A person wears the Apple Vision Pro on their head; Copyright: Apple

3D shopping: mixed reality headsets are revolutionising retail


Using mixed-reality-headsets for shopping, is an innovative way to visualize and experience products. There are pioneering retailers and brands experimenting with AR and VR tools, such as the Apple Vision Pro, for their customer journeys.
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A hologram of a seated woman giving advice in a bright box, with a man sitting and a woman standing in front of it; Copyright: Cairo AG

Holographic consulting in retail


Holograms only exist in science fiction films? In fact, holographic customer advice has now been tested in the retail sector. Sales staff from Cairo AG were able to accompany customers on their shopping trip from a distance and in person at the same time.
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A person stands in front of an LED wall; Copyright: Boston Consulting Group

Innovate – or lose your seat at the top table, dear retailers


Established players in the retail sector have been usurped by creative newcomers that have prioritized innovation. Staying ahead of the curve in terms of technological advancements and consumer preferences is a factor for success.
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A look into Lowe's Style Studio for the Apple Vision Pro ; Copyright: Lowe's

Lowe's Style Studio for Apple Vision Pro


Lowe's takes advantage of the unique capabilities of Apple's first spatial computer to help customers visualize and design their dream kitchen from home.
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A festive graphic for Kohl's storybook magic; Copyright: Kohl's

Kohl’s introduces new interactive Christmas experiences for customers


Kohl’s is giving customers new ways to inspire their holiday shopping. From personalized gifting recommendations using AI technology to Kohl’s influencers top holiday picks, Kohl’s is using technology and social media tools to help customers find all the best gifts for their family and friends.
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Oversized women's dresses float between tall buildings in New York City; Copyright: Macy's

Macy’s launches new digital fashion platform: mstylelab


Macy’s launches mstylelab, a new engagement platform that journeys into the future of fashion merging the physical and digital realms to create cutting-edge experiences.
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Iconic image for a digital twin in retail; Copyright: Daniels Joffe/Unsplash

Digital twins in retail


So-called digital twins are designed to enable decision-makers and employees in companies to run through scenarios and thus make better decisions.
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A man gives a talk on a stage in front of an audience; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Connected Retail @ EuroShop 2023


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A woman using the 3D scanner from doob; copyright: doob

Virtualizing shopping experiences


Avatars are not just digital images of ourselves, but a new form of virtual identity. They enable us to move around in digital spaces and thus create new experiences.
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Screenshot of Alo Yoga Virtual Reality Shopping Experience; Copyright: Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga launches virtual reality shopping experience


Alo Yoga announced it has launched an immersive digital shopping experience complete with virtual reality integration, digital styling capabilities, streaming beauty and wellness tutorials, workout classes, and seamless checkout.
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Clothes in a virtual showroom; Copyright: Lacoste; Screenshot

The magic of virtual showrooms


Experiences during the Corona pandemic have shown that in the spaces between personal, physical in-store shopping and the more impersonal, rigid web store there is the potential for richer shopping experiences. With impressive online showrooms, many retailers and brands have tried to bridge this gap.
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A smartphone on which augmented reality is used in a kitchen; Copyright: Zephyr

Augmented reality: untapped retail potential


AR technology enables extended reality applications that go far beyond entertainment purposes and are gaining traction in the retail sector.
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A small child looks over a table and has glasses in front of his eyes; copyright: PantherMedia/zmijak

Virtual try-on solutions for eyeglasses thanks to AI


Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, even for "try-on" items like eyeglasses. As a result, virtual try-on solutions have gained a fair amount of momentum in online stores in recent years.
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A woman uses gestures to control an app for trying out cosmetics; copyright: Perfect Corp

Magic mirrors and augmented reality in the beauty industry


Now there is another B2C retail sector – apart from the furniture and fashion industries – with emerging AR use cases: enter the beauty industry.
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