Five people sit at a table with laptops and work together; Copyright: Unsplash/Annie Spratt

Ahold Delhaize opens a tech studio in Bucharest


The aim is to develop employees' digital and technological skills. Around 250 top talents from the technical field are to be recruited in the coming years.
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An automated store targeting Gen Z incorporating technology and AI powered tools; Copyright: SPAR Hungary

SPAR Hungary trials Gen Z pop-up store using AI


In order to specifically target Gen Z customers, SPAR Hungary ran a two-day trial of an automated store – incorporating technology and AI powered tools.
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A fruit and vegetable section in a supermarket; copyright: SPAR/Foto Karg

Innovation campaign for fresher fruit and vegetables awarded


With its innovative "Fruit and vegetables 3 days fresher" campaign, SPAR Austria won the "Future of European Commerce" Award in the Digitalisation category.
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Several euro bills spread over a surface; copyright: Ibrahim Boran/unsplash

Survey: Cash is number one in Europe


According to a new survey cash is the most frequently used payment method in Europe. On average, one out of four respondents see the digital euro as a supplement to cash.
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The sales area of the Sephora store in Wuhan; Copyright: Sephora

Sephora's Stores of the Future


On October 13, 2023, Sephora officially unveiled its “Store of the Future” in Wuhan, China. The new branch was designed to combine various services and brands with technological and digital elements to create an immersive shopping experience.
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A robot equipped with RFID for an automated inventory; Copyright: DECATHLON

RFID in retail and fast food


A transition is brewing in the world of retail: RFID. While by no means new, the technology is becoming a fundamental tool in the retail sector, revolutionizing the way goods are tracked, organized and sold.
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The headquarter building of fashion company Mango; Copyright: Mango

Mango launches conversational generative AI platform


Mango is moving forward in its digital transformation with the launch of Lisa, the company’s own internal conversational generative Artificial Intelligence platform.
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A round table with mirrors and stools in a Douglas store; Copyright: beta-web GmbH/Pott

Douglas store for Gen Z shoppers


Douglas has developed a store on Königsallee in Düsseldorf's shopping center that is aimed specifically at young consumers. Of course, a fresh design and digital elements cannot be missing.
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A man and a woman stand behind the counter in a store looking happy; Copyright: Constantin Mirbach

Google Business Profile – digital showplace for retailers


In recent years, many retailers have been working on digitizing their business. Online and offline sales channels are increasingly merging. In this context, the Google Business Profile occupies a key position.
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Diverse customer experience management team, five young people talking; Copyright: Envato/friends_stock

Embracing agility and building creative, technically diverse teams


Digitalization opens up endless possibilities, but also requires a great deal of adaptability. The annual Adobe study in 2022 was dedicated to digital trends and their significance for companies.
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SØR store with black and white tiled floor from inside; Copyright: SØR

Fashion Retailer SØR Embarks on Its Store Management Automation Journey


A technology upgrade of automation and omnichannel services in the store network provides process reliability and modern selling for SØR.
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The empty city center of Lüneburg; Copyright: Philipp Deus/Unsplash

City marketing: Tinder for inner city real estate


For customers, online shopping is often the easier and more convenient way. For city centers, however, this results in increased vacancies, which are slowly killing off our urban centers.
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Smartphone held over a checkout scanner; Copyright: Rawpixel

Hybrid commerce: the key to retail success


Interview with Xenia Giese, Industry Executive Retail & Consumer Goods at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, about new retail business models.
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On the left in the picture in the foreground rows of red lights on a transparent disk, on the right blurred in the background visitors on a fair; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Trade fair as a powerful medium – Awareness, knowledge and leads independent of location and time


Digitization means: trade shows no longer depend only on the real event; they take effect online and 365 days a year.
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 Automation concept on blurred supermarket background; Copyright: PantherMedia / Funtap

Sustainable Smart Stores: The Concept of the Future?


Xenia Giese from Microsoft tells how stores could save money, time and resources and thus operate even more efficiently and sustainably.
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A saleswoman and a customer in a shoe store; copyright: Deichmann

Omnichannel app for shoe retailer Deichmann


The triumphant success of the smartphone also prompts retailers to ask themselves: How do I connect with consumers on their mobile device? Deichmann chose an omnichannel app.
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A film shot in a studio with technician, monitors and presenter at the console; copyright: Digital Days 2020 - Deutsche Messe AG

Digital events: No permanent alternative for most exhibitors in Germany


17 % of the companies are currently using digital events due to the numerous trade fair cancellations, but want to give up on this commitment when physical trade fairs can be held again.
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A woman uses gestures to control an app for trying out cosmetics; copyright: Perfect Corp

Magic mirrors and augmented reality in the beauty industry


Now there is another B2C retail sector – apart from the furniture and fashion industries – with emerging AR use cases: enter the beauty industry.
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An employee in a fashion store shows another employee something on her smartphone; copyright: Ramelow

Internal communication via app at fashion house Ramelow


What’s new at Modehaus Ramelow? The fashion retailer’s employees can check PIA – and share information to their heart’s content. PIA is an app for “private information exchange”.
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