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Product categories

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management

Building service engineering and energy management

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.03  Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Our products

Product category: Building service engineering and energy management

Product Control Unit ECO Smart IC

ECO Smart IC ensures a simple and comfortable operation! This control and operating unit, which has been specially developed for MultiCross systems, makes it easy for you to choose all the key settings. Select operating mode, temperature or desired operating time.

In order to ensure a customer-friendly commissioning the ECO SMART IC is specifically preconfigured in our factory for each customer system. During the commissioning of the heat recovery unit customers only need to enter the set values, speeds and switching times to suit their individual requirements.


All value-added factors at a glance

›› Room unit for on-site operation
›› Operation unit (HMI) for commissioning and functional extension
›› Factory pre-programmed and pre-configured control
›› User-friendly menu navigation
›› Expansion Module m1 BACnet interface (pre-programmed) – optional
›› Remote maintenance via TCP/IP – optional
›› Control options: CO2 / pressure constant or volume flow constant control
›› Software updates via SD card

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Product category: Building service engineering and energy management

Products Systems Series GS-HSmall

GS - Counter-Flow Heat Exchanger
VK - Connection Type H = Horizontal Small
V - 1200m³/h - 5000m³/h
EC - EC Motor Technology
Compact ventilation system with heat recovery and vertical air conduction
The heat recovery unit Multicross® uses energy efficient components with high efficiency levels and ensures cost-effective and economical operation.

All value-added factors at a glance

›› energy-saving EC Motor Technology
›› High-efficiency plate heat exchanger for heat recovery efficiency of up to 90%
›› Compact design
›› Plug & Play technology
›› 100% Summer bypass
›› Intelligent Control Components
›› Smart accessories
›› Reliable customer service
Suitable for the efficient ventilation of:
residential complexes, hotels, schools, restaurants, nurseries, offices, conference rooms, sales areas

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Product category: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Products Compact Systems Series MultiTLS EC

Select between 2 options:
Lamella Air Outlet System
Jetflow Outlet Nozzle
A Classic System for Shops – Individual, Innovative, Energy-Efficient
Select between 2 options:
Lamella Air Outlet System
The lamella air outlet system is the most frequently used of our outlet systems; it consists of one or more adjustable, drop-shaped aluminium lamellas. The blow-out direction is individually adjustable by changing the angles of the individual lamellas. The lamellas generate a one-directional, low-turbulence air jet over the entire length of the unit.

This outlet system is deployed in standard situations with normal heating and shielding requirements.

Jetflow Outlet Nozzle
The new and optimized Jetflow outlet nozzle is characterized by the adjustability of its blow-out angle into multiple positions and for the adaptive asymmetric cross section of its nozzle. The carefully selected asymmetric adjustability of the Jetflow air guides results in the following special advantages:

›› Up to 40% reduction of energy consumption
›› Evenly guided, long-range air stream
›› Low noise emission
›› Significantly optimized shielding performance in critical situations
›› Longer air conduction resulting in more stable air quality
›› The nozzle cross section adapts to the blow-out angle
›› Flexible, tool-free adjustment of the blow-out angle

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About us

Company details

Frank Reimann
Certified engineer for technical building services, specialized in the field of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC).

Frank has been engineering and planning HVAC systems since 1995 and, since 2000, has worked as sales manager and managing director for companies which manufacture, produce and sell HVAC systems.

Frank stands out by actually doing where others are just talking.

Peter Kraus

Peter is a mechanical engineer and TÜV Rheinland-certified expert for natural smoke extraction systems / machine smoke extraction systems (NRA/MRA) and fire protection.

He has been working as a technical facility manager since 1990; his responsibilities lie in planning and maintaining customer systems and creating modernisation concepts. As a trained mechanical engineer and certified work planner he is head of our own engineering department.

Whoever stops becoming better has stopped being good.

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