Machine vision: Cameras observe and "think along"

Computer vision transforms checkout processes in retail


The triumph of computer vision

On the left are food items on a small platform, to the right is a screen on which the items are listed; Copyright: beta-web/Giese

The camera recognizes the items and lists them on the screen. By scanning the QR code, the bill is transferred to the smartphone. © beta-web/Giese

Self-scanning, seamless checkout, and loss prevention

A smartwatch on a wrist with the inscription "Found Real Time Theft"; Copyright: beta-web/Giese

Employees can, for example, be notified of errors in the checkout process via smartwatch and check them immediately. © beta-web/Giese

The AI learning process: Getting smarter with each article

On the left, an item of clothing wrapped in transparent film lies on a small platform; to the right, a screen on which the item is displayed as a scan in various positions; Copyright: beta-web/Giese

The garment is placed in different positions under the camera and scanned in each case. The AI saves the scans and thus builds up a database. © beta-web/Giese

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