Retail gastronomy: "The stores become meeting places for people"

Interview with Olaf Hohmann, Head of Retail Gastronomy Research at EHI


Olaf Hohmann speaks into the camera, trees can be seen in the background

© Messe Düsseldorf

Mr. Hohmann, how did the initiative come about?

What does the retail sector expect from more gastronomy in its stores?

The first EHI study "Retail Gastronomy in Germany" was published this spring. Who was surveyed?

What do you think are the three key messages that emerge from the study?

What aspects should a retailer who now decides to integrate gastronomy into his store for the first time definitely consider?

What are the general pitfalls for retailers when it comes to trade catering?

The first EHI Congress on Retail Gastronomy has just ended. What is your summary?

EHI is a close partner of Messe Düsseldorf in organizing EuroShop, the world's No. 1 retail trade fair. It will be back in 2020. How will the "new" topic of retail gastronomy make itself felt at EuroShop?

Where do you see retail gastronomy in Germany in five to ten years?

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