Three people talking at EuroCIS; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Where investment meets innovation: retail hotspot EuroCIS 2025


EuroCIS is an indispensable meeting place for the retail industry: This is where visitors from the management of retail companies compare retail technology solutions and make investment decisions.
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A robot prepares salad; Copyright: Esselunga

Food service robot in the EsselungaLab: a testing centre for new technologies


The Esselunga retail chain is trialling new technologies in its innovation supermarket in Milan. This includes a robot that prepares salads. We spoke to Alexandre Rochat, Head of the Innovation Department, about the Cobot Alfred.
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A person types on a laptop. A holographic user interface with chat windows and an artificial intelligence symbol can be seen above the laptop; Copyright: Envato/AndersonPiza

Chatbots support retail employees


The management of large retail companies is increasingly relying on AI tools. Tools such as generative AI assistants are designed to help employees carry out their tasks more efficiently.
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A woman with closed eyes against a dark background. Her face and neck are decorated with bright patterns in blue and red; Copyright: L'Oréal

Gen AI content lab to augment creativity at L’ORÉAL


At Viva Technology in Paris, L’Oréal will unveil tech innovations like an in-house GenAI Beauty Content Lab. The tools used in this lab are set to transform the production of marketing content.
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On the left, skiers on a lift float into the blue sky, in the middle a transparent shoe is presented, and on the right a colorful sneaker stands out; Copyright: Reebok

Reebok launches a personalized AI experience for sneaker fans


The sports brand cooperates with AI and metaverse company Futureverse to create a customizing experience for fashion on Instagram.
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Inside of Sam's Club shows the AI and video application technology at its exit; Copyright: Walmart

​​​Sam's Club deploys AI-powered exit technology for Scan & Go


Sam’s Club members can now exit a lot faster after completing payment at a register or via Scan & Go. AI technology and computer vision capture images of carts and verifies payment for all items.
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A person stands in front of an LED wall; Copyright: Boston Consulting Group

Innovate – or lose your seat at the top table, dear retailers


Established players in the retail sector have been usurped by creative newcomers that have prioritized innovation. Staying ahead of the curve in terms of technological advancements and consumer preferences is a factor for success.
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Chef holding frying pan, cooking food over the stove; Copyright: Image-Source/envato element

Food service equipment market size is set to grow


The global food service equipment market is driven by demands for environmentally friendly technologies and smart, networked devices.
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Two IKEA employees talk to each other; Copyright: INGKA Group

AI revolution at IKEA retail


IKEA is bringing forward a bold initiative to embed Artificial Intelligence literacy across its organisation, embracing the future of technology and humanity, hand in hand.
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Fruit and vegetable department of a SPAR supermarket in Austria; Copyright: SPAR/Foto Karg

AI-assisted inventory management and shelf planning in food retail


Optimal inventory management is important in food retail. Food waste can be combated with the help of AI and precise predictions of purchasing behavior.
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A shopping cart with a display on the handle; Copyright: ColruytGroup

Smart Cart developed and tested in-house at Colruyt Lowest Prices


Customers at Colruyt Lowest Prices might see a very special cart popping up in the aisles of their store. A new type of innovative shopping cart will be tested.
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A man stands in front of a glass wall behind which many different virtual displays of statistics can be seen; Copyright: Coresight Research/competera

AI pricing for retailers: Coresight research report delivers insights


The new report outlines the measurable advantages of utilizing AI for pricing decisions, as well as the obstacles retailers must overcome to maximize the returns of AI pricing technology investments.
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Symbolic image for artificial intelligence, a virtual cloud with

GemArt, JewelBot, and VoiceGem: new implementations of AI in the jewelry industry


The first Artificial Intelligence platform designed exclusively for jewelers offers three cutting-edge AI tools: each is tailored to revolutionize business operations and drive growth.
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A woman as a digital presenter in an app for sales; Copyright: announces new AI service package for merchants

14.03.2024 announced the launch of a suite of solutions for third-party merchants to boost revenues. This includes new AI services designed to reduce merchants’ operational costs.
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A person holds a tablet in their hand, a virtual shoe floats above it and in the background are other symbols that are supposed to stand for AI; Copyright: First Insight

AI perception gap on predictive analytics value


A new study uncovers a divide within the retail sector: CEOs are half as likely to see AI’s predictive analytics as a top 3 promising application compared to their management teams.
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A man is holding a smartphone against a scanner to enter an autonomous store; Copyright: Sainsbury's

“Autonomous stores”: Future reality or hype?


The concept of "Autonomous Stores", enabled by the development of artificial intelligence, is not new. Miya Knights, Publisher Retail Technology magazine, examines the increasing role of automation in stores.
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A person holds a yellow item of clothing in front of an intelligent mirror that displays product details for the item; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / A. Wiese

Experience technology innovations and a community connection at EuroCIS 2024


Elke Moebius, Director of EuroCIS, shares her expertise on the latest technology trends in retail ahead of EuroCIS 2024 on February 27.
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A person types on a notebook and a graphic in the foreground visualizes a chat history with an AI.; Copyright: AndersonPiza / envato elements

IKEA launches new AI-powered assistant in OpenAI GPT Store


IKEA has launched a new IKEA AI assistant, an AI-powered home design, inspiration and shopping tool, available exclusively on the OpenAI GPT Store.
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A woman and two men stand at a shopping cart at a trade fair and try out a hand scanner; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / A. Wiese

These technologies will fundamentally change retail


We asked exhibitors at EuroCIS which brand-new trends retailers should have on their radar and which technologies will inspire their customers in the future.
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An automated store targeting Gen Z incorporating technology and AI powered tools; Copyright: SPAR Hungary

SPAR Hungary trials Gen Z pop-up store using AI


In order to specifically target Gen Z customers, SPAR Hungary ran a two-day trial of an automated store – incorporating technology and AI powered tools.
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A fruit and vegetable section in a supermarket; copyright: SPAR/Foto Karg

Innovation campaign for fresher fruit and vegetables awarded


With its innovative "Fruit and vegetables 3 days fresher" campaign, SPAR Austria won the "Future of European Commerce" Award in the Digitalisation category.
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Various fast foods on a table with deep fryers and a robotic arm in the background; Copyright: Miso Robotics

World's first fully autonomous AI-powered restaurant opening


Cali Group and Miso Robotics announced that they are soon opening CaliExpress by Flippy™, the world's first fully autonomous restaurant.
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A festive graphic for Kohl's storybook magic; Copyright: Kohl's

Kohl’s introduces new interactive Christmas experiences for customers


Kohl’s is giving customers new ways to inspire their holiday shopping. From personalized gifting recommendations using AI technology to Kohl’s influencers top holiday picks, Kohl’s is using technology and social media tools to help customers find all the best gifts for their family and friends.
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A smartphone on which the AI assistant can be seen; Copyright: Kingfisher

Kingfisher launches AI-powered DIY assistant


Kingfisher has launched the first AI-powered assistant in the home improvement sector, harnessing the capability of generative AI to support customers with their DIY projects.
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A person using a DTEK touch screen; Copyright: revolutionizes retail with SWIFT

31.10.2023, a leading provider of innovative retail technology solutions, officially launched SWIFT at North Star, one of the world's most disruptive global startup events in 2023. The revolutionary technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to transform the retail checkout process.
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A robot equipped with RFID for an automated inventory; Copyright: DECATHLON

RFID in retail and fast food


A transition is brewing in the world of retail: RFID. While by no means new, the technology is becoming a fundamental tool in the retail sector, revolutionizing the way goods are tracked, organized and sold.
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The headquarter building of fashion company Mango; Copyright: Mango

Mango launches conversational generative AI platform


Mango is moving forward in its digital transformation with the launch of Lisa, the company’s own internal conversational generative Artificial Intelligence platform.
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A visual for AI as digital shopping assistants; Copyright: Mohamed Nohassi/Unsplash

AI shopping guide announced by Microsoft


Development in e-commerce never stands still. Microsoft provides proof with its new AI functions for the Bing search engine, which are soon to be rolled out. The Buying Guide is a shopping guide tailored to users within the Bing search results page.
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A robot hand on which a burger is placed; Copyright: Business Wire

SavorEat debuts first plant-based Robot Chef


SavorEat, the food tech company bringing customization and sustainability (using AI and 3D printing technologies) to food service, partners with Sodexo to bring SavorEat’s Robot Chef into the U.S. market.
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A self-service shelf for bakery products with many compartments; Copyright: Shop-IQ

AI for baking stations: Freshness is king


The Smart Bakery Box, an AI-driven system, analyzes the sales figures of self-service baking stations and determines the optimal production quantity.
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The Caper Cart in a Store; Copyright: instacart

Schnucks and Instacart expand with smart carts


Schnuck Markets, Inc. and Instacart, the leading grocery technology company in North America, today announced the companies will expand their omnichannel partnership by deploying Caper Carts, Instacart’s smart carts, in select stores.
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A visualization for GPT4; Copyright: D koi/Unsplash

Carrefour integrates OpenAI technologies and launches a generative AI-powered shopping experience


Carrefour has launched Hopla, a chatbot based on ChatGPT which will be integrated into the website. Customers are able to use this natural-language AI to help them with their daily shopping.
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The Express Store by Viessmann and Pixevia at EuroShop 2023 with a refrigerated island in front of the small store; Copyright: Viessmann

Express Store from Viessmann and Pixevia at EuroShop 2023


Enabling a comfortable "just-walk-out" shopping experience, thanks to state-of-the-art technology: Viessmann presented such a convenience store at EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf.
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A man gives a talk on a red stage in front of an audience; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Retail Technology Stage @ EuroShop 2023


The Retail Technology Stage at EuroShop featured many technological solutions for the retail sector. Suppliers and users discussed current use cases.
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An autonomous Zabka Nano Store; Copyright: Zabka Group

Autonomous stores: Grab&Go concepts multiplying


The autonomous store, which enables shopping with an automated payment process in the background, represents a major leap forward in innovation in the retail sector.
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A seemingly human eye, around it rows of numbers representing artificial intelligence; Copyright: PantherMedia/sergey_nivens (YAYMicro)

Machine vision: Cameras observe and "think along"


Machine vision has recently made great strides. It is also being used in the area of checkout control in retail.
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Baked goods lie on a store shelf; copyright: Mae Mu/Unsplash.

Energy management: ecological footprint in bakeries


Intelligent planning can counteract food and energy waste. The EIT Food project PrO4Bake aims to use AI to optimize the daily processes of bakeries.
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 Automation concept on blurred supermarket background; Copyright: PantherMedia / Funtap

Sustainable Smart Stores: The Concept of the Future?


Xenia Giese from Microsoft tells how stores could save money, time and resources and thus operate even more efficiently and sustainably.
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Unmanned store of Carrefour on orange ground; copyright: Carrefour Express 24/7

Shopping 24/7: Staff-free operated stores


Tiny store, micro store, smart store, vending machine store – different names for concepts that all have the same goal: Customers shop 24/7 in staff-free stores.
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A small child looks over a table and has glasses in front of his eyes; copyright: PantherMedia/zmijak

Virtual try-on solutions for eyeglasses thanks to AI


Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, even for "try-on" items like eyeglasses. As a result, virtual try-on solutions have gained a fair amount of momentum in online stores in recent years.
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A woman walks into a store and holds a smartphone up to a reader; copyright: Zippin

Checkout-free and unmanned stores


Completely cashierless or staff-free stores are still rare, but there are successful examples. Will they soon become a serious alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar stores?
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