Retail Design: The key to it is communication

Interview with Prof. Dr. Rainer Zimmermann


Your career has been substantially impacted by the communications and media industries. How did you get into design and, in particular, retail design?

What’s the difference between a course in retail design and simply in design?

Rendering of a grocery store with a floor of food service above; copyright: RPBSA.

Rendering Tabea Singendonck from her BA-Thesis ‚Conception and Design of a Fusionstore' (Food and gastronomy incl. farm-to-table Hydroponic).

What kind of skills and interests should a student have if they want to study retail design?

The course first started in 2013 and takes 7 semesters, so that the first graduates left in spring 2017. Do you already have one or two examples of former students, of how their careers developed after graduation?

A man looks into the camera, Copyright: Rainer Zimmermann/PBSA

Prof. Dr. Rainer Zimmermann, PBSA Düsseldorf
© Rainer Zimmermann/PBSA

How would you rate today’s retail design, and how do you think things are developing?