Two people each holding a meat package; Copyright: Central Retail

Tops launches 100% biodegradable eco-friendly meat packaging


Tops launches eco-friendly meat packaging for chilled meat sections. It utilises natural plant materials that swiftly decompose and reduce plastic pollution.
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A view of the fish and meat counters at Edeka Hundrieser; Copyright: beta-web/Pott

Mining history meets modern market culture at Edeka Hundrieser


Essen in the Ruhr region was a center of the mining industry. The architecture and design team made reference to this tradition when redesigning the Edeka Hundrieser.
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Chef holding frying pan, cooking food over the stove; Copyright: Image-Source/envato element

Food service equipment market size is set to grow


The global food service equipment market is driven by demands for environmentally friendly technologies and smart, networked devices.
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Image of a virtual supermarket; Copyright: ILR/Uni Bonn

Nudging in a virtual supermarket for more animal welfare


It may be possible to change the purchasing behavior of consumers noticeably using some simple strategies. At least this is what a study, carried out by the University of Bonn and the Technical University of Munich, indicates.
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Four people sit together and discuss their business plans on a whiteboard; Copyright: Austin Distel / Unsplash

Leading global grocery retailers establish collaborative venture fund


The fund will seek to invest in innovative start-ups and scale-ups that deploy technology to enhance customer experiences, transform the grocery value chain and address the sector’s sustainability challenges.
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Fruit and vegetable department of a SPAR supermarket in Austria; Copyright: SPAR/Foto Karg

AI-assisted inventory management and shelf planning in food retail


Optimal inventory management is important in food retail. Food waste can be combated with the help of AI and precise predictions of purchasing behavior.
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A shopping cart with a display on the handle; Copyright: ColruytGroup

Smart Cart developed and tested in-house at Colruyt Lowest Prices


Customers at Colruyt Lowest Prices might see a very special cart popping up in the aisles of their store. A new type of innovative shopping cart will be tested.
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A person with a shopping cart in a supermarket; Copyright: YuriArcursPeopleimages/envato element

Research identifies opportunities for aligning on consumer eating occasions


How can grocers attract more shoppers with offering food services and product assortments that meet customers' needs, experiences, tastes, and expectations convenience.
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A smiling person sitting in a food delivery vehicle; Copyright: SPAR South Africa

SPAR South Africa redefines local shopping through partnerships


SPAR South Africa is forming partnerships with local providers to power its SPAR2U delivery service in under-served areas (townships) across the country.
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A room with a technological system in the background, in front of it a person is holding a tablet with a dashboard; copyright: Adobe Stock

How do retail companies save energy?


The study "Energy Management in Retail 2023" provides insights into the energy consumption of retail companies. Examples of how they save energy are intended to serve as inspiration for others.
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A fruit and vegetable section in a supermarket; copyright: SPAR/Foto Karg

Innovation campaign for fresher fruit and vegetables awarded


With its innovative "Fruit and vegetables 3 days fresher" campaign, SPAR Austria won the "Future of European Commerce" Award in the Digitalisation category.
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Danfoss leads the way to zero-emission supermarkets


Danfoss is testing what environmentally friendly supermarkets could look like in a smart store. State-of-the-art technologies in the fields of refrigeration, heat recovery and energy management are being used.
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A person wears a camera on their shirt; Copyright: Lidl GB

Lidl GB rolls out body-worn cameras across all stores


Lidl GB has become the first supermarket to rollout body-worn cameras across all its stores as standard, reinforcing its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of both customers and colleagues.
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A screenshot of the Meal Plans; Copyright: Business Wire

Albertsons Companies: Innovations to Meal Plans Tool


Customers can save time and money on the app by meal planning from a vast array of shoppable recipes developed by professional chefs and dieticians.
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A self-service shelf for bakery products with many compartments; Copyright: Shop-IQ

AI for baking stations: Freshness is king


The Smart Bakery Box, an AI-driven system, analyzes the sales figures of self-service baking stations and determines the optimal production quantity.
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The 60 years of SPAR Ireland Logo; Copyright: SPAR Ireland

Celebrating 60 years of SPAR Ireland


As part of its year-long 60th anniversary celebrations, SPAR Ireland opened a pop-up store at Johnson Place in Dublin city centre in June, with a retro 1960s feel.
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Two men working in a butchery; copyright: SPAR Spain

SPAR Spain partner in Gran Canaria invests in butchery school


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A Starbucks employee holding a coffee cup out to a customer in a car through a window; Copyright: Starbucks

Target partnering with Starbucks, offering free carside coffee delivery


Target customers nationwide will be able to add their favorite Starbucks menu item to a Drive Up order and have it delivered to their car at stores.
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big blue containers wih huge insulated tubes going into them; copyright: Goterra

Maggot robots helping Woolworths work towards zero food waste


An innovative new food waste management system is set to launch at Woolworths to transform how the city deals with the thousands of tonnes of food waste generated each week.
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A fruit and vegetable shelf with fresh food sprayed with a fine mist of spray; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Andreas Wiese

Carrefour is committed to reducing its stores' water consumption in France


Carrefour is pledging to make more efficient use of water: it wants to reduce consumption in its France stores by 10% until 2025.
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A REWE Pick and Go store in Cologne from the inside; Copyright: Michael Breuer |

Self-checkout: Smarter ways to pay


Companies the world over are both collaborating and competing to develop self-service systems and self-service checkouts that enable an autonomous shopping experience.
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A digital screen with a man on it to give advice to customers in front of a wine shelf; Copyright: Colruyt Group

Digital wine assistant guides customers to the ideal bottle of wine


Colruyt Lowest Prices to test a digital ‘wine assistant’ in six branches in the coming weeks. The assistant will take the shape of a large touchscreen with software that allows customers to make informed wine choices.
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The Caper Cart in a Store; Copyright: instacart

Schnucks and Instacart expand with smart carts


Schnuck Markets, Inc. and Instacart, the leading grocery technology company in North America, today announced the companies will expand their omnichannel partnership by deploying Caper Carts, Instacart’s smart carts, in select stores.
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A sundae in an icy freezer; copyright: Dev Benjamin/Unsplash (edited).

Filters for refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms


Efficient cooling of food involves more than just ensuring cold temperatures. CNT Technology has developed a filter to improve cooling performance and protect refrigerated cabinets.
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A woman in a red sweater stocks a grocery shelf in a small store; Copyright: METRO AG.

METRO upgrades franchise solutions for grocery customers


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A refrigerated shelf with glass door with food inside, a hand holding a smartphone in front of it; Copyright: Colruyt Group.

Tech innovations for urban shopping convenience


The Belgian Colruyt Group is testing various innovative store and shopping concepts. Much of this revolves around technology-supported shopping convenience in cities.
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The Express Store by Viessmann and Pixevia at EuroShop 2023 with a refrigerated island in front of the small store; Copyright: Viessmann

Express Store from Viessmann and Pixevia at EuroShop 2023


Enabling a comfortable "just-walk-out" shopping experience, thanks to state-of-the-art technology: Viessmann presented such a convenience store at EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf.
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An open vegetable and fruit department with merchandise tables in the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

New grocery shopping concept at louis delhaize


louis delhaize establishes a new food market concept with the OPEN MARKET: It combines the assortment of a supermarket with the freshness offers and the atmosphere of a market place on a large store area.
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Close-up of ice cubes lying on a dark shiny surface against a blue background; copyright: nodar77/Envato

CO2 refrigeration system for grocery retailers


The challenge for food retailers to refrigerate efficiently and sustainably is growing. Innovative technologies can help.
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A Meijer Grocery store; Copyright: Meijer

New Meijer Grocery store concept for a convenient retail experience


Meijer opened its first two Meijer Grocery stores in Lake Orion and Macomb Township, offering Metro Detroit customers a new way to shop the Michigan retailer known for pioneering the one-stop shopping concept.
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The OKay Direct Container in Lennik; Copyright: Colruyt Group

Second OKay Direct arrives in Lennik


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A large stand of Arneg at EuroShop with various refrigerated cabinets

The Arneg Group will bring ‘Respect’ to Euroshop 2023


The Arneg Group is gearing up for the 21st edition of EuroShop with the message RESPECT – an all-encompassing concept to enable companies to work together for responsible growth.
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black dressed female gorilla rider with backpack and helmet riding a bicycle; copyright: Gorillas

Groceries in Ten Minutes – A Review of Delivery Services


“Supermarkets hate us” (German: Supermärkte hassen diesen Trick) – that’s the advertising slogan of the Berlin-based startup Gorillas. Founded in May 2020, the bike delivery service – along with providers like Flink and getir
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Baked goods lie on a store shelf; copyright: Mae Mu/Unsplash.

Energy management: ecological footprint in bakeries


Intelligent planning can counteract food and energy waste. The EIT Food project PrO4Bake aims to use AI to optimize the daily processes of bakeries.
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A brown paper package with labels on it and the Fraunhofer logo; copyright: Fraunhofer

Bioactive paper coatings to replace plastic for packaging foods


As part of the “BioActiveMaterials” project, researchers at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have developed an eco-friendly coating for paper packaging.
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Several people scooping lettuce at a salad counter; copyright: Picadeli

Self-service food options: A taste of the future?


Supermarkets want to exploit the gastronomic "to go" potential and offer ready meals or salad bars. How can grocers score here in the future?
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Pink cakes are decorated with cream by a device; copyright: beta-web GmbH

Food is love: the new dimension Food Service Equipment


Everything for in-store catering is represented in our new Food Service Equipment dimension.
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Aldi entrance in China; Copyright: Andrew Meredith

ALDI goes China


ALDI launched its first two pilot stores in China on 7 June 2019 and held an event with interactive activities and special promotions to welcome consumers and celebrate the grand opening.
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A vegetable section in the Fooby supermarket in Lausanne; copyright: Coop Switzerland.

FOOBY – Focusing on culinary crafts


In March 2019 Coop launched a brand-new store format in Lausanne: In the first FOOBY Store everything revolves around culinary crafts, regional origin and sustainability.
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Several Chinese customers stand by an aquarium with fresh fish for sale

Alibaba’s Hema Fresh Store


The Hema Fresh store in Shanghai offers quite a few experiential moments. Fresh fish from the aquarium, floating shopping bags and omnichannel at its best.
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A cheese counter in an Edeka, above it it says

More than just a love of food: EDEKA Zurheide


EDEKA Zurheide Feine Kost has opened a huge supermarket on Berliner Allee in Düsseldorf. A wide range of gastronomic offerings invites customers to stay.
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