On the left, skiers on a lift float into the blue sky, in the middle a transparent shoe is presented, and on the right a colorful sneaker stands out; Copyright: Reebok

Reebok launches a personalized AI experience for sneaker fans


The sports brand cooperates with AI and metaverse company Futureverse to create a customizing experience for fashion on Instagram.
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A smartphone with the Albertsons app open; Copyright: Business Wire

Albertsons Companies wins award for best shopping and retail app


The retailer was voted the ‘People’s Voice’ winner for its mobile app. Albertsons has been updating and redesigning the app to create a seamless digital shopping experience.
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A festive graphic for Kohl's storybook magic; Copyright: Kohl's

Kohl’s introduces new interactive Christmas experiences for customers


Kohl’s is giving customers new ways to inspire their holiday shopping. From personalized gifting recommendations using AI technology to Kohl’s influencers top holiday picks, Kohl’s is using technology and social media tools to help customers find all the best gifts for their family and friends.
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A screenshot of the Shop the Moment offer from Walmart; Copyright: Walmart

Walmart enables viewers to "shop the moment" while streaming


Walmart and NBCUniversal announced a new commerce partnership that allows Bravo fans to 'shop the moment' on Peacock for the first time. Fans can shop directly from the retailer while tuning in to Bravo’s "Below Deck Mediterranean" season 8 the next day on Peacock.
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Oversized women's dresses float between tall buildings in New York City; Copyright: Macy's

Macy’s launches new digital fashion platform: mstylelab


Macy’s launches mstylelab, a new engagement platform that journeys into the future of fashion merging the physical and digital realms to create cutting-edge experiences.
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A man and a woman stand behind the counter in a store looking happy; Copyright: Constantin Mirbach

Google Business Profile – digital showplace for retailers


In recent years, many retailers have been working on digitizing their business. Online and offline sales channels are increasingly merging. In this context, the Google Business Profile occupies a key position.
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A screenshot of the Meal Plans; Copyright: Business Wire

Albertsons Companies: Innovations to Meal Plans Tool


Customers can save time and money on the app by meal planning from a vast array of shoppable recipes developed by professional chefs and dieticians.
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A man sits at a desk that has been expanded into a gaming station with screens and equipment; Copyright: Florian Olivo/Unsplash

In-game advertising: potential for retailers and brands


Whether using game consoles, on smartphones or desktop PCs, gamers not only consume the game content itself, they are also receptive to brand messages and shopping inspiration within the gaming world.
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Graphics from the game Fortnight, which features Nike shoes; Copyright: Nike

Nike launches Airphoria in Fortnite


Nike is launching “Airphoria” in Fortnite, a first-of-its-kind gaming experience. Airphoria brings to life the future of sport experiences at the intersection of games and culture, bringing together Nike’s iconic Air Max brand and the immersive world of Fortnite.
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A person stands in front of the billboards in Time Square; Copyright: Joshua Earle / Unsplash

Contextual targeting: Content counts after all!


Placing an advertising banner on websites or a bit of search engine advertising is something many businesses do. But how do I achieve more success with it? And what happens to the targeting of my ads when the third-party cookies are stopped?
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A man gives a talk on a stage in front of an audience; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Connected Retail @ EuroShop 2023


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A woman using the 3D scanner from doob; copyright: doob

Virtualizing shopping experiences


Avatars are not just digital images of ourselves, but a new form of virtual identity. They enable us to move around in digital spaces and thus create new experiences.
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Screenshot of Alo Yoga Virtual Reality Shopping Experience; Copyright: Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga launches virtual reality shopping experience


Alo Yoga announced it has launched an immersive digital shopping experience complete with virtual reality integration, digital styling capabilities, streaming beauty and wellness tutorials, workout classes, and seamless checkout.
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Clothes in a virtual showroom; Copyright: Lacoste; Screenshot

The magic of virtual showrooms


Experiences during the Corona pandemic have shown that in the spaces between personal, physical in-store shopping and the more impersonal, rigid web store there is the potential for richer shopping experiences. With impressive online showrooms, many retailers and brands have tried to bridge this gap.
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A smartphone on which augmented reality is used in a kitchen; Copyright: Zephyr

Augmented reality: untapped retail potential


AR technology enables extended reality applications that go far beyond entertainment purposes and are gaining traction in the retail sector.
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A man in a shopping mall points a finger, the movement is recorded by a virtual matrix; Copyright: Ameria AG

Touchless interaction for retail displays


Touchless operation of displays - this sounds a bit like science fiction, but users can already try it out at some points of sale.
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A small child looks over a table and has glasses in front of his eyes; copyright: PantherMedia/zmijak

Virtual try-on solutions for eyeglasses thanks to AI


Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, even for "try-on" items like eyeglasses. As a result, virtual try-on solutions have gained a fair amount of momentum in online stores in recent years.
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Robot in an exhibition hall with hearts as eyes; Copyright: beta-web GmbH

Retail Marketing: Attracting customers to the POS


Marketing is the key to the aha-experience in bricks and mortar retail. The right eye-catchers can arouse emotions and also attract new customers into the stores. Whether three-dimensional or digital: find anything for your POS at the EuroShop 2020.
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Two young women taking part in a survey; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

How much do you know about the future of shopping?


Can you explain the terms “chatbot” or “contactless payment”? These are two of the buzzwords that everyone in the retail industry is talking about. We had a look around Düsseldorf city centre to see how well the public knows about the future of shopping.
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