Sustainable Smart Stores: The Concept of the Future?

How the industry can power a sustainable and digital future


Woman with brown long hair and in gray blazer smiles at camera; Copyright: Microsoft

Xenia Giese, Industrie Executive Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft. © Microsoft

Digital price tags on a shelf; Copyright: SES-imagotag/Colruyt

Stores: Colruyt is using SES-imagotag electronic price tags in 290 stores. This will replace 75 million paper-based price tags. In addition to increased process efficiency, this will save 90 tons of paper per year.
© Colruyt / SES-imagotag

Recycling machine from the outside; Copyright: H&M

To collect and return clothing donations, fashion retailer H&M uses a smart recycling bin with an interactive screen and integrated scales. Five million pounds of recycled clothing could be collected in 2020 in the U.S. alone as a result.
© H&M

Woman standing in front of laptop typing; Copyright: Microsoft

Headquarters: IKEA uses Microsoft 365 Teams for its 166,000 employees - reducing paper-based processes and replacing travel with digital collaboration.
© Microsoft

Screenshot of Intermarché; Copyright: Screenshot Youtube/ SGS Transparency One

Supply chain & logistics: Intermarché monitors quality and traceability of its products with Transparency One through real-time supply chain data to identify product origin and reduce risks. In this way, sustainability criteria are met.
© Screenshot Youtube/ SGS Transparency One

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