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Product category: POP Marketing, Fragrance marketing

Scent Marketing

Scent marketing helps you create an environment where the customer feels good, fresh, energetic, positive experiencing wellness and/or relaxation. Pleasant scents give this mood a strong boost. Use scent in your marketing mix, provide an optimum in-store experience, relax your guests, improve staff performance, create an energetic ambience ... discover the power of scent marketing.

We create beautiful Moods, Moments & Memories
Scent is a powerful enticer as well as a compelling guide that influences who or what we do and do not like, appreciate and love. Scent moves us in a gentle yet firm manner. Scent triggers moods, beautiful moments and creates an unique memory.

Scent is emotion, it influences our behavior
Where the scent is good, we feel good.
Where we feel good, we stay longer.
Where we stay longer, we spend more.

The use of scent marketing results in:
creation of alertness in an unique ambience
improved wellbeing of customer and staff
longer stay and exposure to communication
enhanced store image and complete in-store experience
stronger loyally and intention to repeat store visit
greater competitive edge
increased willingness to buy and higher sales

83% of commercial communication targets our eyes. The other senses: touch, taste, smell and hearing are hardly used at all in marketing. Whereas 75% of our emotions is influenced by what we smell. Think different: scent marketing.

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Product category: POP Marketing, Fragrance marketing

VOITAIR scent system model 405

The latest generation of high-tech scent systems the VOITAIR 400 serie. The smart scent systems stands out in technology, timeless design and superior quality.

Unique micronization technology
Fully automatic and programmable
Convenient scent intensity setting
100% maintenance free
Direct from the manufacturer
Made in Germany
5 year global warranty

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Product category: POP Marketing, Fragrance marketing

Business Scent

100% pure fragrance without alcohol or water. We only use the highest quality made in Europe.

When it comes to diffusing fragrances, nothing is more important than quality and safety. VOITAIR ensures the safety of its diffusion fragrances while providing products of the highest quality.

We only use superior oils that contain no scent mediums such as chemicals, alcohol and/or water. Our fragrances are manufactured in accordance with the strictest IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards.

Specially developed
Our Business fragrances are specially developed for scent marketing, by the finest perfumers.
We offer specific fragrance compositions for specific solutions. Generating alertness and new accents they first and foremost stimulate the consumer’s spontaneous and positive decision to buy.

Business Fragrances are composed of:
Top Notes
Top notes generate sympathy and trust, creating a positive memory of your product or business.
Middle and Base Notes
Middle and base notes generate longer in-store stay, strengthen the buy impulse and brings forward the decision to buy.

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