A room with a technological system in the background, in front of it a person is holding a tablet with a dashboard; copyright: Adobe Stock

How do retail companies save energy?


The study "Energy Management in Retail 2023" provides insights into the energy consumption of retail companies. Examples of how they save energy are intended to serve as inspiration for others.
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Danfoss leads the way to zero-emission supermarkets


Danfoss is testing what environmentally friendly supermarkets could look like in a smart store. State-of-the-art technologies in the fields of refrigeration, heat recovery and energy management are being used.
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A Selfly freezer in an airport; Copyright: Selfly Store

Automated retail: Selfly Store introduces intelligent freezer


In April, the vending company Selfly Store introduced its latest product: the Selfly Freezer. We spoke to CMO Malin Östman about first experiences with the smart freezer and the potential of unmanned shopping.
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A sundae in an icy freezer; copyright: Dev Benjamin/Unsplash (edited).

Filters for refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms


Efficient cooling of food involves more than just ensuring cold temperatures. CNT Technology has developed a filter to improve cooling performance and protect refrigerated cabinets.
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A symbolic image of greenhouse gases and climate change; Copyright: Chris LeBoutillier/Unsplash

Natural refrigerants: the new cool


Food refrigeration in grocery stores is directly linked to global warming. Natural refrigerants reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Close-up of ice cubes lying on a dark shiny surface against a blue background; copyright: nodar77/Envato

CO2 refrigeration system for grocery retailers


The challenge for food retailers to refrigerate efficiently and sustainably is growing. Innovative technologies can help.
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A large stand of Arneg at EuroShop with various refrigerated cabinets

The Arneg Group will bring ‘Respect’ to Euroshop 2023


The Arneg Group is gearing up for the 21st edition of EuroShop with the message RESPECT – an all-encompassing concept to enable companies to work together for responsible growth.
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One hand holds a magnifying glass over small plastic green, yellow, orange and red houses; Copyright: PantherMedia/Andriy Popov

Smart energy management solutions for the retail sector


Retail energy management brings many opportunities for saving costs, finds the EHI Retail Institute study ‘Energy Management in Retail 2020’.
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Frozen food shelves and refrigerated islands; Copyright: beta-web GmbH

Technologies for cooling and energy management


Energy management in refrigeration and air conditioning, automation in building technology: EuroShop 2020 helps you find modern solutions for the retail industry.
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