A big orange robotic arm carrying a container in a huge warehouse; Copyright: Walmart

Walmart Canada’s supply chain gets a high-tech makeover


Walmart Canada is making investments in the modernization of its distribution centres: the goal is to transform the supply chain with robotics and automation.
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Various fast foods on a table with deep fryers and a robotic arm in the background; Copyright: Miso Robotics

World's first fully autonomous AI-powered restaurant opening


Cali Group and Miso Robotics announced that they are soon opening CaliExpress by Flippy™, the world's first fully autonomous restaurant.
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A blue and yellow IKEA drone with four propellers; Copyright: Ingka Group

IKEA Retail uses drones for stock inventory


Two years ago, Ingka Group and the Supply Chain Development Team at Inter IKEA Group, together with Verity, a provider of indoor drone systems, started developing a fully autonomous drone solution to track inventory and improve the wellbeing of its co-workers.
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A robot hand on which a burger is placed; Copyright: Business Wire

SavorEat debuts first plant-based Robot Chef


SavorEat, the food tech company bringing customization and sustainability (using AI and 3D printing technologies) to food service, partners with Sodexo to bring SavorEat’s Robot Chef into the U.S. market.
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A self-driving robot (example image for a CaPow robot); Copyright: JulieStar / Envato Elements

Perpetual power delivery solution for mobile robots


In an expansion outside of Europe, the first-ever perpetual power delivery platform revolutionizes warehousing operations by supplying a non-stop power flow to robotic solutions while in motion, enabling 100% operational uptime
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A self-driving robot on a the sidewalk in front of a lawn; Copyright: Bill Nino/Unsplash

Supply chain adoption of mobile robots will far outpace drones


Smart mobile robot adoption in supply chains is growing rapidly and will far outpace drones over the next three years, according to Gartner, Inc.
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A drone carries a package through the air against a blue sky; Copyright: Auterion

Drone delivery: When a parcel gets its wings


So-called digital twins are designed to enable decision-makers and employees in companies to run through scenarios and thus make better decisions.
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A woman stands at an e-pump and pays with a card; Copyright: ccv

This robot sells chocolates


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Exterior view of the TYPY store; copyright: CAMPO GmbH

Customer experience: Make it speedy, safe, and simple please!


Instead of extensive, personal consultation and on-site customer service, the new store concept of the TYPY store in Düsseldorf relies on technologies that make shopping quick and easy.
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A flat orange transport robot with the inscription

Technology in the new Amazon logistics center


The revolution in logistics is in full swing: How artificial intelligence and robots are driving e-commerce forward is shown in our report from the Amazon logistics centre in Mönchengladbach.
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