Customer experience: Make it speedy, safe, and simple please!

The TYPY Store in Düsseldorf introduces a new way of shopping


Mr. Grönemeyer, who is the target audience of the TYPY store?

Two men standing side by side in a warehouse between shelves and smiling at the camera; copyright: Vanessa Mueller

Carlo Caldi (right) and Maximilian Grönemeyer in the warehouse area of the TYPY store.
© Vanessa Mueller

I want to shop at your store. But in this case, I am not going to the store and take the items off the shelves, correct?

Does this mean there are no onsite employees because everything is automated?

Exterior view of the TYPY store; copyright: CAMPO GmbH


Mr Caldi, how do you store the products?

How did you come up with the concept?

This is where you come in, Mr. Broich. Your successful company Broich Premium Catering GmbH has made you the fresh food expert.

How important are smart and intelligent technologies for your business?

What’s next for your store in MedienHafen?