A modern Lotus dealership with a large screen, seating and a product display on the sides of the room; Copyright: mediaman

How e-car brands are revolutionizing retail in China


Discover how e-car brand stores redefine the shopping encounter, wowing customers with immersive experiences.
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A big Christmas Tree with lights in front of a stage, where a person sings into a microphone infront of an entry to an Asda store; Copyright: Asda

Asda to create a showstopping Christmas tree with Michael Bublé


To celebrate its 2023 Christmas campaign starring none other than Michael Bublé, Asda has turned to a little Christmas magic (and a large festive helping of technology) to create a unique first-of-its-kind public Christmas tree.
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Concept art of the window design for the “Blind Box” store; Copyright: MINISO

MINISO to open its first UK “Blind Box” store


MINISO, is set to open its first UK “Blind Box” store in London. The new store will bring the growing blind box trend – an exciting way to buy mystery toys and collectibles.
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The 60 years of SPAR Ireland Logo; Copyright: SPAR Ireland

Celebrating 60 years of SPAR Ireland


As part of its year-long 60th anniversary celebrations, SPAR Ireland opened a pop-up store at Johnson Place in Dublin city centre in June, with a retro 1960s feel.
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Soap bubbles in the foreground, people in a square in a city in the background; copyright: Pieter/Unsplash

Pop-up stores as a formula for success


Established brands and aspiring entrepreneurs have long recognized that pop-up stores enrich marketing strategies and boost sales. But what purpose do pop-up stores serve besides increasing sales? And how can smaller brands implement these temporary locations?
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The Scentsorial project by Bulgari; Copyright: ARR

Bulgari launches Scentsorial: an exclusive and immersive olfactory experience


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A man in a shopping mall points a finger, the movement is recorded by a virtual matrix; Copyright: Ameria AG

Touchless interaction for retail displays


Touchless operation of displays - this sounds a bit like science fiction, but users can already try it out at some points of sale.
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Natural cosmetics store TAOASIS from the inside; Copyright: beta-web GmbH/Koller

Store Design: The Smell of Nature


“We love fragrances” – the natural fragrance manufactory TAOASIS declares on its homepage and that is exactly what visitors sense at the company’s store in the Bikini Berlin shopping mall.
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A hand holds a smartphone, on the display a picture of a woman in a patterned outfit, in the background a shirt of the same pattern; copyright: Burberry

Burberry debuts Social Retail Store in Shenzhen, China


Last year, British luxury fashion retailer Burberry implemented a new store concept in which social media plays a prominent role. The store in Shenzhen is designed to offer an interactive and immersive shopping experience that merges the physical world with the online universe.
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A person wearing VR goggles gestures; copyright: creenshot from a YouTube video by ICT AG.

Virtual trade show presentations


The opportunity to see, touch, smell, and experience a product live at the trade show booth is a one-of-a-kind experience. Yet sometimes it’s physically impossible to showcase all products.
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Sound devices at the shop window; copyright: Feonic

Sound systems perfectly stage products and brands


With music nothing should be left to chance because a professional music concept not only enhances the brand experience, but also increases the time customers spend in the store.
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