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2018-09-20: From virtual to concrete: digital sports stores and modern architecture


Of virtual tents and 3D foot analysis • Concrete use in architecture and design: “Imperfection is back in fashion” • Shopping around the world: Tokyo • Same-day delivery: Tips for small retail businesses • Messe Düsseldorf holds topping-out ceremony for New Southern Section
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2018-09-11: Customer service saves the small fashion retailer


Visiting the small fashion store Herrenbude in Köln-Ehrenfeld • 3 Questions to … David Suermann, klardenker • Shopping around the world: Paris • New Packaging Act in Germany • Chicago - always worth a (shopping) trip
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2018-08-02: International insights into the world of retail


Why North Americans visit EuroShop • New EDEKA Zurheide invites you to stay • Visions of Retail: Understanding the Indian retail market • On the beautiful Danube • Decorative Lights for the store
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2018-07-05: Feast for the eyes - a unique shopping experience


Coffee roasting can be this smart • Breuninger in Düsseldorf uses mobile payment app • Tradition meets modernity • Wine perfectly presented - Shop design at De Vinos y Viandas • Among skyscrapers, blues bars and Navy Pier • Visions of Retail: Same-Day-Delivery in China
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2018-06-07: Join the the EuroShop World Cup betting game


How much do you know about the future of shopping? • Win the EuroShop-Cup! • Design and culture at the Milan Design Week • An easy way to reduce business operating costs • EuroShop on Track for 2020 • Customer-focused communication • Spotlight on C-star
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2018-05-03: EuroShop.mag – This is you!


EuroShop on Track for 2020: Exhibitor application • 3 questions to ... Benjamin Garufo, ledxon • EuroShop World Cup betting game • Of bicycles, wines and other lovely things • Sunday shopping creates rift • C-star 2018 concluded with record-breaking visitor figures • Christmas Decoration Trends for 2018
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2018-04-05: News from the East: Retail trends in Asia


Retail Design Trends at C-star in Shanghai • A German drugstore for China • Shape the Future of Retail! • Interview with David Low, CEO of Futuristic Store Fixtures • Opening Edeka Zurheide in Düsseldorf • Closing report: in-store asia 2018 in Mumbai a complete success
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2018-03-01: No fear of Amazon and Showrooming


Amazon is not the cause but the symptom • Impressions from EuroCIS 2018 • 3 questions to ... Bettina Zimmermann, Ganter Interior • Showrooming – Escaping the one-way street! • SAVE FOOD Initiative passes the 1,000 member mark • Visitor registration now open for C-star 2018 • 360-degree review
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2018-02-01: Online and offline hand in hand - Click & Collect and showrooming for more sales revenue


Click & Collect: More in-store sales thanks to store pickup • In-Store Asia to be held as a new member of the Euro Shop family • Unrealized potential in online food retailing • Shop Design: The unique store of Mußler Beauty by Notino • Visitor registration now open for C-star 2018 • 360-degree review
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2018-01-11: Experience the highlights of EuroShop 2017 once again in 360 degrees


Biologically effective lighting in retail • 360-degree review • A German retailer in China • Refrigerants in supermarkets: Possible savings up to 51 thousand euros • Delayed payment options will boost online conversion • Strong stationary retail for personal and beauty care products • Organized retail crime on the rise
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