Ice cold iced tea in the corner store

Innovative technology now brings efficient CO2 refrigeration to smaller shops


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Oliver Liegeois, Director Marketing Refrigeration at technology and engineering company Emerson.
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CO2: The problem and the solution

Cooling technologies in pilot project at Co-op market

Refrigerated shelves with products in a supermarket; copyright: Emerson

During the 18-month test phase, the system delivered reliable cooling performance from the start – despite the hottest summer in the Northern Hemisphere (June to August 2020) since weather records began. © Emerson

CO2 booster system with four CO2 scroll MT compressors; copyright: Emerson

At the heart of the CO2 booster system are four CO2 scroll MT compressors with DVI technology and two CO2 scroll LT compressors without injection. © Emerson

CO2-Scroll-Booster system; copyright: Emerson

The CO2 scroll booster system is controlled and monitored by the specially developed Copeland XC Pro CO2 scroll system controller. It is fully compatible with Co-op’s existing building management system (BMS). © Emerson

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Refrigeration for small and midsized retailing space

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