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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

  • 01  Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising
  • 01.01  Shop furnishings
  • 01.01.10  Shelf systems
  • 02  Lighting
  • 02.01  Lights
  • 02.01.02  Lights for accent lighting
  • 03  Refrigeration systems
  • 03.01  Refrigeration cabinets, deep-freeze units
  • 03.01.05  Accessories
  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.01  POS/POP displays
  • 06.01.01  Acrylic and plastic

Acrylic and plastic

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.01  POS/POP displays
  • 06.01.06  Thematic displays

Thematic displays

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.02  Decorative shop furnishings
  • 06.02.13  Product, price and size labels

Product, price and size labels

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.02  Business analytics
  • 07.02.08  Loss Prevention Software

Loss Prevention Software

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.04  ERP, merchandise management
  • 07.04.02  Stock management softwre
  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.04  ERP, merchandise management
  • 07.04.03  Merchandise planning, forecasting

Merchandise planning, forecasting

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.08  Digital marketing solutions
  • 07.08.01  Integrated digital signage solutions

Integrated digital signage solutions

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.14  Security equipment
  • 07.14.01  Merchandise surveillance

Merchandise surveillance

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.14  Security equipment
  • 07.14.01  Merchandise surveillance
  •  Fraud prevention displays

Fraud prevention displays

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.15  IT services
  • 07.15.02  Implementation of POS solutions

Implementation of POS solutions

  • 08  Stand construction & live marketing
  • 08.02  Communication design
  • 08.02.02  Brand communication

Brand communication

Our products

Product category: Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising, Shelf systems

POS-T Shelf Management and push feed systems


When frozen pizza, sweets, cosmetics, tobacco products or any other items present themselves on the shelf in optimal sight and at optimal grasp, it is highly likely that a pusher system from Bad Salzuflen is behind it all.

With POS-T Pushfeeds the products are where the customer looks for them, - at the front of the shelf. So you get 100% visibility from the first article to the last and always a tidy product presentation.

From our POS-T toolkit, we create the perfect pushfeed for your packaged products. It makes no difference whether your product is in cardboard or plastic packaging, whether it is round, square or oval, whether it is presented in a blister pack or in a bag, and whether you want to position it in a display case, on the shelf or in a freezer.

Push feed Systems
Glide Systems
Shelf-Ready Packaging
Product Lift
Shelf Management Systems

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Product category: Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising, Accessories, Shelf systems


With the POS-T Pusher System Compartment Pusher 120 Duo, product selection can be done even before the door is opened: the search and find time drops, the door open time is reduced, optimal energy efficiency is achieved.


- For large, heavy, soft packaging, such as pizzas, frozen dinners in cardboard boxes or bagged dinners and desserts > better orientation for
  the customer
- Only one component > easy installation
- High operational consistency and reliability > for coolers and freezers
- The special POS-T Compartment Pusher keeps the cold air inside the freezer, even when the door is opened > maintains cold climate within
  the freezer

Provides stability and front presentation ‒ also for bags and blister packs
 enhances
product presentation

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Product category: Lights for accent lighting

POS-T Shelf Lighting: Light - Orientation - Emotion

"Direct lighting of goods increases sales on average by 19 %." (Source: DDI USA, Nielsen 2009)

POS-T Front Edge Shelf Lighting…

puts brands and advertising statements in the right light
provides orientation and evokes emotions at the POS
increases the visibility and sale of your products

With highly efficient LEDs...

reduces energy consumption and reduces your carbon footprint
saves service and maintenance costs
radiate minimum heat and are perfectly suited to products that are heat sensitive
High color rendering compatible > 85 – realistic and contrasting colors for illuminated objects

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Product category: Merchandise surveillance, Fraud prevention displays

theft prevention

The most stolen products are not presented open anymore. The result is decline in sales. With POS-T Theft Prevention, this products can now be presented with free access for consumers. The OTP Safe fixture combines promotional presentation with efficient theft-protection.

Open presentation + theft-prevention
Combines promotional presentation with efficient theft-protection. POS-T ePusher, Mechanical Gate and Optical Gate reduces the theft rate by more than 90 %.
Your Benefits
- Two-hand-operation > destruction of the anonymity
- lockable system with remote control > even greater security
- optional with contact-lucent panels > products remain in sight of the consumer
- Acoustic signal/announcement when goods are collected > practice-proven solutions for theft prevention

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Product category: Stock management softwre


  • Safeguard of product places on the shelf
  • Reduction of replenishment work due to the POS-T Systemtray and POS-T Pushfeed
  • Avoidance of OOS with punctual product orders and replenishment work
  • Reduction of inventory differences with permanent inventory
  • Increase of product availability by avoiding theft
  • Sales increase with permanent, automatic front presentation
  • Facts and data-based optimization of product placement and promotions
  • Increase of customer satisfaction

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Product category: Thematic displays

Customized solutions

Displays and secondary placements are a source for additional turnover or successful product introductions ‒ for use on counter or on shelf.
INDIVIDUALIZED SOLUTIONS - ...for more success at the Point of Sale!

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About us

Company details

POS TUNING Udo Voßhenrich GmbH & Co.KG sets new standards at the Point of Sale.
Since our founding on March 10th 1998 we have developing solutions which offer benefits for both merchant and consumer. Originating from the realization that customers can only buy what they also see, our first product was an automatic pushfeed system. Further successful and prize-winning developments have now established themselves in the market as new standards in product presentation. Today we operate as a global player with customers on five continents.

our mission

much fun when shopping
• less seek, quickly find  -  POS-T Customer oriantation
• good visibility, quickly access -  POS-T Push feed System and glide system
• always available, never „Out of Stock“ - POS-T Inventory Management
• exciting stage  - POS-T Lighting Systems evokes emotions

more time for your customer service
• easy and quick replenishment  - POS-T System tray
• reduction of shelf maintenance  - POS-T Frontpresentation

more success at the point of sale
• less shrinkage, more profit  - POS-T Anti-Theft Solutions
• customers buy what they see - POS-T front presentation and lighting solutions

Only satisfied customers
• come back again willingly
• will recommend you
• buy more

Our Know-How
category management, shop fitting, Logistik, IT

Strategic Development ... for more success at the point of sale

Increasing sales success
Up to 160 % higher turnover for numerous categories
Improving shopper convenience
The goods are always perfectly visible and within easy reach at the front of the shelf
Minimizing shelf maintenance
60 % less work for maintenance
Reducing theft rates
Up to 95 % fewer stolen goods
Optimizing the logistics chain
Optimum flow from production to the shelf thanks to the patented
POS-T Systemtray

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Company data

Export content

max. 75%

Number of employees




Area of business
  • Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration systems
  • POP Marketing
  • Retail technology