Automated smart stores: Never run out of milk for your cereal ever again!

Promising staff-free store concepts


A man in a white shirt and tie smiles at the camera; Copyright: Stephan Rüschen

Prof. Dr. Stephan Rüschen is Professor of Food Retailing at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Heilbronn.
© Stephan Rüschen

Similarities and differences in staff-free store concepts

A small supermarket by Edeke and Deutsche Bahn in three dark containers; Copyright: Deutsche Bahn

Food market E 24/7 by Edeka and Deutsche Bahn at Renningen station
© Deutsche Bahn

What makes staff-free store concepts successful?

A mockup of an electric charging station; Copyright: Kreisler

The Auf-Laden Kreisler is a self-sufficient charging point with self-produced green electricity for e-vehicles near a highway in southern Styria. At the same time, the fully automated vending machine offers local and regional products.
© Kreisler

A variety of concepts: Grab & Go, self-checkout kiosks, and vending machines

A DIY store at night from the outside; Copyright: Würth

Craftsmen and women can also shop at Würth24 branches outside opening hours. Registered customers gain access to the store via app, have their items scanned automatically on the checkout belt and receive an invoice afterwards.
© Würth

A person holds a smartphone over a scanner at a small table; Copyright: TYPY

Use of the TYPY Store in the Media Harbor Düsseldorf by ordering via the app

The future of smart stores

A pickup box for ordered groceries with a glass front; Copyrigth: TYPY


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