Many people at an event in the CUPRA Flagship Store Berlin; Copyright: CUPRA

Local event marketing as the key to authentic brand loyalty


In a digitalized and globalized world, local event marketing is coming more into focus. Companies are recognizing the importance of personal interaction and are focusing on a genuine customer relationship.
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 A counter of a small café with a fully automatic coffee machine and drinks list,

Customer centricity paves new paths for the car industry


The traditional car trade is rapidly being overtaken by innovative marketing concepts. The electric car brand NIO from Shanghai, for example, is fully committed to customer centricity and community building.
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A modern Lotus dealership with a large screen, seating and a product display on the sides of the room; Copyright: mediaman

How e-car brands are revolutionizing retail in China


Discover how e-car brand stores redefine the shopping encounter, wowing customers with immersive experiences.
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Walmart logo and Unity logo are seen together on a dark blue background; Copyright: Walmart

Walmart and Unity to bring immersive commerce to games and apps


Walmart announced plans to give Unity developers the ability to integrate Walmart’s commerce APIs directly into their games and apps.
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An Aldi Store in Manchester with a sleigh parking space installed on top; Copyright: Aldi UK

Santa's parking space spotted at Aldi


Christmas shoppers in Manchester were given a surprise as they spotted a giant sleigh parking space installed on top of a local Aldi store.
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The Nike Ginza Store in Tokyo from the outside; Copyright: Nike

Nike Ginza is made for local running communities in Tokyo


The retail experience of Nike Ginza, the newest Nike Rise store opening in Tokyo’s, is built on the promise of serving local runners.
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A narrow strip of highlighted retail space in a large electronics store where fitness equipment is on display; Copyright: MediaMarktSaturn

MediaMarktSaturn tests space-as-a-service offer for marketplace sellers


In a pilot project, a fitness equipment provider from the Marketplace of MediaMarktSaturn is using instore floor space to present its products.
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The Swarovski Flagship Store in Korea from the outside with a glass facade so you can see the colors of the iterior design, blue, yellow and pink on three stories; Copyright: Swarovski

Swarovski unveils its dazzling new Korea flagship store


Located within the lush oasis of one of Seoul’s most popular destinations, the Swarovski Dosan Park flagship store is a luxurious and immersive retail experience.
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The Sydney Harbour Bridge built from LEGO;  Copyright: The LEGO Group

The world’s largest LEGO® store unveiled


The LEGO Group, in partnership with Alquemie Group, today unveiled the world’s largest LEGO® store. Situated at Sydney Arcade, overlooking Pitt Street Mall in the heart of Sydney, the impressive 900sqm store spans two levels to create a new record for the largest LEGO store globally.
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A big Christmas Tree with lights in front of a stage, where a person sings into a microphone infront of an entry to an Asda store; Copyright: Asda

Asda to create a showstopping Christmas tree with Michael Bublé


To celebrate its 2023 Christmas campaign starring none other than Michael Bublé, Asda has turned to a little Christmas magic (and a large festive helping of technology) to create a unique first-of-its-kind public Christmas tree.
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The OCTAlux stand by OCTANORM; Copyright: MWSYSTEM

System stand construction: The magic of trade fair construction


Building stands sustainably and nevertheless eye-catching? That's one of the daily challenges for exhibitors just as it is for the trade show construction and expo marketing industry. Benjamin Bruder of OCTANORM explains to us why system stand construction can be a solution and a model for the future.
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A round table with mirrors and stools in a Douglas store; Copyright: beta-web GmbH/Pott

Douglas store for Gen Z shoppers


Douglas has developed a store on Königsallee in Düsseldorf's shopping center that is aimed specifically at young consumers. Of course, a fresh design and digital elements cannot be missing.
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An oversized Porsche 911 sculpture at the IAA Open Space; Copyright: 2023 Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Oversized Porsche 911 is a crowd favourite


The finishing straight of the IAA Mobility: The world’s biggest mobility trade fair. At the Open Space in the centre of Munich, Porsche is celebrating ‘60 Years of the 911’ with an unusual sculpture.
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A completely yellow booth in an exhibition hall; Copyright: Maister

How do I turn trade fair visitors into customers?


How do I manage to attract people to my trade show booth? Bram Couvreur - owner of a design agency in Belgium - tells us what matters in trade show design and why the design concept of the trade show booth should not end with the construction plan.
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A black wall with the inscription

5 tips for trade show presentations of start-ups


Trade shows are a great opportunity for startups to present themselves to potential customers. But how do you stand out from the crowd of exhibitors with limited resources? We have compiled tips for a trade fair appearance.
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The inside of a new Lotus flagship store with a big round light element covering the ceiling, under it a yellow Lotus sports car; copyright: Lotus

New Lotus London flagship store opens in Mayfair


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The Apple Store in Mumbai from the outside; Copyright: Elke Moebius/Messe Düsseldorf

Apple opens first retail store in India


On April 18, 2023, Apple opened its first store in India. In addition to the products themselves, the focus here is on the customer experience and service. The architecture and energy supply of the building are also remarkable.
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Graphics from the game Fortnight, which features Nike shoes; Copyright: Nike

Nike launches Airphoria in Fortnite


Nike is launching “Airphoria” in Fortnite, a first-of-its-kind gaming experience. Airphoria brings to life the future of sport experiences at the intersection of games and culture, bringing together Nike’s iconic Air Max brand and the immersive world of Fortnite.
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Soap bubbles in the foreground, people in a square in a city in the background; copyright: Pieter/Unsplash

Pop-up stores as a formula for success


Established brands and aspiring entrepreneurs have long recognized that pop-up stores enrich marketing strategies and boost sales. But what purpose do pop-up stores serve besides increasing sales? And how can smaller brands implement these temporary locations?
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The Jordan World of Flight store in Tokyo from the outside; Copyright: RK

Jordan World of Flight opens in Tokyo


Last December, the first Jordan World of Flight store opened in Milan. This concept aims to celebrate the legacy and future of the basketball culture. The next opening quickly followed in March 2023.
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The Scentsorial project by Bulgari; Copyright: ARR

Bulgari launches Scentsorial: an exclusive and immersive olfactory experience


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A big LED screen in a PUMA store; copyright: Esprit Digital

Esprit Digital's "LUMOS" technology illuminates PUMA Singapore's award-winning retail flagship


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A woman using the 3D scanner from doob; copyright: doob

Virtualizing shopping experiences


Avatars are not just digital images of ourselves, but a new form of virtual identity. They enable us to move around in digital spaces and thus create new experiences.
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Clothes in a virtual showroom; Copyright: Lacoste; Screenshot

The magic of virtual showrooms


Experiences during the Corona pandemic have shown that in the spaces between personal, physical in-store shopping and the more impersonal, rigid web store there is the potential for richer shopping experiences. With impressive online showrooms, many retailers and brands have tried to bridge this gap.
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Booklets on the shelf; copyright: Unsplash/Maarten van den Heuvel

Sustainability reporting becomes mandatory


The critical view of CO2 emissions and many other sustainability issues is increasing. Soon, no one will be able to avoid taking appropriate measures and communicating them.
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Wilson pop-up store with a yellow store design with tennis balls in in New York City; copyright: Richard Cadan Photography

Wilson pop-up store about the brand's role in the 2021 U.S. Open


This 4600-sq.-ft. pop-up in New York City focuses on celebrating Wilson’s 108-year brand history and as a tie-in to the 2021 U.S. Open. Wilson hoped to capture the energy and excitement of that marquee event.
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Interactive screen in the window of the BOSS store in London; Copyright: HUGO BOSS

Hugo Boss: Reinventing and Revamping the Brand Experience


In the new BOSS flagship store from HUGO BOSS on London's Oxford Street, the shopping experience begins before customers even enter the store. The company wants to take shopping to the next level.
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Audi House of Progress in Shanghai; copyright: Audi AG

Store Concept: Brand Experience Center Versus Car Dealership


So much more than just a car showroom: The Audi House of Progress in Shanghai.
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A Chinese illuminated dragon with a long tail in the dark; copyright: Ridwan Meah/Unsplash

Chinese New Year: Market potential for retailers and brands


Shopping festivals are becoming increasingly popular, and sales are rising rapidly. Many brands and retailers have discovered these events as a way of promoting sales. One such shopping festival is Chinese New Year.
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Exterior view of the new Apple Store on Rosenthaler Strasse in Berlin; Copyright: Apple Inc.

Apple opens new store in Berlin


On December 2nd, Apple openend its new Berlin store on Rosenthaler Straße, the first Apple Store in Berlin-Mitte.
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Young man in a shopping mall; copyright: ASphotostudio

Branding without compromise: fusing store design and technology


Unique retail shop designs invite you on a journey through the store. Satvinder Singh told us how the work of a design specialist in India has changed and what role technology and sustainability play in this setting.
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Entrance hall of Messe Düsseldorf at Euroshop 2020; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Andreas Wiese

Exhibition Planning and Physical Visitor Contact at In-Person Trade Shows


Trade shows are taking place again – but with strict hygiene concepts. We show what organizers, exhibitors and visitors must consider.
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Hybrid showroom by s.Oliver; Copyright: s.Oliver

Hybrid showroom: the best of both worlds?


Some say shopping online is easy and convenient – just a few digital clicks and your purchase is complete. Others love to come to a physical store because they crave the tactile experience of shopping. They want to inspect, touch, and feel the products before they buy them.
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The Selfridge Corner Shop from the Outside; copyright: Selfridge

One Retail Space, Multiple Brands: The Selfridges Corner Shop


Gucci, Prada, Burberry – at the corner store? Selfridges, the UK chain of high-end department stores with its iconic landmark store on London’s Oxford Street, now has a pop-up store where customers can explore more than just luxury labels.
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A hand holds a smartphone, on the display a picture of a woman in a patterned outfit, in the background a shirt of the same pattern; copyright: Burberry

Burberry debuts Social Retail Store in Shenzhen, China


Last year, British luxury fashion retailer Burberry implemented a new store concept in which social media plays a prominent role. The store in Shenzhen is designed to offer an interactive and immersive shopping experience that merges the physical world with the online universe.
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A person wearing VR goggles gestures; copyright: creenshot from a YouTube video by ICT AG.

Virtual trade show presentations


The opportunity to see, touch, smell, and experience a product live at the trade show booth is a one-of-a-kind experience. Yet sometimes it’s physically impossible to showcase all products.
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Tokyo shopping mall from above; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Tokyo Stores: The Capital of Shopping


The most progressive store décor, the most inventive displays, the most courteous service, the most exquisite products, the largest selection, the most elaborate packaging: Until you’ve seen Tokyo, you don’t yet know what the most seductive form of contemporary shopping has to offer.
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A woman stands amidst classic Christmas decorations; copyright: ©Saeed/beta-web GmbH

Visual merchandising trends in the retail sector


It is becoming increasingly important for retailers to create visual experiences, but also to be able to transform them quickly and easily, because consumers are also shopping with their eyes.
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digitized room conception; Copyright: beta-web GmbH

Expo & Event Marketing: planned down to the smallest detail


Trade fairs and events need precise concepts and individual solutions that bring brand communication to the point. A glance into the exhibition halls of EuroShop 2020 shows all this.
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A group of people at the table talking; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

6 networking tips and strategies for trade show exhibitors


Six helpful tips and tricks for exhibitors and the right way of networking at the EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
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Crowd of people photographed from above on the exhibition grounds; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

10 do‘s and don‘ts for a perfect trade show exhibit


EuroShop is fast approaching and trade show planning is about to kick into high gear! There are many questions you need to address: Who will you send to the trade show to represent your company? Which products will you showcase? What should your trade show booth look like?
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Thorsten Sydow Salt Solutions Eventmarketing; Copyright: Salt Solution

Event marketing opportunities: from person to person


Thorsten Sydow of SALT Solutions suggests using live events to create experiences and strengthen customer relationships.
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View of the Nike House of Innovation in Shanghai with stairs, elevators and digital elements; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Nike House of Innovation No 1 in Shanghai


In Shanghai, Nike launched the first "House of Innovation". The EuroShop team was on site on the occasion of C-star 2019 and visited the store.
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Prada Epicenter New York Broadway, a project by OMA, 2001; © Vésma K. McQuillan

Fashion Spaces: Fashion expressed through architectural sites


Interview with Vésma Kontere McQuillan, Oslo/Norway, about her concept of "Fashion Spaces", the Prada Epicenter in New York City and the requirements of retail design studies.
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A woman and a man face each other and talk; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Exhibition Design: Where does the path lead?


Trade fair presentations are out? Not at all! This is what Prof. Harry Vetter, expert for exhibition architecture at the PBSA - Peter Behrens School of Arts, believes. The ideas for the Designer's Village of the EuroShop sprout from his student rows, by the way. Enjoy the interview with him and Elke Moebius, Director EuroShop!
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rainerhauserlacour1-b; Copyright: Rainer Zimmermann/PBSA

Retail Design: The key to it is communication


Prof. Zimmermann has spent many years working in the communications industry. This included a position as CEO at BBDO Germany and Pleon Europe and also as professor in strategic communication and co-founder of the Retail Design course at PBSA (the Peter Behrens School of Arts) in Düsseldorf.
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Skyline of Chicago, Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Chicago: always worth a (shopping) trip!


"I think Chicago will be the most beautiful big city in the world," said Frank Lloyd Wright, US architect and writer. In any case, the city is a great shopping destination. Here are a few examples.
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Lufthansa - ITB Konzept 2016; copyright: Lufthansa

Trade show appearance: face-to-face interaction is essential


At EuroShop 2017, nothing is more important than having a great trade fair booth. Technology and digitization are not just great toys, they are also amazing gadgets to showcase your brand. Virtual reality and interactive designs are major trends.
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Fabrics, clothing and accessories beautifully draped against a white stone wall; Copyright: Jason Briscoe/Unsplash

Showrooming – Escaping the one-way street!


Showrooming is a future-oriented retail model. The principle: customers are allowed to examine and try out goods.
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