Four different fuel taps at a filling station; Copyright: lucigerma/Envato

Biofuels for sustainable retail logistics


Leading retailers such as Walmart, Tesco, EDEKA and SPAR are under pressure to make their transport methods more environmentally friendly. They are therefore trialling alternative drive methods such as biofuels.
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Chef holding frying pan, cooking food over the stove; Copyright: Image-Source/envato element

Food service equipment market size is set to grow


The global food service equipment market is driven by demands for environmentally friendly technologies and smart, networked devices.
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A bake shop with a modern shop design and lighting in a grid pattern; Copyright: Imoon

Lighting technology by Imoon renovates retailing formats


Energy efficiency and experiential design are driving innovation in the retail industry. Lighting design is emerging as a key element for sustainability and the creation of immersive shopping experiences.
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A room with a technological system in the background, in front of it a person is holding a tablet with a dashboard; copyright: Adobe Stock

How do retail companies save energy?


The study "Energy Management in Retail 2023" provides insights into the energy consumption of retail companies. Examples of how they save energy are intended to serve as inspiration for others.
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Danfoss leads the way to zero-emission supermarkets


Danfoss is testing what environmentally friendly supermarkets could look like in a smart store. State-of-the-art technologies in the fields of refrigeration, heat recovery and energy management are being used.
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Lampen von Signify auf der EuroShop; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Andreas Wiese

Lighting management in retail


We spoke with Dennis Sczech from Signify DACH about the current potential in lighting management: This includes the Internet of Things, sustainable lighting solutions and in-store navigation.
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A self-driving robot (example image for a CaPow robot); Copyright: JulieStar / Envato Elements

Perpetual power delivery solution for mobile robots


In an expansion outside of Europe, the first-ever perpetual power delivery platform revolutionizes warehousing operations by supplying a non-stop power flow to robotic solutions while in motion, enabling 100% operational uptime
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The Cameron Battery Storage, is co-located with Ingka Investments’ Cameron Wind Farm ; Copyright: Ingka

Ingka Investments partners with Apex Clean Energy


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A woman stands at an e-pump and pays with a card; Copyright: ccv

Easy charging – quick payment


2023 is the year in which the new charging station regulation comes into force. The aim of this regulation is to make it easier for drivers to charge their electric vehicles in the future. Then all newly installed public charging stations will have to accept debit and credit cards.
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Booklets on the shelf; copyright: Unsplash/Maarten van den Heuvel

Sustainability reporting becomes mandatory


The critical view of CO2 emissions and many other sustainability issues is increasing. Soon, no one will be able to avoid taking appropriate measures and communicating them.
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LIDL Metropol branch in Frankfurt by night; Copyright: LIDL

Lighting: solutions that benefit climate action and customers


Acting sustainably is the credo of the hour for many companies. For retailers, this applies to store lighting, among other things. We have collected a few examples of resource-saving illumination.
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Baked goods lie on a store shelf; copyright: Mae Mu/Unsplash.

Energy management: ecological footprint in bakeries


Intelligent planning can counteract food and energy waste. The EIT Food project PrO4Bake aims to use AI to optimize the daily processes of bakeries.
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One hand holds a magnifying glass over small plastic green, yellow, orange and red houses; Copyright: PantherMedia/Andriy Popov

Smart energy management solutions for the retail sector


Retail energy management brings many opportunities for saving costs, finds the EHI Retail Institute study ‘Energy Management in Retail 2020’.
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Frozen food shelves and refrigerated islands; Copyright: beta-web GmbH

Technologies for cooling and energy management


Energy management in refrigeration and air conditioning, automation in building technology: EuroShop 2020 helps you find modern solutions for the retail industry.
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