aluminium letters can be mounted on AIR DISPLAY© surfaces with holders.

On the other hand, motives, letters or writing elements can be transferred by silk screen process on AIR DISPLAY©. The discs will be sticked on in one colour of the sign, for example, in rose on a 1 : 1 screen foil and then be printed by silk screen process. Then the disc will be taken off the foil and picked up directly on AIR DISPLAY© basic plates.

By this mean it is possible to facsimile smaller advertising boards completely with

In order to amortizing the costs of silk screen process this procedure for smaller surfaces should be used only up to 10 pieces.

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Product category: Decorating and visual merchandising services, POP Marketing, Temporary displays


highly profitable advertising
Wether at heavyly-trafficked intersections, stadiums or signposts
BWS' MULTIPRISMS© billboards represent a highly profitable advertising medium. The advertising space is multiplied by three (Trivision = three surfaces) or six (Sixvision = six surfaces).
Rapid mounting and dismounting of messages (30% more timesaving!).

Trivision BWS billboard with 20 plates per side
Customized advertising

German-designed MULTIPRISMS© vanes made of reinforced compounded aluminium offer:
1. Thick metal frames to guarantee sturdiness and durability.
2. Wide surface area plates (148 mm) to facilitate cutting and mounting (saving up to 30%).
3. Location of the motor at the vane's apex makes maintenance and repair a snap.
4. Plates attached the length of the vane thanks to BWS' unique aluminium strips prevents slipping.

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Product category: Decorating and visual merchandising services, POP Marketing, Temporary displays

TRIA© - Systems

 2 x 2 = 12! That's right, there's no mistake!
TRIA© : 4 panels x 3 sides 12 possibilities
Mounting's a snap.

Nothing could be simpler!

Momentary pause on each image before the next...
Maximum impact!
Internal lighting povides night time illumination...

Guaranteed effect!

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About us

Company details

 Number one for customized advertising and motion displays

BWS-Germany, the German manufacturing specialist of innovative communications media, is located in the heart of Germany, in KASSEL. There it designs large-scale moving publicity media, such as rotating billboards, as well as compact models for shop display.
Today with 25 years experience in the production for decoration and indoor, outdoor advertising, BWS-Germany counts numerous railway-stations, airports, TV productions, theatres, shops and point of sales in the world.
The high quality of BWS's products is know around the world.

To sell successfully your product and service.

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