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Product category: Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems, Refrigeration systems

Evaporators and air coolers

Evaporators and air coolers made by thermofin® are offered as "commercial lines" and "industrial lines". The units of the "commercial lines" are applied primarily in commercial refrigeration whereas the units of the "industrial lines" are particularly suitable for all applications in large scale industry and industrial refrigeration. Thanks to the variety of products and many-purpose equipment possibilities, the units are the ideal solution for all cases of application.

In the units of the "commercial lines" a staggered tube spacing permits a removal of large heat quantities when space is limited. A wide range of accessories completes the units' versatileness.

The units of the "industrial line" stand out thanks to their big transfer surfaces that minimize temperature spread and reduce dehumidification of the chilled goods. Products stay fresh longer.

The new evaporator series TOL is a further development of the usual industrial lines and is characterised by a reduced core tube diameter. With it, not only the filling volume and the weight are reduced considerably, but also the investment costs are lowered. Since the tube distances and with it the unit dimensions remain identical, it is possible to replace the evaporators by units of the new series without any problems.  

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Product category: Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems, Refrigeration systems

Condensers and dry coolers

Condensers and dry coolers made by thermofin® are offered as "commercial lines" designed for small to medium-scale requirements and "industrial lines" which are first choice for applications demanding high performances.

The units are powder-coated by default and therefore weatherproof and UV-resistant. For critical installation conditions and special conditions respectively the units can be designed and manufactured e. g. with epoxy-coated fins or core tubes made of stainless steel (1.4301/1.4404).

Condensers and dry coolers are available in various sound levels and with highly efficient fans. In addition, thermofin® offers a comprehensive range of accessories. This includes both special fans and spraying systems and specially developed control technology and diffuser designs.

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Product category: Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems, Refrigeration systems

Insulated coolers and penthouse coolers

Insulated coolers of series TIx and Penthouse coolers of series TPx preferentially apply in the storage of comestible goods at normal and low temperatures. An optimal utilisation of the cold room can be achieved with the outside installation and an external routing of piping. Installation and maintenance works in the cold room are not required. The time-saving installation is possible with minimal intervention in the operational process. 

Thanks to the damper principle, there is no heat and humidity discharge into the cold room - steam vapours and icing can be prevented. Maximum energy efficiency during the defrost process is achieved. Hence, the ambient temperature in the storage room can be kept nearly constant. 

The units are available for an operation with all refrigerants and, depending on the chosen air duct, they are featured with axial or radial fans. A particularly economic operation of the units is achieved with the use of backwards-curved EC radial fans. The arrangement of the fans patented by thermofin® allows an easy access for service and cleaning works inside of the insulated cooler.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems, Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

Heat exchangers in special design according to customers' individual requirements

Besides well-engineered standard series thermofin®'s service program includes also design, construction and manufacture of coils and heat exchangers in customer-specific special models. 

Dry coolers of thermofin®'s series TMDH have been specially developed for the cooling of turbines and motors which is necessary in power plants in many cases. 

With the development of a hybrid dry cooler, the company thermofin® sets new standards in the area of the efficient and environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration. The outstanding performance potential of the unit is based on the interaction between wet and dry cooling. 

Units of the evaporator series TEDN in patented special design are used for the dehumidification of locks in the receiving and picking area of modern frozen warehouses. It is an especially efficient unit combination of evaporator (dehumidifier) and condenser (heater).

Our technical sales team is happy to support you already during projecting of your systems and advises you with the application of our heat exchangers.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems, Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

Heat exchanger coils

In addition to a multitude of standardised evaporator, condenser, air cooler and dry cooler series, thermofin® offers heat exchanger coils for nearly every field of application and almost all operating conditions.

By offering diverse tube patterns and various material combinations for tubes and fins, thermofin® is able to manufacture heat exchanger coils according to customers' individual requirements and up to a length of 12 meters. With the optional split fin spacing, the operating time between the defrost processes can be extended clearly and the unit is operated particularly efficiently. As a competent partner in the development of individual solutions, thermofin® accompanies your success.

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About us

Company details

The Vogtland region has been a centre of expertise for refrigeration and air conditioning technology for decades and the production of heat exchangers has a long tradition in the region. thermofin GmbH has now picked up this idea and is successfully continuing it.

The company, which was set up by Bernd Löffler in Heinsdorfergrund in 2002, was able to start producing finned heat exchangers in the autumn of 2003. The company now supplies customers all around the globe: units produced by thermofin® are being used in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment for storing and processing food in supermarkets, deep freezing plants and logistics centres. Heat exchangers produced by the company are also used to control the air temperature in large computer centres, ice rinks and indoor ski slopes.

The company has also been producing units to cool turbines and engines since 2007 and has already completed the first projects in this new field of business in India, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.

It was necessary to expand the production facilities in Heinsdorfergrund in 2010 because of the continual increase in incoming orders and the expansion of the production programme to cover cooling units for large scale industry and power generation.

The production capacity at thermofin GmbH’s headquarters has therefore been enlarged by building a second production facility.

The company is also expanding internationally. thermofin GmbH, which is based in the Vogtland region, is continuing to expand its presence in the refrigeration and air conditioning markets; it has set up numerous sales offices all over the world.

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