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  • 03  Refrigeration systems
  • 03.01  Refrigeration cabinets, deep-freeze units
  • 03.01.02  Deep-freeze units cabinets (shelves, island units, chests)

Deep-freeze units cabinets (shelves, island units, chests)

  • 03  Refrigeration systems
  • 03.01  Refrigeration cabinets, deep-freeze units
  • 03.01.03  Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units
  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.01  POS/POP displays
  • 06.01.04  Permanent displays

Permanent displays

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.06  Advertising materials
  • 06.06.03  Promotional merchandise

Promotional merchandise

  • 10  Reference projects
  • 10.04  Solutions for gastronomy

Our products

Product category: Refrigeration systems

Advertising Display Cooler - double door - white- 980 liters

Exactly where well cooled products are consumed or buyed the Advertising Display Cooler with nearly 1.000 l filling volume is the best choice! Behind the 2 double doors the goods are tempered between 0 and 10 degress. The fluorescent display helps you to attract attention and thereby to increase your sales figures.

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Commercial Circulating Air Refrigerator - GCGD800

Sturdy glass door refrigerator – ideal for cooling beverages!

You’re looking for first rate commercial glass door refrigerators? Food retail, gas station or cantina: This commercial refrigerator held in a sturdy black design will certainly meet your needs!

Glass door refrigerator: optimal cooling thanks to state-of-the-art refrigeration technology

With its generous gross capacity of 850 liters, this glass door refrigerator offers plenty of space for a wide variety of beverages. To serve them up with a refreshing crisp temperature, this beverage refrigerator is equipped with a convection cooling system and even automated defrosting. The temperature range of 0 °C to 10 °C can be controlled with the manual temperature control.

Commercial refrigerator – functional, flexible & mobile
Let us convince you with our unbeatable sales pitch, which will benefit your business!
Your advantages at a glance:

- 10 height-adjustable grated racks: flexible sorting of beverage bottles and cans
-  4 mobility castors: effortlessly move the glass door refrigerator from A to B
-  2 castors with brakes: ensuring a solid stance
-  Integrated lock: glass door can be locked, protecting from unauthorized access

Modern glass double doors combined with integrated LED lighting ensure optimal presentation of your products. The Commercial Circulating Air Refrigerator GCGD800 is one of the few large refrigerator models on the market where the glass doors reach almost all the way to the floor. Thus, it affords you an ideal presentation platform for your products. Give your patrons the motivation to buy!

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Product category: Refrigeration systems

Circulating Air Commercial Refrigerator - GCGD400

The GCDGD400 commercial refrigerator is the ideal refrigerator to keep beverages icy cold and within reach of customers. Its slim, yet robust appearance also makes the circulating air fridge ideal to place in smaller checkout areas such as in filling stations, refreshment stands and small grocery stores. 

With these refrigeration units Gastro-Cool specifically targets businesses where speed of service is of the essence and the customer is in a hurry. The glass double door and the powerful LED interior lighting set the stage to make it easy for the customer to reach for the ice-cold beverage of their choice. With a volume of 425 l and 5 adjustable grid shelves, the right product can easily and strategically be positioned at eye level to raise the buying interest of the customer. Circulating air cooling ensures a constant temperature, which can be manually regulated. Soft drinks, beer or beer mix drinks are in quick reach of your customers. Four wheels (two of them lockable) allow you to effortlessly move the circulating air commercial refrigerator to a new location. When not in use, the refrigerator can be locked with the built-in lock.

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Advertising Bottle Cooler - ELDC300XL

Use a maximum cooling volume even in case of minimal space. Our "volme giant" just needs an area of 62 x 62 cm but offers a huge cooling volume of 300 liters. The 4 adjustable shelves help to divide up the interior. Due to the immense volume sufficient beverages are available at any time.

The fluorescent cab offers a big advertising area that enable an increase of your sells and your product marketing.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems

Slimline Advertising Display Cooler - GCDC110

Gastro-Cool offers you a 2-in-1 solution for the PoS, since the promotional display refrigerator combines cooling and product marketing in a single piece of equipment. The fridge, suitable for cans and for bottles, provides ample capacity (105 l) and is space-efficient at the same time because of its slender shape. The illuminated promotion display supports both your product marketing and sales.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems

Countertop Displaycooler - GCDC80

The countertop promotion cooler is an ideal incentive for beverage companies to present to their best customers. The body as well as the illuminated top can be individually branded. Ideally suited for any countertop because of its compact measurements, the illuminated refrigerator has a glass front, which makes an appealing presentation of the beverage selection very easy. In short, this countertop is your best choice when it comes to promotion and display.

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Narrow beverage refrigerator with glass door - GCGD305

The extra narrow bottle refrigerator with glass door was designed specifically for beverage cooling on the smallest of sales floor space. With its compact width of 45 cm, it belongs to our newly developed slimline refrigerator series which has been designed with the new market needs of food retailers, refreshment stands and fueling stations in mind. Studies have shown that sales areas, in particular at the POS, are increasingly smaller.

But with our GCGD305, which is 70cm deep and 185 cm high, you can still stock a large number of beverages, both bottles and cans, into this narrow fridge.  It has a net volume of 280l allowing you plenty of space for chilling and displaying your drinks.

Your merchandise is optimally showcased by the glass door, the separate switchable LED interior lighting and the eye-catching advertising "Enjoy your beverage ice cold". With these three factors for success, your customers will immediately want a chilled beverage.

Our narrow black drinks fridge was designed to make daily handling as simple as possible. The refrigerator is easy to stock, the grid shelves are adjustable in height and the interior is made of easy-to-clean plastic. Plus, the manual temperature control makes it easy to regulate the temperature of the drinks. The glass door refrigerator chills beverages from 0 to 10 degrees C and comes with an automatic defrost function.  The compact drinks fridge is also available in white and black.

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Product category: Solutions for gastronomy

Bag-In-Box Wine Cooler - 3x10 liters - GCBIB110

Offer your wine on tap comfortably and profitably with the new Bag-in-Box (BiB) wine cooler. You can serve your guests a choice of 3 perfectly tempered wine. Chilling red, white and rosé wines at the same time is easy because of the different temperature zones within the fridge. The wines come in 10 liter boxes for individual serving. The BiB cooler is cost-efficient in many ways: BiB units come at a lot less than regular wine bottles, besides, you have less expenses for storage. The waste is absolutely minimal, as BiB bags shrinks when emptied. Once opened, the wine will stay fresh for 3 months, as it is vacuum-packed.

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Party-Cooler / Can Cooler - GCPT75

Increase impulse purchases with the compact can fridge. Its unusual barrel shape and stylish design will certainly attract your customers' attention. Obviously, this high-profile 73 liter cooling device is available with individual branding for even more efficient sales promotion.  Compact in shape and fitted with 4 transporting wheels, it is easy to move, and therefore flexible to use. The beverages are stored in 2 baskets which make it very easy to take out the products.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems

Shallow impulse fridge – GCGD15

Our GCGD15 shallow impulse fridge helps you to increase the number of spontaneous purchases at the POP (Point of Purchase).

If you only have limited space available in your second display area or in the checkout area, then our GCGD15 is just about the ideal solution for you. Its sleek dimensions of 30 x 60 x 48 cm (H x W x D) allow the shallow fridge to fit into even the smallest store shelf.

Sales psychologists put the number of impulse purchases in retail trade at between 30% and 60% of turnover. But how do you entice customers to buy a new beverage brand or a chilled soft drink? How and where do you stimulate the urge the best?

The most likely place where impulse purchases, also known as impulse buying, are generated is in the checkout area, busy aisles or passages or as a cross-selling product on the store shelf. Of course, the products on the shelf must belong to the same or an associated product group. When a customer is stocking up on chips and chocolates for a movie night at home, the chances are that he also reaches for the beverages placed right next to it. Of course, the shallow fridge is not only for use in a supermarket, it is also at home in the counter area of bars and restaurants, or in the checkout area of filling stations or refreshment stands. After all, the body of the fridge is sturdy enough to conveniently place a small till, cups, glasses or bottle opener on it without taking up more space.

The shallow fridge is fitted with interior LED lighting that can be turned on and off independently to attractively present your properly chilled drinks through the glass door. This allows the customer to see what is offered straightaway and the urge for a chilled beverage is immediately triggered. The temperature range of the fridge is 0 to 10 degrees. You can easily set the cooling temperature to suit your needs using the manual temperature controller. This is located at the back of the cooling unit together with the light switch.

The impulse fridge is available in black and silver.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems, Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Small glass-doored POS refrigerator – GCGD8

Sales and advertising areas at the Point of Sale (POS) are getting smaller every year. As such, brands and products are increasingly competing for the small amount of space at the POS.
What is the best way to stand out from the crowd here? What is the best way to have space assigned to your new drinks brand?

We asked ourselves these and similar questions, and in the end decided to specialise in the manufacture and sale of drinks refrigerators with an advertising component.

Our answer to this question is that you should choose the small GCGD8 glass-doored refrigerator for sale at your POS. Thanks to its slender dimensions of 50.5cm x 23 cm x 49cm (H x B x D) the refrigerator for the chilling of drinks fits at the POS even in the smallest of sales areas or counters. Its unusual design ensures that the glass-doored refrigerator is a genuine eye-catcher. You can enhance this effect further through individual branding.

Although the plug & play advertising refrigerator with its 15-litre capacity is not particularly large, you don't have to forego the usual convenience of Gastro-Cool products. The air-circulating refrigerator cools to temperatures ranging from 0°C to 10°C. Your drinks bottles or cans are not "just" cooled, but, thanks to the glass door and the integrated interior lighting, they are also appropriately presented. In addition, you have the option to freely organise your chilled goods as there is a shelving rack included in the scope of delivery.

The GCGD8 is available in black and silver.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems

Can Dispenser Cooler – 250, 330 or 500 ml - GCAP50-250

The can dispenser cooler with its innovative design can accommodate 48 250-ml-cans or 30 330 ml-cans or 30 500-ml-cans. Due to the special QuickIn fast fill technology, you can stock the fridge in a matter of 40 seconds, and empty it in mere 35 seconds with the special QuickOut technology. 

The first in / first out principle guarantees that the oldest can will be taken out first, thereby minimizing the risk of expiration. 

Since there are no doors, there is next to no temperature loss, and the fridge works as energy-efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. At Gastro-Cool, we only use the CFC and HCFC free cooling substance R600a. 

This fridge GCAP50 is designed in different models for cans of 250 ml or 500 ml, and can not be used for any other product - however, modifications are possible. Just ask us! The temperature range lies between 2 °C and 10 °C.

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About us

Company details

Commercial cooling – effective & efficient!

Gastro-Cool developes, produces and distributes innovative and requirement-orientated coolers nationally and internationally. As one of the leading supplier of efficient and cost-effective cooling systems, Gastro-Cool supports you to market your products successfully in retail trade and gastronomy. Our competent team develops tailor-made cooling solutions for you to enable effective implementation of your campaigns and increased sales figures.

 We adapt to the market needs and act as a trendsetter in customized cooling systems. In the food retail trade sales and advertising areas are getting smaller. Therefore Gastro-Cool developed a new slim line cooler series. Our claim is to present your brands and products individually at the POS while helping you stay on budget. Using environmentally friendly coolants has long since been a matter of course for us. Numerous services complement our offering, making you even more flexible and simplifying your day-today work.

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