The untapped potential of augmented reality in retail

How augmented reality can add value to the customer experience


Augmented Reality: Exceedingly more than pure entertainment technology

Chart: Augmented reality user engagement; Copyright: Snap Inc.

According to the report, companies do not yet offer the diverse AR experience that users want. In all areas surveyed, respondents expressed significantly more interest in AR experiences than companies currently want to offer. © Snap Inc.

AR can boost the customer journey

Screenshot from the Curious Company commercial; Copyright: Curious Company

The Curious Company created an AR product experience for The North Face trekking shoe VECTIV. For example, the components of the animated athletic shoe can be displayed to illustrate the materials used and the design of the shoe. © Curious Company GmbH

A smartphone using augmented reality in a kitchen; Copyright: Zephyr

Zephyr offers various AR functions to virtually place their products in the kitchen at home. In the provider's app, users can select items, place them, adjust dimensions and designs, and even recreate the function and strength of lighting. © Zephyr

AR helps expand retail shelves, sales floors, or window displays in a virtual environment

A person uses augmented reality on a tablet in front of a shop window; Copyright: Pia-Henkel-22

© Pia-Henkel-22

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