A shopping arcade in Shanghai in the dark with colorful neon signs and passers-by; Copyright: Unsplash/Krzysztof Kotkowicz

Learning from China's retail insiders: trends at China in-store 2024


The retail industry in China is known for its dynamism and innovative strength. This is one of the reasons why China in-store 2024 is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the latest trends in the Asian retail world.
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Visitors at an exhibition stand with colorfully illuminated advertising material at In-store Asia; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf India

Cutting-edge retail trends at In-store Asia 2024


Like no other trade fair in the Asia-Pacific region, In-store Asia offers a comprehensive range of retail solutions and trend-oriented insights: from June 13 to 15, 2024 in Mumbai.
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Pyramid-shaped display and illuminated counter and structurally wound paper yarn element with green sensor yarn; Copyright: DITF

Recyclable event and trade fair furniture made of paper


Sustainable furniture for temporary events is in demand: for example, furniture that can be recycled.
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A luminous logo of the China in-store trade fair against a black background; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai

China in-store 2023 showcases high-quality designs and retail solutions


A triumphant return: following a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, China in-store 2023 left both visitors and exhibitors inspired.
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Visitors in the exhibition halls of China in-store; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Experiencing retail innovations in Shanghai: China in-store 2023


Kathrin Brüggemeier from the EuroShop team shares her experiences in the Chinese retail market and the automotive sector.
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The OCTAlux stand by OCTANORM; Copyright: MWSYSTEM

System stand construction: The magic of trade fair construction


Building stands sustainably and nevertheless eye-catching? That's one of the daily challenges for exhibitors just as it is for the trade show construction and expo marketing industry. Benjamin Bruder of OCTANORM explains to us why system stand construction can be a solution and a model for the future.
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An oversized Porsche 911 sculpture at the IAA Open Space; Copyright: 2023 Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Oversized Porsche 911 is a crowd favourite


The finishing straight of the IAA Mobility: The world’s biggest mobility trade fair. At the Open Space in the centre of Munich, Porsche is celebrating ‘60 Years of the 911’ with an unusual sculpture.
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A completely yellow booth in an exhibition hall; Copyright: Maister

How do I turn trade fair visitors into customers?


How do I manage to attract people to my trade show booth? Bram Couvreur - owner of a design agency in Belgium - tells us what matters in trade show design and why the design concept of the trade show booth should not end with the construction plan.
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A black wall with the inscription

5 tips for trade show presentations of start-ups


Trade shows are a great opportunity for startups to present themselves to potential customers. But how do you stand out from the crowd of exhibitors with limited resources? We have compiled tips for a trade fair appearance.
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The Future-Urban-Lab booth at EuroShop; Copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf

What are the building blocks for the city center of tomorrow?


For retail as well as for our coexistence in cities, the following applies: Our demands and habits are changing. In addition, there is an accelerated change in areas such as digitalization, climate and infrastructure. It is therefore particularly exciting to find answers to the question: What constitutes a livable, future-oriented city center for us?
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Plastic trash floating in blue water; copyright: Naja Bertolt Jensen/Unsplash

Exhibiting more sustainably: Circular economy in trade fair construction


In trade show construction, the circular economy is becoming increasingly important. Inspiring projects show how resource conservation is already being implemented today.
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Global Exhibition Day -1f; copyright: Messe Düsseldor

Global Exhibitions Day – The industry celebrates!


Since 2016, the international trade fair scene has been celebrating Global Exhibitions Day. This year again, on the first Wednesday in June, everything revolves around the exhibition industry under the motto: "We run the meeting places and marketplaces for everyone"
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Fünf Personen bei einer Panel-Diskussion auf einer Bühne; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Expo + Event Stage @ EuroShop 2023


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A large booth at the EuroShop 2023 in green with many visitors; copyright: beta-web GmbH

EuroShop 2023: Emotions, impressions, experiences


Five days of EuroShop with eight dimensions, a packed supporting program, and plenty of highlights: That was EuroShop 2023.
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Entrance hall of Messe Düsseldorf for EuroShop 2020 with many visitors; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Andreas Wiese

The world as guest at EuroShop 2023


EuroShop – "The World's No. 1 Retail Trade Fair" – attracts visitors from all over the world to Düsseldorf every three years. But what makes EuroShop so appealing to visitors?
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Exhibitor at MEDICA 2022; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

German trade fairs recover slowly


First recovery in sight for trade fairs in Germany: At least 340 trade fairs are planned between Husum and Friedrichshafen in 2023.
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Four people standing in an aisle; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Fair construction: Service Alliance Messe Düsseldorf


Messe Düsseldorf's Service Alliance offers a wide range of services for a attractive and successful trade fair stand.
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In-store asia in Mumbai; copyright: in-store asia

in-store asia 2022 - Innovative technologies and creative design


The 13th edition of In-Store Asia (ISA), a member of the EuroShop Global Trade Fairs family, was held at the Jio World Convention Centre (JWCC) in Mumbai from 29 June to 1 July 2022. The event brought together retailers and retail specialists and presented innovative ideas for Indian retail.
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Soap bubbles in the foreground, people in a square in a city in the background; copyright: Pieter/Unsplash

Expo and Event Marketing: Full Speed Ahead!


Showcasing products by meeting face-to-face, while making new contacts or reconnecting and strengthening old business relationships – these are key characteristics of in-person trade fair events.
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Messe Düsseldorf trainees pose for a photo; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

What is it like to train as an event manager at Messe Düsseldorf?


Hello everyone! We, Theresa, Leon, Luisa, Fyn, Lina and I, Moritz, are the trainees at Messe Düsseldorf. We started our training as event managers in the summer of 2020.
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Exhibition grounds 50 years ago, in black and white; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

50 years - Happy Birthday Exhibition Centre Düsseldorf!


When it was commissioned in September 1971, the Düsseldorf site was considered the most modern and pioneering trade fair venue in Europe. In 1972, EuroShop, the fourth in its history, was also held for the first time in the new exhibition halls. For the city of Düsseldorf, the new building was an essential step towards becoming a trade fair venue with a worldwide reputation.
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Entrance hall of Messe Düsseldorf at Euroshop 2020; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Andreas Wiese

Exhibition Planning and Physical Visitor Contact at In-Person Trade Shows


Trade shows are taking place again – but with strict hygiene concepts. We show what organizers, exhibitors and visitors must consider.
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On the left in the picture in the foreground rows of red lights on a transparent disk, on the right blurred in the background visitors on a fair; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Trade fair as a powerful medium – Awareness, knowledge and leads independent of location and time


Digitization means: trade shows no longer depend only on the real event; they take effect online and 365 days a year.
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A film shot in a studio with technician, monitors and presenter at the console; copyright: Digital Days 2020 - Deutsche Messe AG

Digital events: No permanent alternative for most exhibitors in Germany


17 % of the companies are currently using digital events due to the numerous trade fair cancellations, but want to give up on this commitment when physical trade fairs can be held again.
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An exhibition hall full of visitors; copyright: C-star

C-star 2020 in Shanghai successfully concluded


C-star 2020, Shanghai's International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail, ended successfully on September 4, 2020 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.
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A person wearing VR goggles gestures; copyright: creenshot from a YouTube video by ICT AG.

Virtual trade show presentations


The opportunity to see, touch, smell, and experience a product live at the trade show booth is a one-of-a-kind experience. Yet sometimes it’s physically impossible to showcase all products.
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Several young women look at a screen embedded in the table; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

The future of trade show booth concepts: this is the new hospitality


The global coronavirus pandemic has not only had a severe economic impact on trade shows and exhibitions, but it will probably also prompt sweeping industry changes in the future.
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Man and woman standing at the booth at EuroShop 2020; copyright: beta-web GmbH/Klein

Reusable exhibition stand construction systems


Exhibition construction with zero waste – Bastian König, International Sales Manager at Aluvision strives to implement this concept. The company aims to make this a reality and produces systems for the exhibit and event industry that are durable, versatile and reusable.
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EuroShop 2020: copyright: beta-web GmbH

EuroShop 2020: Impressions from the dimensions


At this 2020 EuroShop, not only was the date - 20.02.2020 - something special, but it also took place for the twentieth time.
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A recorded hall plan with color-coded exhibition halls; copyright: beta-web GmbH

The 8 stages of EuroShop: focused expertise


On 8 stages, an attractive supporting program of presentations and panel discussions provides visitors with knowhow.
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Image: Standtotale Award Winner; Copyright: Travis Stanton (EMG)

EXHIBITOR Magazine Announces EuroShop Awards Winners


EXHIBITOR magazine, an award-winning print and online magazine featuring best practices for trade show marketing, is proud to announce the following winners and honorable mentions in its EuroShop Awards, the first stand-design competition officially endorsed by EuroShop organizers.
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digitized room conception; Copyright: beta-web GmbH

Expo & Event Marketing: planned down to the smallest detail


Trade fairs and events need precise concepts and individual solutions that bring brand communication to the point. A glance into the exhibition halls of EuroShop 2020 shows all this.
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Image: Clothes hanger hanging on wooden wall; Copyright: ixtenso

Sustainably impressive: Green solutions at EuroShop 2020


Many exhibitors at EuroShop 2020 are presenting sustainable retail solutions for all kinds of areas in the store.
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Trucks stand on the exhibition grounds and will be unloaded.; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/c.tillmann

Logistics department of Messe Düsseldorf


Installation, event management, dismantling – three concepts that mean organization before, during and after a trade fair.
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Stand Farinet, which looks like an aquarium, EuroShop 2017, winner Exhibitor Award,Kategorie Medium-Stand; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Exhibitor Magazine's EuroShop Awards recognize outstanding stand design


EuroShop is proud to announce the first officially endorsed stand-design competition, which will take place at EuroShop 2020.
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ENGEL stand at the K trade fair; copyright: ENGEL

Factory at the exhibition center: Like the olympics, preparation started years ago


Presenting products at an international trade fair like the K or EuroShop can be a logistical and organizational challenge for some exhibitors. Take the Austrian company ENGEL for example, which arrived at K 2019, the world’s premier trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry with injection molding machines weighing several hundred tons.
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A group of people at the table talking; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

6 networking tips and strategies for trade show exhibitors


Six helpful tips and tricks for exhibitors and the right way of networking at the EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
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Uta Goretzky, Managing Director IFES ; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Live communication and its challenges


Uta Goretzky of IFES talks in an interview about the global network of IFES, the great importance of EuroShop for the Expo and Event scene, the IFES Global Village, the IFES Development & Innovation Award and the current challenges of live communication.
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Crowd of people photographed from above on the exhibition grounds; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

10 do‘s and don‘ts for a perfect trade show exhibit


EuroShop is fast approaching and trade show planning is about to kick into high gear! There are many questions you need to address: Who will you send to the trade show to represent your company? Which products will you showcase? What should your trade show booth look like?
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Two women and a man talking, in front of a photograph; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Sustainable and networked: The future of the world of exhibitions


How is the trade show landscape developing now and in the future? At the K trade fair, Elke Moebius met IFES Vice President Torsten Heinze to talk about the goals of the international association, which will be an exhibitor at EuroShop in February 2020.
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Overview of visitors at a trade fair in China; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

C-star 2019: post show report


In April 2019, C-star – Shanghai’s International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail – had another chapter in their success story, with rising numbers of visitors compared to last year, well over 13.000, and 150 exhibitors.
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Many visitors stream into an exhibition hall; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Germany: leading trade fairs thanks to international visitors


Around 30% of visitors to national and international trade fairs in Germany came from abroad in 2018. This once again matched the excellent result of last year. Around 640,000 of the total of 2.9 million foreign visitors (22%) came from countries outside Europe.
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Asian woman speaking; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Great results and exciting prospects: About C-star 2019


Renee Zhao, co-organizer of C-star, sat down with us on the second day of the show to tell us about the main retail trend in China and the very satisfying results of C-star 2019.
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C-star partners with THE GRID to bring smart retail startups to market faster; Copyright Messe Düsseldorf.

Networking hub of the C-star: The Grid


C-star, Shanghai's International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail, took place from 25 to 27 April. One of the highlights for 2019 was the partnership with THE GRID.
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Two men sitting in front of a window with a view of the skyline; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Looking at the horizon: C-star & EuroShop


Julian Bolz, a new member of the EuroShop team, was invited to visit the C-star in Shanghai during his first week of work. In a brief conversation, he tells us which impressions he gained there and what he expects from C-star and EuroShop in the future.
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Many people at the C-Star 2019 trade fair; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Vibrant and exuberant: Day 2 of C-star 2019


Exhibitors, stand designers and manufacturers spared neither trouble nor expense and came up with great exhibits and effects.
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A woman and a man face each other smiling in conversation; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

The Chinese retail market: between challenges and opportunities


Marius Berlemann is the new General Manager of Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai and is currently experiencing and responsible for his first C-star. Elke Moebius, Director EuroShop and C-star, spoke with him about his first impressions and the USP of the C-star.
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Many people at the C-Star 2019 trade fair; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Impressions of C-star 2019 – eventful, energetic, extraordinary


C-star – Shanghai's International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail – offers everything from store design, shopfitting and retail technology to lighting and refrigeration systems.
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Elf Sack, Fox Fairy, Rio Fresh, Jian 24, C-star 2019, Smart Retail Life Zone, ReTailor Hub; copyright:  Elf Sack/Fox Fairy/Rio Fresh/Jian 24

Smart Retail Life Zone @ C-star 2019


C-star 2019 will be held from April 25-27 at Hall N5 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year's event will bring together 150+ well-known exhibitors from all over the world, bringing unique design concepts and advanced retail technology.
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in-store asia, the largest trade fair and congress specifically for retail in India, powered by EuroShop; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Review of in-store asia 2019 – powered by EuroShop


Already for the 12th time in-store asia, the biggest trade fair with congress especially for the trade in India, took place in March 2019. Over 7,000 visitors came to the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, to find out about exciting new in-store displays and retail technology solutions from roughly 120 exhibitors.
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Exhibition stand with lighting elements and visitors in front; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

C-star 2019: First show highlights from Shanghai


From 25-27 April, visitors to the Shanghai New International Expo Center will be able to see interesting lectures, refined exhibition stands and inspiring innovations. A broad supporting programme on various stages awaits the guests.
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Visitors and booths at EuroCIS 2018; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Exhibitions score points with networking and experiences


German exhibiting companies see considerable advantages in using trade shows as a medium for business-to-business communication compared to digital tools - such as social media or virtual marketplaces.
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A woman and a man face each other and talk; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Exhibition Design: Where does the path lead?


Trade fair presentations are out? Not at all! This is what Prof. Harry Vetter, expert for exhibition architecture at the PBSA - Peter Behrens School of Arts, believes. The ideas for the Designer's Village of the EuroShop sprout from his student rows, by the way. Enjoy the interview with him and Elke Moebius, Director EuroShop!
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glasstec glass pane with text; copyright: MesseDüsseldorf

Crystal clear expo design at glasstec trade show


Customised stand construction as seen at glasstec in Düsseldorf. The material that defines the trade fair is perfectly reflected in the stand design. A real attraction for trade fair visitors...
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Lufthansa - ITB Konzept 2016; copyright: Lufthansa

Trade show appearance: face-to-face interaction is essential


At EuroShop 2017, nothing is more important than having a great trade fair booth. Technology and digitization are not just great toys, they are also amazing gadgets to showcase your brand. Virtual reality and interactive designs are major trends.
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