An ALDI employee juggles with colorful cubes; Copyright: ALDI SÜD

Recruitment marketing: How retailers attract young talent


The competition for qualified junior staff and tech talent is tougher than ever. Leading retail companies are therefore relying on creative and innovative HR marketing strategies.
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A hologram of a seated woman giving advice in a bright box, with a man sitting and a woman standing in front of it; Copyright: Cairo AG

Holographic consulting in retail


Holograms only exist in science fiction films? In fact, holographic customer advice has now been tested in the retail sector. Sales staff from Cairo AG were able to accompany customers on their shopping trip from a distance and in person at the same time.
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Many people at an event in the CUPRA Flagship Store Berlin; Copyright: CUPRA

Local event marketing as the key to authentic brand loyalty


In a digitalized and globalized world, local event marketing is coming more into focus. Companies are recognizing the importance of personal interaction and are focusing on a genuine customer relationship.
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 A counter of a small café with a fully automatic coffee machine and drinks list,

Customer centricity paves new paths for the car industry


The traditional car trade is rapidly being overtaken by innovative marketing concepts. The electric car brand NIO from Shanghai, for example, is fully committed to customer centricity and community building.
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Al-Futtaim IKEA Store of Tomorrow; Copyright: Al-Futtaim IKEA

Al-Futtaim IKEA unveils the Store of Tomorrow: A playground for families


Al-Futtaim IKEA announces the launch of its innovative "Store of Tomorrow," revolutionizing the retail landscape with a focus on play, exploration and family-friendly experiences.
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A modern Lotus dealership with a large screen, seating and a product display on the sides of the room; Copyright: mediaman

How e-car brands are revolutionizing retail in China


Discover how e-car brand stores redefine the shopping encounter, wowing customers with immersive experiences.
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The brightly illuminated GR.iD shopping, dining and education center in Singapore; Copyright: Fabian Ong

GR.iD: Where shopping, gastronomy and community merge


Some of the most fabulous architecture can be found in Singapore. Now another project has been added that is definitely worth seeing: GR.iD is a youth-focused shopping, dining and education center in the heart of Singapore's Selegie arts district.
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A big Christmas Tree with lights in front of a stage, where a person sings into a microphone infront of an entry to an Asda store; Copyright: Asda

Asda to create a showstopping Christmas tree with Michael Bublé


To celebrate its 2023 Christmas campaign starring none other than Michael Bublé, Asda has turned to a little Christmas magic (and a large festive helping of technology) to create a unique first-of-its-kind public Christmas tree.
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The sales area of the Sephora store in Wuhan; Copyright: Sephora

Sephora's Stores of the Future


On October 13, 2023, Sephora officially unveiled its “Store of the Future” in Wuhan, China. The new branch was designed to combine various services and brands with technological and digital elements to create an immersive shopping experience.
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The MUSINSA Flagship Store from the outside; Copyright: MUSINSA

MUSINSA opens its first offline flagship store


South Korea’s leading fashion company, announces the grand opening of its first offline flagship store on October 27. Located at the center of Daegu city, MUSINSA’s first offline flagship store features a diverse range of styles of about 200 brands from casual to formal and beyond.
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A round table with mirrors and stools in a Douglas store; Copyright: beta-web GmbH/Pott

Douglas store for Gen Z shoppers


Douglas has developed a store on Königsallee in Düsseldorf's shopping center that is aimed specifically at young consumers. Of course, a fresh design and digital elements cannot be missing.
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Concept art of the window design for the “Blind Box” store; Copyright: MINISO

MINISO to open its first UK “Blind Box” store


MINISO, is set to open its first UK “Blind Box” store in London. The new store will bring the growing blind box trend – an exciting way to buy mystery toys and collectibles.
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An oversized Porsche 911 sculpture at the IAA Open Space; Copyright: 2023 Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Oversized Porsche 911 is a crowd favourite


The finishing straight of the IAA Mobility: The world’s biggest mobility trade fair. At the Open Space in the centre of Munich, Porsche is celebrating ‘60 Years of the 911’ with an unusual sculpture.
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The 60 years of SPAR Ireland Logo; Copyright: SPAR Ireland

Celebrating 60 years of SPAR Ireland


As part of its year-long 60th anniversary celebrations, SPAR Ireland opened a pop-up store at Johnson Place in Dublin city centre in June, with a retro 1960s feel.
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Flower beds and plants among old flat industrial buildings; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Moebius

Victoria Yards in Johannesburg: working, selling and learning together


The Victoria Yards in Johannesburg, South Africa is an innovative mixed-use project that combines art, social initiatives, sustainability, and commerce.
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The Apple Store in Mumbai from the outside; Copyright: Elke Moebius/Messe Düsseldorf

Apple opens first retail store in India


On April 18, 2023, Apple opened its first store in India. In addition to the products themselves, the focus here is on the customer experience and service. The architecture and energy supply of the building are also remarkable.
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The Future-Urban-Lab booth at EuroShop; Copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf

What are the building blocks for the city center of tomorrow?


For retail as well as for our coexistence in cities, the following applies: Our demands and habits are changing. In addition, there is an accelerated change in areas such as digitalization, climate and infrastructure. It is therefore particularly exciting to find answers to the question: What constitutes a livable, future-oriented city center for us?
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The transformed 1981 Boeing 747-230B aircraft; Copyright: Coach

"Coach Airways": retail concept store within a plane


Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is proud to unveil the world’s first Coach Airways, a unique retail concept store and café housed in a transformed 1981 Boeing 747-230B aircraft.
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A Reddy Shop in Shop experience; Copyright: Petco

Petco unveils complete pet care experience at new flagship store


Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. unveiled its new Union Square flagship, a unique one-stop health and wellness destination for pets, in the heart of New York City.
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Ingka Centres introduces Step Store; Copyright: Ingka Centres

Ingka Centres introduces Step Store


Meeting places across Europe and Asia from Ingka Centres will be opening Step Stores this month, a brand-new, innovative pop-up retail space that allows visitors to swap in daily steps for currency – to purchase to health-focused products, discounts at local stores, or charity donations.
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The Jordan World of Flight store in Tokyo from the outside; Copyright: RK

Jordan World of Flight opens in Tokyo


Last December, the first Jordan World of Flight store opened in Milan. This concept aims to celebrate the legacy and future of the basketball culture. The next opening quickly followed in March 2023.
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A hall in the Canal Walk Mall in South Africa; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Moebius

Canal Walk Shopping Centre: enjoy your shopping experience at Cape Town's largest mall


EuroShop, the World's No. 1 Retail Trade Fair is an international event that brings exhibitors and visitors from all over the world together in Düsseldorf.
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The Scentsorial project by Bulgari; Copyright: ARR

Bulgari launches Scentsorial: an exclusive and immersive olfactory experience


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Exterior view of a Dengo branch; Copyright: RK

Tracing the journey of chocolate


Dengo is a Brazilian cocoa and chocolate brand. The company is not only aware of the environmental impact of its business, but also of its social responsibility.
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Fünf Personen bei einer Panel-Diskussion auf einer Bühne; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Expo + Event Stage @ EuroShop 2023


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A woman stands at an e-pump and pays with a card; Copyright: ccv

This robot sells chocolates


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Café Le Parc by tashas with occupied tables and a tree in the room; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Moebius

Hyde Park Corner Mall in Johannesburg


With a nod to the British Empire, Johannesburg’s Hyde Park neighborhood is named after the prestigious Hyde Park district of London. Its Hyde Park Corner shopping center embraces this prestige and sense of exclusivity, delighting a discerning, affluent audience.
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Screenshot of Alo Yoga Virtual Reality Shopping Experience; Copyright: Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga launches virtual reality shopping experience


Alo Yoga announced it has launched an immersive digital shopping experience complete with virtual reality integration, digital styling capabilities, streaming beauty and wellness tutorials, workout classes, and seamless checkout.
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The Haleco project in the foreground with Montréal, Canada in the background; Copyright: 2022 Haleco

Urban planning challenges: managing change in times of crisis


The rise of digitization and online retail businesses put retailers in city centers under pressure like never before.  Over the past years, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have only added to mounting concerns. The future of urban centers and brick-and-mortar retail seems more uncertain than ever before.
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C Bechstein Flagship Store exterior facade; Copyright:EuroShop/Manleitner

Store Tour on Düsseldorf's luxury mile Kö


A store tour at the EuroShop trade press day already gave a good preview of the topics retailers are dealing with and the means and measures they are using to attract customers to their stores despite economically challenging times.
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Tech Village Berlin; Copyright: MediaMarktSaturn

Store Concept: Consumer Electronics Retailer Embraces Experience


"Tech Village Berlin”, the retailer’s first so-called “Lighthouse” market, recently opened its doors on the iconic Alexanderplatz. The new location of the consumer electronics company features an innovative store concept. Let’s take a closer look.
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A smartphone on which augmented reality is used in a kitchen; Copyright: Zephyr

Augmented reality: untapped retail potential


AR technology enables extended reality applications that go far beyond entertainment purposes and are gaining traction in the retail sector.
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Interactive screen in the window of the BOSS store in London; Copyright: HUGO BOSS

Hugo Boss: Reinventing and Revamping the Brand Experience


In the new BOSS flagship store from HUGO BOSS on London's Oxford Street, the shopping experience begins before customers even enter the store. The company wants to take shopping to the next level.
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Audi House of Progress in Shanghai; copyright: Audi AG

Store Concept: Brand Experience Center Versus Car Dealership


So much more than just a car showroom: The Audi House of Progress in Shanghai.
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Messe Düsseldorf trainees pose for a photo; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

What is it like to train as an event manager at Messe Düsseldorf?


Hello everyone! We, Theresa, Leon, Luisa, Fyn, Lina and I, Moritz, are the trainees at Messe Düsseldorf. We started our training as event managers in the summer of 2020.
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A man in a shopping mall points a finger, the movement is recorded by a virtual matrix; Copyright: Ameria AG

Touchless interaction for retail displays


Touchless operation of displays - this sounds a bit like science fiction, but users can already try it out at some points of sale.
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Exterior view of the new Apple Store on Rosenthaler Strasse in Berlin; Copyright: Apple Inc.

Apple opens new store in Berlin


On December 2nd, Apple openend its new Berlin store on Rosenthaler Straße, the first Apple Store in Berlin-Mitte.
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Hybrid showroom by s.Oliver; Copyright: s.Oliver

Hybrid showroom: the best of both worlds?


Some say shopping online is easy and convenient – just a few digital clicks and your purchase is complete. Others love to come to a physical store because they crave the tactile experience of shopping. They want to inspect, touch, and feel the products before they buy them.
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A hand holds a smartphone, on the display a picture of a woman in a patterned outfit, in the background a shirt of the same pattern; copyright: Burberry

Burberry debuts Social Retail Store in Shenzhen, China


Last year, British luxury fashion retailer Burberry implemented a new store concept in which social media plays a prominent role. The store in Shenzhen is designed to offer an interactive and immersive shopping experience that merges the physical world with the online universe.
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A film shot in a studio with technician, monitors and presenter at the console; copyright: Digital Days 2020 - Deutsche Messe AG

Digital events: No permanent alternative for most exhibitors in Germany


17 % of the companies are currently using digital events due to the numerous trade fair cancellations, but want to give up on this commitment when physical trade fairs can be held again.
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A person wearing VR goggles gestures; copyright: creenshot from a YouTube video by ICT AG.

Virtual trade show presentations


The opportunity to see, touch, smell, and experience a product live at the trade show booth is a one-of-a-kind experience. Yet sometimes it’s physically impossible to showcase all products.
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A young woman stands at an exhibitor booth; copyright:© beta-web GmbH/Saeed

Trends in brick-and-mortar retail: 3 tips


Educating and entertaining customers – according to Vanessa Keen, Head of New Business and Marketing of Design4Retail, that’s what retailers need to do to get consumers in their stores. And in-store technology plays a major role in that regard.
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digitized room conception; Copyright: beta-web GmbH

Expo & Event Marketing: planned down to the smallest detail


Trade fairs and events need precise concepts and individual solutions that bring brand communication to the point. A glance into the exhibition halls of EuroShop 2020 shows all this.
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Two women and a man talking, in front of a photograph; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Sustainable and networked: The future of the world of exhibitions


How is the trade show landscape developing now and in the future? At the K trade fair, Elke Moebius met IFES Vice President Torsten Heinze to talk about the goals of the international association, which will be an exhibitor at EuroShop in February 2020.
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Thorsten Sydow Salt Solutions Eventmarketing; Copyright: Salt Solution

Event marketing opportunities: from person to person


Thorsten Sydow of SALT Solutions suggests using live events to create experiences and strengthen customer relationships.
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View of the Nike House of Innovation in Shanghai with stairs, elevators and digital elements; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Nike House of Innovation No 1 in Shanghai


In Shanghai, Nike launched the first "House of Innovation". The EuroShop team was on site on the occasion of C-star 2019 and visited the store.
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Visitors and booths at EuroCIS 2018; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Exhibitions score points with networking and experiences


German exhibiting companies see considerable advantages in using trade shows as a medium for business-to-business communication compared to digital tools - such as social media or virtual marketplaces.
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Several Chinese customers stand by an aquarium with fresh fish for sale

Alibaba’s Hema Fresh Store


The Hema Fresh store in Shanghai offers quite a few experiential moments. Fresh fish from the aquarium, floating shopping bags and omnichannel at its best.
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Sound devices at the shop window; copyright: Feonic

Sound systems perfectly stage products and brands


With music nothing should be left to chance because a professional music concept not only enhances the brand experience, but also increases the time customers spend in the store.
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